With new advancements come unique ways to scam people. Crypto Boy is the latest movie to explore this idea.

A Dutch film, it is a bittersweet and heartfelt drama that is set in the backdrop of a father-son relationship.

Crypto Boy’s runtime of approximately one hundred minutes makes it an attractive option for a brisk weekend watch.

Does it have the content to sustain in the long run?

Well, here goes my review.

Crypto Boy Synopsis

Unsure of what life holds for him, a young man joins a sheeny crypto start-up when his father’s preachy tone becomes too much to endure.

Image Credits: Netflix

What awaits him is a trail of heartbreaks and regrets.

Directed by Shady El-Hamus, Crypto Boy stars Shahine El-Hamus (Amir), Sabri Saad El-Hamus (Omar), Minne Koole (Roy), and others.

Crypto Boy: Upsides

The movie excels in several aspects, showcasing its directorial dexterity. 

While the central idea might follow a predictable path, the film’s strength lies in its nuanced settings and the portrayal of complex family dynamics.

The storyline is not only affable but also punctuated with moments of genuine love and joy. 

Its brisk pace ensures continuous engagement. 

Moreover, Crypto Boy’s strong relevance to the youth allows for a meaningful connection with the audience.

Image Credits: Netflix

Also, heartbreaking scenes are not overcooked or ostentatiously played out.

Instead, makers choose to remain grounded and real.

The father-son feud stays away from theatrics, allowing for an empathetic portrayal of one of the most complicated relationships of humankind.

The film’s somber lighting accentuates the everyday struggles that Crypto Boy endeavors to depict.

Gladly, the crisp length of the movie works in its favor as the narrational zig zags don’t become a consistent burden.

It never derails to a different track and goes on to deliver a pertinent message while staying true to its bittersweet nature.

How are the Performances?

Shahine El-Hamus plays Amir in Crypto Boy. He is majestic at his art and deploys only the best portions of his abilities.

His determined sight captures your attention as Shahine holds the focal point of the camera. It is his rigid attitude that impresses the most.

He doesn’t lose control in simultaneously dynamic situations.

Image Credits: Netflix

Sabri Saad El-Hamus portrays Omar in the series. As a father who is going through a cash crunch and facing an imminent loss of livelihood, while still looking for a spark in his child, Sabri brings his internally robbed side to the table.

His rugged exterior enhances the audience’s connection, and the underlying innocence adds an endearing dimension to Sabri’s performance.

As Roy in this Netflix film, Minne Koole embodies a character marked by a pretentious intelligence and a hint of shadiness. 

Koole’s versatility shines, particularly when the narrative transforms, demonstrating his adaptability with ease. 

The performances in Crypto Boy elevate the storytelling and make it a truly engaging experience.

Crypto Boy: Downsides

It is admirable that the idea is rooted in society’s evolving issues. Still, too much predictability hurts Crypto Boy by taking away the element of surprise.

I completely understand that these kinds of dramas don’t necessarily need to ace this aspect.

What I mean is the overall ideation fails to infuse the required level of intrigue. 

Maybe, a bit more subtle hideousness would have been beneficial for the movie.

Presently, you don’t get to think while watching. You go on with the flow until Crypto Boy ends and hours later you begin pondering in hindsight.

Stream or Skip?

Undeniable, Crypto Boy is worth a watch, thanks in large part to the emotional depth it delves into within personal relationships. 

Yet, a more thought-provoking and less formulaic approach could have enhanced the overall experience.

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