How enchanting was it back then to witness Vampires sucking the blood out of a human’s neck? Their innate ability to unequivocally beat both the powerful and the poor was loved by all.

After a long time, we have a new show on Netflix that deals with the fantasy genre surrounding Vampires and hunters. It also has Zombies and Ghouls to add spice to the tale.

First Kill, which began streaming on Netflix from 10th June 2022, has several highs and lows. Here’s my review to help you decide whether you should watch it or skip it.

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First Kill Review Summary

More than the gory scenes and chilling encounters, it is the spellbinding Music that works for First Kill. Though the show has a lot going on in the beginning, a quiet middle phase and feeble emotional sequences pull it down to the aisle.

Keep reading my First Kill review to know what works and what doesn’t for this Netflix series.

First Kill Synopsis

Image Credits: Netflix India

Based on the short story by V.E. Schwab, First Kill deals with a tantalizing tale of love between a Vampire and a Vampire Hunter. Their families are historical enemies, craving to finish one another.

Will Juliette and Calliope, the two star-crossed lovers, be able to find their way? Or will they fall prey to the fulcrum of hatred?

First Kill is Created by Victoria Schwab and stars Sarah Catherine (Juliette Fairmont), Imani Lewis (Calliope), Elizabeth Mitchell (Margot Fairmont), Gracy Dzienny (Elinor Fairmont), Will Swenson (Sebastian), Dominic Goodman (Apollo Burns), Phillip Mullings Jr. (Theo), Aubin Wise (Talia), and Jason R. Moore (Jack Burns) in lead roles.

What works for First Kill?

Image Credits: Netflix India


Despite the series originating from an already published short story, First Kill must be praised for its intriguing concept. There are two families, both brutal and unordinary, having two compassionate souls who fall in love with each other.

A story of dilemmas, inner conflicts, and self-discovery, the show keeps you hooked for the most part. Moreover, from same-sex love to thrill and mystery, First Kill has all the elements required to make a hit series in 2022.

However, implementing the idea is a different thing altogether, which I will discuss as we move forward with my First Kill review.


Mesmerizing songs and dramatic background music are, unquestionably, the soul of First Kill. The show not only rides on the back of songs, but it also stays above the ground using them. Whenever there is a dip in feelings or when the series begins to look tedious, a song comes and lifts up your spirits again.

The absence of stirring melodies in First Kill would have proven fatal for the series. From the very first moment, when the theme song starts playing after the Netflix logo, you get an intuition of what’s about to hit you.

Furthermore, the celestial Music helps elevate buildups throughout the runtime of First Kill.


Image Credits: Netflix India

The series has a long list of actors bracing the screen. Therefore, it is a tad challenging to talk about all of them. But let me just give you a brief before moving forward to discussing the lead performers. All the artists in First Kill are stellar and in their prime.

Although the series inclines toward unnatural ideas, the actors stay on course to put up a genuine staging. They are never gaudy or ostentatious and work in consonance with the plot’s requirements. Moreover, the reflection of relations and emotions is fabulously depicted through unblemished performances.

Sarah Catherine as Juliette delivers a sweet, calm, and elegant outing. She never allows the story to get big on her; instead, Sarah steers past the plot with avidity. You can keep talking about her expressions, but her dialogue delivery impressed me more.

As Calliope, Imani Lewis does a fantabulous job. Her character is almost the opposite of Juliette; still, the same adjectives work for Imani’s performance as well. She aces the tough action drills and denounces the use of overcooked expressions.

Additionally, Calliope and Juliette have an affable chemistry. I would have loved to see more of them together because, at times, the drama surrounding the story takes away the essence of their love life.

Gracy Dzienny is the gray part of First Kill. She is fantastic while playing Elinor, a character who affects everyone differently. Some want her head chopped off, but others consider her a smart warrior. The actress leaves no loopholes and ensures an energetic display whenever she occupies the screen.

Image Credits: Netflix India

Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot Fairmont adds gracious charm to First Kill. She has a sweet accent and a distinct way of adhering to the character. Her foe is Aubin Wise, who plays Talia in the show. Aubin’s act is full of action and ability. Also, her aggressiveness has a soft touch to it.

Other notable performances come from Dominic Goodman and Phillip Mullings Jr. Both are intensely related to each other and bring some amazing action scenes to the fore.

VFX and Editing

Though there are only a handful of scenes involving extreme gore and violence, they all are proficiently displayed on-screen. The use of VFX and Green Screen is faultless. However, more of it would have been appreciated, considering the genre of the show.

What Doesn’t Work for First Kill?

Emotionally Fragile

When there’s a lot of drama in a show, acing emotions becomes a necessity. However, First Kill misses on this front by a decent margin. I remember some of the scenes that were supposed to evoke intense emotions but ended up being awfully dull.

Thanks to the proliferating Music, things are brought back on track after a dismal presentation. The show fails to connect emotionally with the viewers, which might not work for it in the long run.

Execution of the Idea

The concept, as mentioned earlier, is alluring; however, its implementation could have been better, in my opinion. No, it’s not entirely dud, but some elements and characters remained underutilized while others stuffed the plot unnecessarily.

Image Credits: Netflix India

Loses track Midway

It begins with intrigue and mystery but, surprisingly, loses the way in the middle phase. I felt the makers were simply short of content, and hence, they wanted to keep the most of it for the end. The fact that it comes from a short story could be a reason behind the same.

If there’s anything that doesn’t work for First Kill at all, it is the episodes in the middle.


Mystery drenched with adventure and fantasy must be deployed using a fascinating screenplay. However, First Kill couldn’t deliver on that front either. It has a simple and basic screenplay that doesn’t allow for many thrills.

Logical Fallacies

I know fantasy genres are not to be judged on logic and sense. However, First Kill doesn’t feel sane at times. It introduces several annoying elements in the form of twists that you start getting bored after a point in time.

The Finale

When there should have been a lot happening in the final episode, First Kill simply comes up with a flavorless end. I imagined a lot of violence or match-ups would occur, and I will get to witness a fascinatingly written finale. However, it never happens.

Final Word

You can binge-watch First Kill if you are either too much into the fantasy genre or want to start watching it. If you are anywhere in the middle, you will be left disappointed.

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