Amazon Prime Video is back in the game with a new Sci-Fiction movie called Awareness. It boasts a strong cast and brings about a mix of suspense and action.

Originating from Spain, the movie was screened at the Malaga Film Festival earlier in the year.

It runs for under two hours and is available to stream in over ten languages.

Curious about how this film measures up? Allow me to share my review to help you find the answer.

Awareness Movie Synopsis

Living with the unique ability to create illusions for other people, Ian resides with his Dad on the outskirts of society.

Together, they pull out small-scale scams to earn a livelihood.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

When one of these swindles goes wrong, Ian finds himself being chased by a secret agency.

Over and above, he realizes his existence has been a lie.

Awareness is directed by Daniel Benmayor and it stars Carlos Scholz (Ian), Maria Pedraza (Ester), Pedro Alonso (Vicente), Rosario Pardo (Tendera), Carmela Martins (Clienta), and others.

What Works for Awareness?

In an era where science fiction ideas have reached their zenith, originality is a rare gem. 

Awareness introduces a protagonist with the unique ability to implant false visions in the minds of others. 

It might sound familiar to some of you since complete uniqueness is a hard-fought dream these days.

Yet, Awareness manages to capture your intrigue and encourages you to stay on the screen. 

In the first 10-15 minutes, it presents an array of fascinating elements that ignite questions, ensuring you remain captivated. 

This initial ability to grip the audience is precisely what distinguishes Awareness as a quintessential hook for science fiction enthusiasts.

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Moreover, the film maintains an above-average pace, skillfully orchestrated by its suspenseful screenplay. 

The narrative’s speed remains consistent throughout, providing a steady journey even during tense moments.

While the storyline may not boast an abundance of exceptional qualities like unforeseeable twists or heart-pounding moments, it does possess a structured and deliberate progression.

The creators dole out the narrative piece by piece, which, in my opinion, is a more satisfying approach than revealing everything in a single flashback.

The traces of mystery work well too for Awareness.

Lastly, the Spanish movie is high on VFX which is prograde. The attention to detail is evident, ensuring that the visual effects are polished and refined, not raw or incomplete.

How are the Performances?

This section is all about Carlos Scholz who plays Ian in the movie.

As the character that commands the most screen time, Scholz delivers a commendable and “well-behaved” performance. 

He refrains from adding unnecessary features and instead adheres closely to the intended character sketch.

Surely, this approach might strike some as a bit reserved, but I believe that such roles are best served by staying true to the written character.

One of the standout qualities of Carlos’s performance is its balance. 

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

He exhibits emotional intelligence that surpasses the stereotypical heroic posturing often seen in science fiction protagonists, adding depth to his character.

Maria Pedraza as Ester will be remembered for her action scenes in Awareness. 

That she is a brilliant actor was a given, but her dazzling fight sequences stake claim on the cherry this time around.

What Doesn’t Work for Awareness?

Action Scenes, in totality, are a letdown in this Spanish flick. They lack fluidity. 

It is a notable drawback since combats were not meant to be raw and were rather supposed to be professional.

Moreover, while the idea of Awareness is sky-high, its scaling remains below par. The movie fails to fulfill the urge of being a well-packed entertainer.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

It doesn’t rise to the occasion in the final moments. Awareness should have caught your attention to the highest levels.

The film fails to deliver on its promise, particularly in the concluding moments where the most captivating revelations remain somewhat obscured. 

A more elaborate and embellished climax could have transformed the overall narrative, leaving a lasting impression.

Should You Watch Awareness?

Well, the idea is brought down by the execution. Still, for the lovers of Sci-Fi, this could be a decent watch.

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