If you are a follower of Mexican cinema, you are probably aware of how sparkling their stories are.

They have a touch of uniqueness even in the simplest of ideas. 

Bandidos is a new series from Mexico, now streaming on Netflix. 

The show has seven episodes and runs for a bit over five hours. The action & adventure creation promises to be an exciting ride.

Bandidos Synopsis

A team of newbies and veterans comes together to find a treasure hidden for centuries. But little do they know they are being followed.

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Directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and Adrian Grunberg, Bandidos stars Alfonso Dosal (Miguel), Ester Exposito (Lili), Juan Pablo Medina (Wilson), Mabel Cadena (Ines), Juan Pablo Fuentes (Lucas), Andrea Chaparro (Citlali), Nico Furtado (Octavio), Andres Baida (Ariel), Adrian Ladron (Boss), and others. 

What Works for Bandidos?

The series takes a casual and light approach to treasure hunting, which is in itself an amusing topic. 

I have seen films around the theme and most of them tried to be seen as peculiarly interesting offerings. 

Bandidos is no different. However, its attempt is quite serious, camouflaged by a breezy plotline.

Miguel wants to achieve his dream of finding hidden treasure but he doesn’t have a sturdy target to go after. When a guest, from the hotel where he works, tells him about the map which can take him to the world’s biggest treasure while being heavily drunk, Miguel’s determination to find it grows to the point of no return. He assembles an uncanny team that goes on a voyage to find the treasure only to realize that there are other people behind the jewels.

Every character has an obvious arc to them that adds to the okayish storyline. 

Bandidos sustains itself not because of an engrossing tale but due to its anomalous avenues, triggered by offbeat facades.

Image Credits: Netflix

It houses decent twists and turns to contain viewers’ disinterest. The playful ambiance speaks with you at different levels. 

Humor, interpersonal relationships, and cat-and-mouse chases keep the tempo in high spirits.

Bandidos runs at the right pace to avoid sleepy walkovers. The show’s vibrant nature is a massive plus point along with the quirkiness you are exposed to at times.

How are the Performances?

Alfonso Dosal plays the lead protagonist, Miguel. Not just by the looks of it but also by the underlying nature of his act, Dosal drives the plotline forward. 

He carries with him the aura of a leader. His stable expressions lend a brotherly hand to other characters in the Mexican series.

Ester Expositi dazzles as Lili in Bandidos. She never looks under pressure despite concerns about the stealth of the storyline. 

Ester’s lavishly intricate demeanor raises the bar of Bandidos. Her conscientious attitude allows the actress to be in command at all times. 

Juan Pablo Medina portrays Wilson and appears affable throughout. His immensely descriptive aura attracts the audience distinctively. 

The actor has a minimalist design while his outlook remains catchy. 

The rest of the cast is equally superb in delivering their respective parts.

What Doesn’t Work for Bandidos?

The show desires a professional outcome in essence. But it doesn’t have the finesse required to entertain the subject matter.

The mystery behind the golden treasure stays on the back foot and cannot quite capture the audience’s interest wholly.

Moreover, Bandidos doesn’t have many high-flying moments. A group goes on to unravel treasure, has some hindrances on the way, and kaboom!

Also, I hate to say this but while trying to portray an eccentric villain, the makers reduce his significance to extremely lower levels.

Image Credits: Netflix

It affects the genuineness of the series and hampers the significance of that particular individual.

Moreover, the music could have been used in a better manner to take the series’ agenda forward.

Emotions would have been more prevalent if existing melodies were allowed to warm hearts. Only written relationships are not enough. You need to complement them with screen-worthy elements (if you are relying on them in the first place).

The suspense and mystery behind the treasure in itself is a far-fetched dream promulgated by Bandidos.

It doesn’t provoke you or give the necessary push of stimulation.

Some of the meanderings of the plot are childish, which hamper the prospects of the series.

In the garb of twist, Bandidos brings forced changes, resulting in an unconvincing narration.

Unless the uncertainty is authentic, it cannot affect a viewer at a personal level.

Due to these fallacies, you can predict the surprises well in advance.

Stream or Skip?

Bandidos is an average watch. You may skip unless there’s something you really like about the genre.

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