Can there be a perfect pair? Yes, that’s a strange question, so I will rephrase it. Can there be a perfect pairing of seamless writing and brilliant cinematography? That’s an obvious yes, I know. 

What I want you to consider is the possibility of such an aspect in a movie less likely to become a masterpiece. I know that’s tough to imagine, but hope is all we live on.

Netflix’s latest American Romantic Comedy, A Perfect Pairing, aims to spring charm and fun while making the audience feel good. Does it deliver or not is what I will try to present through my review of the movie.

A Perfect Pairing Review Summary

Barring some scenic moments, playful humor, and hearty conversations, A Perfect Pairing is a mediocre outing. Keeping high hopes would be a troubling disappointment for you.

A Perfect Pairing Synopsis

After learning life the hard way, Lola, a wine executive, decides to quit her job and start a new venture. To win over a major client, she heads to Australia, where Lola connects with a mysterious local man. Where the journey takes her forms the core of A Perfect Pairing.

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The film is directed by Stuart McDonald and stars Victoria Justice (Lola), Adam Demos (Max), Luca Sardelis (Breeze), Samantha Cain (Hazel), Craig Horner (Calder), and several other effervescent individuals. It is written by Elizabeth Hackett and Hillary Galanoy.

What works for A Perfect Pairing?


Playing Lola on the screen, Victoria Justice is fabulous in A Perfect Pairing. She has the wits and the humor to deliver a dominant act, unaffected by the loopholes in the script. Victoria’s foray into randomness is what I loved the most.

Whether emotional or exciting scenes, her level of on-screen proficiency wins you over. Leading a film and not making yourself look like a poseur is a job not many could crack. I recently watched the Indian horror-comedy, Bhool Bhulaiya 2, where the lead actors focused on impressing the audience instead of acing their art.

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They ended up making a mess. However, Victoria doesn’t make that mistake. She impresses you without being obvious about her efforts. Her one-liners sit well, and her funny accent is charming. Especially when she says, ‘Baarbaraa’!

Stuart McDonald portraying Max is in a nice touch as well. He restricts and reserves himself as much as possible to ensure that an unblemished character comes out. Though we all know he is a famous actor, his entry scene in A Perfect Pairing is grounded.

He arrives like a gentle breeze and almost leaves like a storm. Only if his character was given the right impetus could we have had a much better elaboration from his end.

All other characters in the movie are ideally portrayed by able actors.


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The story of A Perfect Pairing touches your heart while clinging to the ropes of emotions and friendships. At times, it stirs you and leaves you craving for more, while on some occasions, the plot does feel dreary.

Moreover, the conversations sound genuine and carry the right feelings. Taking into account the chemistry, Lola and Max do seem the perfect pair.

But what remains as a namesake is the feeling of warmth wrapped with happiness and joy. There is something in the land of Australia that can boost even a dull film.

I can only imagine what would have happened had the story been a lot better. We might have had a memorable movie at hand.


The Aussie skies, fields, castles, and, of course, Kangaroos are sights to behold. Though I do understand many scenes must have been shot using Green Screen VFX, there are several authentic moments that look panoramic on the screen.

Men behind the lens do a fantastic job of holistically covering picturesque landscapes. This is what was lacking in Toscana, shot in Italy. Both films are similar in some aspects, but better cinematography gives a healthy lead to A Perfect Pairing.


With only 102 minutes up its sleeves, A Perfect Pairing will never feel like a lengthy affair. The makers don’t waste any second doing unnecessary things, which makes it a decent watch. 

However, there are several shortcomings too. Keep reading my A Perfect Pairing review to uncover them.

What doesn’t work for A Perfect Pairing?

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Honestly, the concept isn’t flawed; instead, it is familiar or already used a million times. There’s no novelty about the idea. While watching, you will think, ‘well, I have been there and witnessed it in the past.’

Furthermore, it is no rocket science that writers use the element of coincidence to create situations. In A Perfect Pairing, serendipity has been infused in an unconvincing manner. It doesn’t look logical and sounds only soothing to a writer’s ear.

Scenes are plotted for the convenience of the story and not for the logical conclusion of it.


This is somewhat connected to the previous point. Makers of A Perfect Pairing resort to ease and comfort when they should have made it a bit more tedious for the protagonist to find her way in the jungle of life.

Any day, I would rather have a film that carries conviction and not convenience. 

No Element of Surprise

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Have you ever watched a film where you can sense the ending in the first 20-25 minutes? I am sure you must have. It’s not that A Perfect Pairing was meant to be unpredictable, considering its genre, but it should have had more elements of surprise.

I am not disappointed that this Netflix movie serves Potato Chips; I am sad because it serves them in the tray I had already guessed. Some more features of adorable amazement could have been used at specific points in A Perfect Pairing.

Lacks the Punch

Unless a story hits you right down the heart, you cannot praise it overtly. A Perfect Pairing, unfortunately, is half of what it promises to be. Yes, you would feel good, get endearing vibes, and laugh, but still, there’s no moment of panache that allows the film to enter your heart’s memory.

Final Word

If I had to conclude my A Perfect Pairing review, I would suggest you give it a watch unless you have a better alternative to binge.

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