When it comes to Indian horror web series, it’s been quite a while since I’ve come across one that truly made an impact.

That’s why Adhura, Amazon Prime’s latest offering, instantly caught my attention. With its intriguing blend of horror and suspense, this series, comprising seven episodes, landed straight on my watchlist.

If you binge-watch it, the series will take a bit over five hours to finish. On social media, the hype about Adhura is quite high.

But is it worth your time?

Here is my review.

Adhura Synopsis

Adhura takes us to the Nilgiri Valley School, where a string of bizarre occurrences unfolds, centering around a 10-year-old boy named Vedant.

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Matters take a turn for the worse when the batch of 2007 reunites, as each alumnus must confront their past and face the consequences they rightly deserve.

Adhura has been directed by Gauravv K Chawla and Ananya Banerjee. It stars Rasika Dugal (Supriya), Ishwak Singh (Adhiraj Jaisingh), Arjun Deswal (Young Adhiraj), Poojan Chhabra (Ninad), Shrenik Arora (Vedant), Zoa Morani (Malvika), Rijul Ray (Dev), Rahul Dev (Bedi), Aru Krishansh Verma (Rajat), and others.

What Works for Adhura?

While the tale definitely falls short on the horror front, it successfully weaves together a compelling murder mystery.

Judging it solely as a thriller, the storyline has ingredients of allure, enough to keep you hooked. The show’s strength lies in its ability to captivate viewers, enticing them to uncover the truth behind the enigmatic events that unfold.

Though lacking in traditional horror elements, Adhura compensates with an engrossing plot. It skillfully explores the complexities of the narrative, making it an engaging watch for those seeking a thrilling experience.

The series cleverly constructs a web of intrigue with its hidden layers beneath the surface.

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While it may not rely on jump scares or supernatural elements, the show’s ability to maintain suspense is commendable.

One aspect that might manage to send mild chills down your spine in Adhura is its haunting background score.

When you find yourself watching the series in the dead of night, with both earphones securely plugged in, the atmospheric music succeeds in creating an eerie atmosphere.

It enhances the tension and suspense, serving as a constant reminder that there’s something sinister lurking within the narrative

How are the Performances?

Rasika Dugal does brilliantly well as Supriya in Adhura. She is the lever that holds the series together, providing a steady and strong presence.

Dugal’s performance is quintessential to the plot, showcasing her talent and ability to deliver a compelling and nuanced character.

Ishwak Singh, as expected, delivers another stellar performance in the series. Ever since he transitioned into a mainstream actor, Singh has consistently displayed his prowess, never putting a foot wrong.

His ability to play with expressions, charming the audience with every nuanced change, is a testament to his talent.

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With each pause and subtle shift in his acting, he manages to capture hearts and leave a lasting impression.

Poojan Chhabra, despite his intermittent presence in Adhura, manages to make a mark in the limited screen time he has.

Even with a smaller role, Chhabra’s performance stands out, showcasing his ability to leave an impact within that short timeframe, the reason why I am mentioning him.

Shrenik Arora, in the role of Vedant, succeeds in blending intense and naïve expressions seamlessly. The child actor brings surprising depths to the character, showcasing a range of emotions and delivering them convincingly.

Rahul Dev’s performance in Adhura is good, as can be expected from an actor of his caliber. However, it’s worth noting that emotional lines and expressions have never been his strongest suit.

What Doesn’t Work for Adhura?

It has a trite concept, which feels all too familiar and lacks originality. The plot revolves around vengeance, where a spirit returns to seek revenge.

This theme has been extensively explored in various films and series, leaving little room for surprises or fresh perspectives.

The lack of innovation in the concept is disappointing, especially considering the potential for creativity in the horror genre.

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One noticeable flaw in Adhura is the lack of finesse in scene transitions. The cuts between different camera angles within the same scene are jarring and disrupt the continuity of the characters’ movements.

This technical oversight detracts from the immersion and makes certain scenes feel disjointed. A smoother and more seamless execution would have greatly improved the overall viewing experience.

It’s unclear whether the absence of horror and spooky elements in Adhura was intentional or unintentional.

Regardless, the series fails to deliver the expected chills and thrills typically associated with the horror genre.

The deviation from traditional horror tropes may leave you feeling underwhelmed, especially if you are anticipating a more haunting and suspenseful atmosphere.

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A well-crafted screenplay is crucial for any horror flick, yet Adhura falls short in this aspect. The screenplay lacks the necessary depth and intricacies that would hold the viewer’s attention throughout the run time.

Adura’s narration is straightforward and lacks the impact and flair that could have enhanced the overall storytelling.

While simplicity can sometimes be effective, in this case, it adds to the overall underwhelming nature of the series.

A more dynamic and engaging narrative style could have elevated the theme a bit.

Should You Stream or Skip Adhura on Amazon Prime Video?

For the love of horror, you can skip the show. However, if it’s a suspense story that you are expecting, you can for Adhura.

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