Purportedly based on the “biggest heist of the century,” a Chilean series called Baby Bandito recently premiered on Netflix.

Having reviewed it already, here is an ending explainer from my side. I have described the last thirty minutes of the series in detail.

The blog begins after Panda and Kevin meet and patch up with each other. Be wary of spoilers and please read with patience.

Baby Bandito Detailed Ending Explained

Panda catches Kevin stealing money through the secret camera on his bus. The latter then goes to the hospital to meet Genesis. 

He pays the nurse to pass on a bouquet with a message to his girlfriend. Thereafter, she meets him in the parking lot. 

In the car, the couple shares an intimate kiss. Kevin suggests they run away and start a new life together. 

He plans to borrow money from Panda for the same. Genesis reminds him of the Butchers, who are looking for him everywhere but Kevin insists on sticking to the idea of running away forever. 

They promise to meet at 7 PM and begin their new journey. Genesis leaves the scene after giving him a picture of their son, Giovanni. 

When her boyfriend exits, we are shown that the DA was snooping over them sitting inside a different car in the parking space. 

Ana meets Panther and they share an emotional hug. The latter promises to find Kevin but first asks Ana to trust him. 

He says he doesn’t want to hurt either of them. A distracting sound interrupts their conversation and Panther pulls out his gun to keep an eye out for any intruder. 

When he comes back after patrolling, Panther finds Mistica holding Ana at gunpoint. 

The trio sits together and Mistica throws some barbs at Kevin’s mother. She says it must have been difficult to raise a child with his father’s best friend, referring to Panther. 

Her idea is now to find Kevin before the Butchers so that her money remains safe. However, Ana denies knowing her son’s current location. 

Mistica reasserts the fact that finding Kevin will be beneficial for everyone present in the room.

Eventually, Ana comes up with a potential place where he might be after which the scene cuts to Kevin, who returns to the junkyard.

He eats with Panda and shows him the picture of his son before asking him for money. 

Kevin tells his friend how important it is for him to start over. He is a father now, and securing his kid’s future is his first priority. 

Panda agrees to give him money but their conversation is thwarted by the entry of an unknown guy. 

Panda addresses him as Pablito. However, Kevin doesn’t seem to know the boy. Panda introduces them while calling Pablo a competitive gamer. 

In reality, Pablo is Amador’s grandson.

Kevin goes inside the bus, feeling envious and slightly worried about the new guy. 

Panda asks if Pablo is sure of what he wants to do, receiving an affirmative nod in return. 

He then worriedly sends a text using his phone, which is received by Natalia, Pablo’s mother. 

She anxiously calls out his dad and shows him the message. Both are furious when Amador reads the text, which is sent on behalf of Kevin Tapia. 

It says, he has held Pablo hostage, and they must reach a specific location if they want to free him.

Kevin asks Panda about his new friend and whether he knows about the robbery. 

The latter keeps his calm and replies saying even though Pablo knows about the heist, he is just a normal guy who cannot do anything more than gaming. 

Kevin requests him to give him the money as soon as possible, for he wants to leave all this mess and start afresh. 

Panda smiles and takes him to a car parked in the junkyard. He opens its trunk and pulls out a bag. A satisfactory smile appears on Tapia’s face. 

He is quite stunned by Panda’s generosity. Suddenly, a vehicle rushes into the junkyard taking Kevin by surprise. 

He asks Panda what is it all about but the latter runs away saying this is a gift for him being a traitor. Panda thinks it must be Amador and his men. 

However, the occupants of the car include Ana, Panther, and Mistica. While Ana and Kevin have a mother-son moment, Mistica notices the bags and rushes towards them. 

She is ecstatic to see the cash but her smile soon turns pale when it is revealed that the pack of notes only has blank papers stashed in between. 

Panda, who is hiding in the bus with Pablo, is flustered upon seeing the events unfold. 

A furious Mistica angrily approaches Kevin but his mother and Panther stop her from getting violent.

Multiple vehicles enter the junkyard and suspend their mild physical altercation. 

This time, it is indeed Amador and his gang of men. 

