An intimate, feel-good, and funny film is all we need to bury the stress, isn’t it? And what better than Netflix to satiate the craving? The streaming service’s latest offering, F*ck Love Too, is a step in the same direction.

However, its performance needs to be judged before making any recommendations. Hop in fast and read my F*ck Love Too review to decide whether it should be watched or not.

F*ck Love Too Review Summary

Image Credits: Netflix India

Starting on a decent note, F*ck Love Too misses the bargain as it grows old. The film stutters and falls into the drain while trying to be funny and mature.


When complexities in love become hard to cope with, some friends and acquaintances find support in each other. Every character in this Netflix film is suffering from a failed relationship.

Directed by Aram Van De Rest and Appie Boudellah, F*ck Love Too stars Bo Maerten (Lisa), Geza Weisz (Jim), Yolanthe Cabau (Bo), Maurits Delchot (Said), Edwin Jonker (Jack), Victoria Koblenko (Cindy), and others in lead roles.

What Works for F*ck Love Too?

Decent Performances

No one in F*ck Love Too gets ample screen space to show their proficiency. The lack of time takes a massive toll on Bo Maerten playing Lisa. Her act could have decided the movie’s fate, but instead, it ends up making the film tacky.

There’s something hugely missing in the majority of her performance. Maerten works well only in patches, just like the story of F*ck Love Too. I mostly found her above average in aggressive scenes.

Image Credits: Netflix India

Geza Weisz portraying Jim is probably the best takeaway from the movie. He only appears in bits and pieces but never fails to leave a mark. Geza’s controlled emotions make his character more believable.

Yolanthe Cabau, Maurits Delchot, Edwin Jonker, and Victoria Koblenko effectively indulge in showcasing their qualities as onscreen performers. The more the characters in a film, the lesser time they get to do their job.

In F*ck Love Too, the makers never look like exploring the roots. Instead, they focus on outward branches that, obviously, have limitations.


Though it feels stretchy, F*ck Love Too doesn’t have a long duration which works in the film’s favor. This is a positive point if you are a fan of any of the actors and cannot miss it at any cost. You’ll only be wasting some of your time.

What doesn’t Work for F*ck Love Too?

Vague Concept

Initially, I had thought of F*ck Love Too as a film that gives an alternate approach to love. That’s what made me watch it in the first place. However, the movie has nothing new to offer. Its concept falters in an irreparable manner.

Maybe, a different title would have worked. The current one offers more confusion than understanding. Instead of using love as an element of reverse prognosis, we could have sidelined love for a moment to emotionally infuse the kind of life one would live without it.


I found writing going towards the wrong aisle in F*ck Love Too. It starts with a promise to be your lifesaver but soon leaves you in the middle of a forlorn plot. Even the jokes and situational comedy scenes are ancient.

How often have we seen a guy sending an intimate picture to his lover that ends up in the wrong inbox? There is no novelty in writing, and most of what we are served is lame and dismissible.

Naïve Narration

F*ck Love Too’s narration is made for children, not for a mature audience. These days, people are well aware of what they are watching. We expect the plot to be more convincing and interesting. The genre of a film doesn’t matter. What the viewers wish to experience is an engaging narration.

This Netflix film lags far behind in terms of storytelling.


What should have been a film high on feelings and emotions ends up being insufficient on that front. F*ck Love Too is never able to evoke the inner sensations of the viewer. However, it does make several failed attempts.

Final Word

Who should watch F*ck Love Too? Anyone who is ready to waste their time (like me?).

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