The quality of content is getting better on Netflix, but the quantity is going down. I don’t know if the relationship between the two variables is bound to be inverse. Still, that’s how it goes mostly.

10 Days of a Good Man is a Turkish film that recently started streaming on the platform. It has a duration of two hours. Moreover, the movie is suspenseful and gritty, according to the information on Netflix.

Before I get on with my review, here is some information about the film.

What is the story of 10 Days of a Good Man?

Sadiq is a lawyer turned private detective who takes up a missing person’s case. The film follows his life for the next ten days, throwing some challenging events his way.

Eventually, what matters is whether he could solve the case while keeping pace with his personal relationships.

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Directed by Uluc Bayraktar, 10 Days of a Good Man stars Nejat Isler (Sadik), Nur Fettahoglu, and Senay Gurler, among others.

It is based on Mehmet Eroglu’s book of the same name.

What are the positive aspects of 10 Days of a Good Man?

The film is quite good for the major part, thanks to its storyline that contains every element needed to make an investigative movie.

It hooks you well, connects the dots, and presents a savory idea. Yes, there are loopholes, even though 10 Days of a Good Man is based on an already-published work.

You won’t find the film emotional. Instead, the focus is always on the story. If you are someone who rejects too much drama in a creation, 10 Days of a Good Man is for you.

Furthermore, the screenplay is arousing. The makers have done well to not try and outshine the novel. They stay as down to earth as possible, making the film adroit and not flashy.

Those not good with remembering faces might find it hard to keep up with the screenplay. Still, it won’t be much of a trouble if you stay on the primary storyline.

How are the performances?

Most of the onscreen work is done by Nejat Isler who plays Sadik. The story revolves around him. Almost every frame of the film has his imprints.

He lives up to the expectations on more than many occasions. Nejat’s rough demeanor is the crux of 10 Days of a Good Man. His innate ability to depict a naturally cordial personality leaves you with enough swoon-worthy moments.

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The best part about his character is that he is not overdrawn. Sadik appears like a common man who is not ostentatious. No forced enigma is placed under him, though I wish his past life was explored better in the movie.

All the other actors have done a great job but most of them have limited screen time.

What doesn’t go well for 10 Days of a Good Man?

It suffers from poor characterization. There are new names thrown at you in a puzzling manner, making it tough to follow the timeline, which is a significant part of an investigative film.

At times, I couldn’t recall when did I see that character in the movie. It felt half-baked or poorly arranged.

You can have as many individuals in fiction but if you want the viewer to remember them, they need to carry vitality.

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Additionally, the audience is kept in the dark regarding the past life of the lead character. I think it was a result of trying to be too subtle.

Another major disappointment is the plotting of the storyline. While trying to establish a connection, the makers make the protagonist’s actions predictable. The suspense wanes towards the second half of the film.

How is the pace of narration?

It is tacky, I won’t ease it down. For a two-hour-long investigative drama, the speed could have been brisker, in my opinion.

Should you watch 10 Days of a Good Man?

You can give it a go, but keep in mind the downsides.

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What is 10 Days of a Bad Man?

It is an upcoming film to be released as the sequel to 10 Days of a Good Man. The storyline will, most probably, continue from where the present film ends.

However, the lead character is sure to witness some huge changes in his life, leading him to become a bad guy, quite the opposite of his present traits.

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