The quartet immediately leaves the scene and takes shelter inside a bus before the Butchers get out and the old man starts screaming Kevin’s name. 

He sternly asks the amount of money Tapia wants for his grandson, Pablo. Confusion reigns inside the bus around Pablo. 

Nobody knows what is happening. After repeated calls, Kevin decides to step outside but he is stopped by Ana. 

When Mistica says they must quickly do something or else the Butchers will mow them down, Panther decides to take the baton in his hands. 

He exits the bus and walks towards Amador and his men. Strolling slowly, he describes how he killed Greyhound, the old man’s son. 

He does this to get on his nerves and seem confident. However, in reality, he is still unaware of Pablo’s whereabouts. 

Incited by Panther’s words, Amador takes out his gun, which serves as an indication to his men for a battle. 

Panda dials a number on his phone, which triggers a ringing sound in the bag filled with cash at a distance. 

One of Amador’s men follows the sound. The moment he reaches the place, Panda presses a red button on the mobile’s screen and, in turn, triggers a blast in the bag. 

What follows is a panic-stricken hubbub with notes flying in the air and people running for cover.

Panther shields behind the bus door and shoots Amador in his gut. Caught off guard, the old man fails to fire in response. 

Mistica opens the sunroof and gets on top of the bus. A deadly battle ensues with both sides shooting bullets incessantly. 

Meanwhile, Pablo notices that his grandfather is alive and runs straight towards him. In the heat of the moment, one of Amador’s men accidentally fires at Pablo. 

He is hit on his knee. Panda, standing by his side, is shocked to see the mayhem caused by his actions some time ago. 

A bullet zips through Panther’s left shoulder and falls to the ground. With whatever energy left, he continues to fight. 

Natalia shoots the man who had mistakenly shot his son. 

She screams for help and, to everybody’s surprise, Panda makes use of the opportunity by bringing around a car to evacuate Pablo and Natalia. 

Panther limps towards an injured Amador and aims at him. However, before he could pull the trigger, a bullet hits him in the chest. 

Mistica takes down the shooter but it is too late already. Kevin and Ana quickly rush to Panther, who is lying on the ground, gasping for breath. 

Addressing Kevin as his “son,” Panther wishes him a successful life ahead, advising him to go as far as he can. 

Even the youngster calls him his dad and apologizes to him. Mistica brings a motorcycle and, after his mother’s approval, Kevin gets on the backseat and they drive away. 

The District Attorney has tears in her eyes as she walks towards a dead Panther, followed by a couple of police vans. 

In essence, this is where Baby Bandito ends.

However, we are shown an epilogue in the voice of Kevin, overlapped by visuals of almost all the main characters.

We see a magazine cover with Genesis’ picture on it. According to the caption, she has accused Kevin of abandonment while calling herself a single mom.

Was it justified for Genesis to accuse Kevin?

Partly, yes. Because Kevin had promised to meet her at 7 PM. We were shown visuals of Genesis preparing to leave but Kevin didn’t reach the desired place. At that time, he was running away for his life after a deadly shootout. Now, since Genesis doesn’t know the full truth, her tough words are justified from her perspective. 

What happened to Panda?

Panda turned himself in, for reasons unknown.

What happened to Natalia?

Natalia became the CEO of Glory Meatpacking, succeeding her father, Amador.

What happened to Kevin?

Kevin goes to Rome, Italy, skating his way around.

Did Amador die in Baby Bandito?

No, he is paralyzed but not dead. Although her daughter could have saved him by taking him along, she decided not to do so. This could be seen as her potential desire to lead their family business.

Who took the Money in Baby Bandito?

The truth is everybody took the money at various stages except for Mistica and Panther. It began with Genesis’ greed and went on till Panda, who must have taken the money at some point, going by his antics.

Was Panther the father of Kevin?

Yes, Panther is the father of Kevin Tapia in Baby Bandito. The makers don’t show us any proof or direct conversations in this regard. However, the kind of emotional energy he generates around Ana makes it clear that they were lovers previously.

How did Panda know Pablo?

Again, we are not shown anything concrete. In my opinion, Pablo must have gone to Panda’s gaming store a few times where they would have been acquainted with each other.

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