Mexico’s affair with Netflix continues as a new film from the region makes its way to the platform.

A Deadly Invitation invokes comedy features into a mystery based on a published work.

While the name might suggest chills and thrills, the movie’s description on Netflix states otherwise.

The film has a duration of ninety minutes. Here is my review.

A Deadly Invitation Synopsis

Agatha, a famous crime podcaster, receives an unexpected invitation from her sister.

When she reaches her mansion, she finds out that she is not the only one invited.

The union of several unfamiliar people results in an enigmatic yacht party that soon turns fatal.

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by J.M Cravioto, A Deadly Invitation stars Regina Blandon (Agatha), Pedro Damian (Carlos), Manola Cardona (Cary), Helena Rojo (Dona Cristina), Jose Maria de Tavira (Figue), Juan Manuel Pernas (Gustavo), and others.

Moreover, A Deadly Invitation is based on one of Carmen Posadas’ novels.

What Works for A Deadly Invitation?

The puzzling opening sets the perfect tone, drawing viewers into a narrative that cleverly combines an unusual storyline with a thoughtful murder mystery.

This fusion works seamlessly, particularly during the critical junctures of the plot.

To a considerable extent, A Deadly Invitation can be likened to a captivating game of discovery.

It undergoes a significant transformation when key revelations come to light, offering a more palpably engaging presentation.

Remarkably, not a single character seems relegated to the role of a mere prop, a stark contrast to the recently released Charlie Chopra within the same genre.

Image Credits: Netflix

Furthermore, the film eschews unnecessary drama, a wise choice for any murder mystery. It steadfastly adheres to its primary objective of unraveling a perplexing enigma.

As a result, it becomes increasingly gripping as it approaches its final hour, a much-needed improvement over its initial stages.

The filmmakers deftly steer clear of superfluous emotional plot twists or drawn-out flashbacks, ensuring that the screenplay remains taut and engaging throughout.

Additionally, with the absence of songs or musical interludes, the background score takes the responsibility to skillfully enhance the movie’s atmosphere.

Since A Deadly Invitation is based on a book, its storyline’s threads are tight-knitted and they piece together in the end quite compactly.

One final appreciation I have for the movie is its rebuttal to loud antics only to justify its genre of murder mystery.

How are the Performances?

Regina Blandon as Agatha plays her part with conviction. She is the lead protagonist with sharp attributes, allowing her to lead the group of actors.

Notably, Regina’s performance is marked by its subtlety, devoid of exaggerated expressions or forced attempts at authenticity.

Her preference for natural portrayal over hyper-enthusiasm is a refreshing choice.

Other actors have in-and-out roles even though their presence is consistent in the movie.

What Doesn’t Work for A Deadly Invitation?

A Deadly Invitation encounters a stumbling block in its narrative journey during the middle phase, which unfolds at a slower and less consistent pace.

At times, the film veers away from its initial tone of seriousness, resulting in moments that feel less impactful.

The characters, seemingly designed to inject a comedic element into the story, occasionally display quirky behavior.

Image Credits: Netflix

Unfortunately, this effort doesn’t quite deliver the intended charm and instead can feel somewhat bland.

One of the film’s prominent issues stems from its early pinnacle moment, which revolves around a significant tragedy.

As the story progresses, this tragic atmosphere dissipates in the later phases, leaving viewers with a sense of unmet expectations.

Stream or Skip?

The film’s concise runtime effectively mitigates some of the reservations about A Deadly Invitation.

It doesn’t allow its shortcomings to linger on the screen, which is certainly a redeeming quality.

You can give it a go.

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