After the theatrical release of the Hindi film, Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar, I have a German movie on my plate to review.

Interestingly, both are rom-coms; one is from the west while the other is from South Asia. That’s the perk of being a movie-buff, you get to witness a whole lot of diversity.

Talking about Faraway, it promotes itself as an intimate, heartfelt, and emotional film. It is not entirely original having been based on a published work.

The last German creation I watched was 1899, a thriller. How about you? While you think, let me quickly share a few details about the movie before moving toward my Faraway review.

What is the synopsis of Faraway?

After her mother passes away, a woman discovers that she has left her a house on a small Croatian island. And that’s where she is headed when things begin to drift apart in her personal life.

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Vanessa Jopp, Faraway stars Naomi Krauss (Zeynep), Goran Bogdan (Josip), Adnan Maral (Ilyas), and Bahar Balci (Fia) in lead roles.

The movie is based on a book by Alex Kendall.

Let’s first talk about the positive things in Faraway.

It has a heartwarming concept, where none of the characters are harsh from the outset. Yes, the idea is not new. I remember watching a similar notion unfurl on screen only a couple of months ago.

Leaving to a faraway place after discovering a den left by your parents and then falling for someone over there is quite typical. Still, one needs to implement it on screen flawlessly, which has been done.

Moreover, the storyline is light-hearted. You will get a break from the hubbub of regular movies. Obviously, set up on a tiny island, Faraway was bound to be silently cheerful.

Image Credits: Netflix

The tale helps the film in using the limited resources remarkably well. It doesn’t impose upon it lavish requirements. Therefore, it feels humbling even when the two lead characters are engaged in a conversation.

You will also like the romance in Faraway. The love story is subtle and restrained while successfully landing in your heart. I just wish they had given a few more conversations to the lead pair to work with.

Moreover, crafty cinematography serves the audience with some beautiful island shots. They are further elevated by calm and lovable music.

With only a slight touch of soft songs, Faraway gives you time to compare the serenity of the life you seek and the one you live.

How do the lead actors perform?

Naomi Krauss plays Zeynep in the film. She is authentic, raw, and mature. Her acting behemoth is unleashed gradually as Faraway moves forward.

More than her facial expressions, I liked how good she was with her body language. You could sense the mood in advance, thanks to Naomi’s screen movements.

Image Credits: Netflix

Goran Bogdan was a surprise package. I didn’t expect him to be this good. The actor’s messy appearance, rough demeanor, and rude attitude make you excited about his character.

All the other members of the cast have done a great job in their respective short roles.

What doesn’t go well for Faraway?

It’s slightly dreary. Though the pace is on the bright side, Faraway as an entity could have been crisper. Mostly, everyone watching a romantic comedy can predict the plot and it’s the maker’s job to still give them an untainted experience.

However, Faraway, at times, loses steam to this fact.

Another flaw of the film is there are hardly any moments of laughter. The genre is romantic-comedy, but it’s not funny even in parts. Only expect a couple of grins.

Should you watch Faraway on Netflix?

It is almost two hours in length. You can stream the film if you have time. Otherwise, it can be skipped.

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