It seems to have been a week of action shows. Having finished watching Shaitan on Hotstar, I stumbled upon Bloodhounds, a Korean series, now streaming on Netflix.

Strangely, its card on the platform says “Most Liked,” and I only got to know about the show a few days ago.

For the uninitiated, Bloodhounds came to Netflix on 9th June 2023. So, probably, this is going to be the most delayed review from my end ever since Word Street Journal went live.

Image Credits: Netflix

The Korean show has eight episodes, running for almost a similar number of hours. It has a huge hype among fans, for reasons not known to me.

I wouldn’t have reviewed it had Bloodhounds not been carrying a lengthy run time. What I want to answer is whether the show is worth your time or not.

What is the Story of Bloodhounds?

In gist, the Korean show is about a couple of boxers teaming up against loan sharks who exploit small businesses.

Kim Gun-woo, a gritty young boxer becomes friends with a fellow sportsman Hong Woo-jin. The former goes through a personal setback when his mother is attacked by goons.

The following events in Bloodhounds pit the duo against a high-profile loan shark, which eventually becomes a matter of life and death.

Created by Jason Kim, Bloodhounds stars Woo Do-hwan, Lee Sang-yi, Huh Joon-ho, Park Sung-woong, Kim Sae-ron, Choi Si-won, Lee Hae-yeong, Ryu Soo-young, Choi Young-jun, and Tae Won-seok, among others.

Positive Aspects of Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds introduces a screen-worthy concept centered around two boxers who join forces to combat loan sharks exploiting small businesses.

Let me just make it clear that the show is not at all about two people beating the hell out of hundreds of criminals.

Bloodhounds avoids such superficial attempts at glorifying the protagonists. Even when it does, it does so subtly.

Image Credits: Netflix

The idea, though compelling, has some downsides which I have mentioned in the latter part of my review.

Furthermore, the storyline of Bloodhounds is both engaging and well-structured. It hooks viewers from the start, weaving a narrative that combines personal vendettas with a broader fight against injustice.

I mostly went with the flow and never felt like giving up on the series, thanks to the intriguing setup the makers have managed to employ through the storyline.

Korean creations are known for their action abilities and Bloodhounds is no different. Prepare to be mesmerized by the surreal action sequences in the show.

The one-on-one fight scenes, particularly the knife fights, are brilliantly choreographed and executed. They are intense, gritty, and packed with adrenaline, immersing viewers in the heart-pounding confrontations.

Image Credits: Netflix

Whether it’s hand-to-hand combat or high-stakes chases, the action scenes are visually striking, showcasing the physical prowess and skill of the characters.

Additionally, you never see cringe dialogue-oriented action, or even VFX-high gore that might have hampered the overall experience.

Another factor to like is how Bloodhounds masterfully captures and portrays genuine emotions without resorting to forced or contrived moments.

The characters’ responses, interactions, and reactions to the challenges they face are authentic and apt.

Nothing is over-the-top in the series. And the lack of romance is a testament to the same.

It is almost impossible to run an eight-hour series without a love angle. However, Bloodhounds has done it.

Importantly, you don’t feel like having missed out on something (though I did want it to happen, occasionally).

How do the lead actors perform?

The series boasts of exceptional performances by its talented cast, which breathes life into their characters, embodying their struggles, fears, and determination.

Image Credits: Netflix

From the nuanced portrayal of the main protagonists to the compelling performances by the supporting cast, Bloodhounds showcases the remarkable talent of the actors, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Negative Aspects of Bloodhounds

I didn’t particularly find the concept unique. The show uses commoners against high-end goons, which we have already seen a million times.

Maybe, what’s likable is the lead pair that happens to be trained in combat.

Though the idea is highly workable, I think it lacks novelty. That’s my only reservation. It is screen worthy, binge-able, and smooth but not new.

Moreover, some of you might find Bloodhounds slow. There is hardly any difference at 1.25x when compared to the original 1x speed.

Bloodhounds (L to R) Woo Do-Hwan as Kim Gun-woo, Lee Sang-Yi as Hong Woo-jin in Bloodhounds Cr. Soyun Jeon, Seowoo Jung/Netflix © 2023

How is the ending? It is a subjective factor, of course. And I was left unsatisfied with Bloodhound’s ending.

It felt a little rushed. Some characters just evaporated and new ones made their way to the screen. I would call the ending of Bloodhounds a bit messy.

Okay, after a bit of research, I have found out that one of the main actors of the show had met with a DUI accident.

Therefore, she had to leave midway abruptly.

Should you stream or Skip Bloodhounds?

It is definitely a GO. Just keep a check on the speed of play. at 1.25x, you might end up saving an hour without losing out on the feel of the series.

Yes, there’s no romance in Bloodhounds but it is not a dealbreaker.

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