After the first episode of Café Minamdang streamed on Netflix, the K-drama aroused expectations from movie lovers worldwide. It brought to the fore a deadly combination of entertainment and mystery.

As I had mentioned in my first episode’s review, the Korean series will stream twice a week, with one episode each on Mondays and Tuesdays. So, the second episode came out yesterday, and I am ready to take you through my review of the same.

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Café Minamdang Episode 2 Review Summary

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Café Minamdang’s episode 2 brings along novel characters, plot winners, and thrill. It is helped by some brilliant performances and effective writing. Keep reading my Café Minamdang review for a better understanding. 

Café Minamdang Episode 2 Synopsis

Nam Han-jum (Seo In-guk) begins working for another client who commits a grave crime (the hit and run case). However, the nature of the act makes way for the Major Crimes Unit, led by the lady police officer, Han Jae-hui (Oh Yeon-seo). The whole episode is based on the components of this particular case. 

What’s New from Episode 1?

Explores the Case In-Depth

So, all that happened in the first episode of Café Minamdang was only an introduction. The second episode continues from where the first had left. It explores the details of the case in-depth. Furthermore, as the initial episode promised, both Han Jae-hui and Nam Han-jum are standing against each other.

More Characters

A new police inspector (Jung Cheong-Gi), whose character can grow in the upcoming parts, comes into the frame through the second episode of Café Minamdang. Moreover, some minor characters get to land in the playing zone. At the moment, it is hard to tell who will stay permanently in the plot. 

Past Intermingling

Café Minamdang’s second episode shows the link between Han Jae-hui and Nam Han-jum through flashbacks from the past. However, it is different from what was established in the first episode. This time around, their history seems to be more friendly than the present.

What Works for Café Minamdang Episode 2?

Chemistry Between the Lead Pair

Oh Yeon-seo and Seo In-guk create an endearing rhythm on screen. Despite being at loggerheads, they never fail to leave a mark on the audience. Their expressions share a convincing bonhomie and usher in a wave of love and innocence.

Both keep fighting whenever in one frame but still infuse subtle affability in scenes. 


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The story brings in more suspense than we saw in the first episode of Café Minamdang. Earlier, it was about one big mystery overwhelming the entire plot; however, in the second outing, the series creates several tidbits of enigmas to keep you hooked.

Furthermore, new clues regarding the relationship between Han Jae-hui and Nam Han-jum open doors for a blast in the upcoming episodes of Café Minamdang.


The K-drama is not void of a gluing narrative, which is enhanced through a scintillating screenplay. Not even for a minute would you think it is slipping out of hand. There’s always something to hold your breath for. 

Creators of Café Minamdang have cleverly infused elements of surprise, geniality, and friendly humor, allowing you to have a wholesome experience.


Long episodes cannot survive if they are laggy. Even a pinch of slowness can push the viewer away. That is what happened in the recently released Wrong Side of The Tracks. Café Minamdang, on the other hand, has a consistent pace, making it entertaining and intriguing simultaneously.

Till now, despite the absence of English audio, I have never felt dreary while watching Café Minamdang.

What Doesn’t Work for Café Minamdang Episode 2?

Image Credits: Netflix India

I couldn’t find anything that doesn’t work for the second episode. Even the predictability factor is taken care of this time around.

Final Word

If the first episode of Café Minamdang was high on entertainment and mystic characterization, the second one further accentuates these dimensions. Moreover, it adds several new layers of mystery, thrill, and humor through some taut writing.

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