A Private Affair Series Review: More of Marina Quiroga’s Flavorful Adventures Won’t Hurt

Amazon Prime Video doesn’t regularly release originals, and that’s why I feel it’s been so long since I reviewed a prime series. Mostly, it is about the stuff on Netflix.

Nevertheless, a new show has made its way to Amazon’s release slate. A Private Affair is a Spanish series that began streaming from 16th September 2022. Though the title might give odd impressions, the show follows a murder mystery and promises to be intriguing.

It is eight episodes long and will require 4-5 hours for completion. Here’s my A Private Affair review that will help you decide whether to binge-watch this Spanish show or not.

A Private Affair Review Summary

Creating tidy tensions and sending jolly vibes simultaneously, A Private Affair allures you with its brilliant storyline and plot. Moreover, the show is backed with classy performances.

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Keep reading my review to know how several other things fare for A Private Affair.

A Private Affair Synopsis

Set in the Spain of 1940s, A Private Affair revolves around Marina Quiroga’s resolute determination to find a serial killer. She is a bold upper caste girl who has the genes of a detective but cannot join the police force due to gender inequality. With the help of her loyal butler, Hèctor, Marina decides to trap the killer terrorizing her city Galicia.

Directed by David Pinillos, Maria Ripoll, and Daniel Aranyo, A Private Affair stars Aura Garrido (Marina Quiroga), Jean Reno (Hèctor), Gorka Otxoa (Pablo), Pablo Molinero (Arturo), Álex Garcia (Castaño), Ángela Molina (Doña Asuncion), and Tito Valverde (Ramirez), among others.

What Works for A Private Affair?


If you like the concept of this series, you will most probably love how it’s plotted. The placement of twists and turns, emotionally heavy scenes, and invigorating chase sequences is perfectly done. From the beginning till the end, A Private Affair smells of freshness due to the mystic aura it is able to create.

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The show is fascinating and also thrilling, to some extent, thanks to the layered plot. Furthermore, it gives you enough reasons to cherish the surroundings of the 1940s.


A murder mystery must hook the viewer to the core. I didn’t have many expectations from A Private Affair; however, the moment it began, the show completely denounced my prejudice. It comes wrapped in clever humor, sparkling suspense, and a touch of thrill.

The writers have done a great job in preparing a fulfilling tale. Though I initially expected the series to explore a different case in each episode, it instead went on to focus on one religiously, which works well. Additionally, the show manages to avoid dull moments for the most part.

You will never be bored of the story in A Private Affair.


A Private Affair has a scintillating pace that never goes lollygagging, even during emotional sequences. Despite being placed in the 1940s, it doesn’t feel archaic. It throws open a mystery in the first episode without wasting time on fluff, thereby allowing you to immerse in its idea.


The Spanish series energizes the viewer with stimulating scenes, background music, and, most importantly, the storyline. Usually, my excitement dies down midway, which didn’t happen with A Private Affair. It offers vivifying vibes through diligently crafted moments of art.

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I felt the camaraderie between Aura Garrido and Jean Reno worked as a charm for the series. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been this refreshing.


Aura Garrido leads A Private Affair as Marina Quiroga. She carries enigma and boldness in her pocket. Her conscientious outing helps the show manifold in setting things up initially. Garrido’s mien works ideally for her character’s adventures. Moreover, her expressions and outward grace make things exciting, thanks to Garrido’s sumptuous screen presence.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Jean Reno plays Hèctor in A Private Affair. The veteran actor imbibes the true qualities of an artist and throws open an in-depth presentation. His heavy yet controlled voice accentuates every scene Jean is a part of. Moreover, the actor aces hidden sarcasm flawlessly using his impromptu behavioral arcs.

Gorka Otxoa as Pablo shines with a contained performance. He has the restraint required to play a significant yet minimized character. Though initially, you would see him growing like a cloud, Gorka handsomely restricts himself to the plot’s demands. His careful treading makes way for Aura Garrido to lead from the front.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Pablo Molinero is Arturo in this Spanish murder mystery on Amazon Prime Video. He makes you believe in the idea of tranquil aggression. Pablo shows love and affection, and, at the same time, he showers you with intensity. I never found him missing the mark in any of the series’ scenes.

Álex Garcia dazzles as Castaño in A Private Affair. His character is late to the party but not without surprises. The actor never seems in a hurry and offers enough moments to devour his representation. I felt he should have been given more screen time to further lure the audience.

What Doesn’t Work for A Private Affair?

I didn’t find anything wrong in A Private Affair. This is precisely due to the show’s ability to convince me wholly about the surroundings of the 1940s.

Final Word

A Private Affair comes loaded with the right amount of everything. There’s humor, the vibe of the 1940s, and the trepidations of a murder mystery. Moreover, Aura Garrido is enthralling in the series.

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