If you’re thinking about renovating your home you must consider which upgrades will significantly improve the value of your property. But, not only should you be concerned with the value, but you should also be aware of which upgrades will provide a good return on investment. Making a strategic plan regarding these issues is the first step towards creating a modern and functional living space regardless of whether you want to sell it or enjoy it. Let’s see which home improvement projects offer the best ROI. 

Kitchen improvements 

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home because love is cooked right there. It’s where functionality meets style, and prospective buyers focus on this room when evaluating a property. The kitchen is one of the top three rooms that convince the buyer to consider buying the house. So, kitchen remodeling is a good idea if you want to see a significant return on investment. But that doesn’t mean you must do a complete remodeling project; instead, you must concentrate on the most impactful and affordable upgrades. 

Cabinet Upgrades 

If your cabinets are in good shape, consider repainting or refacing them. Adding new hardware can also have a significant impact. 

Modern Backsplash 

Installing a unique backsplash will instantly update the kitchen look. 


Adding a new pendant light over the kitchen island or under-cabinet lighting can give the kitchen a new, modern, and luxurious feel. It will also improve functionality and ambiance. 

Countertops and Appliances 

According to your budget, upgrade to modern countertops and energy-efficient appliances, as they can also offer substantial ROIs. 

Fresh Paint 

A new coat of paint is the most cost-effective way to refresh your home interior. Consider neutral colors to provide a clean and welcoming environment and enable potential buyers to visualize their own according to space. Regarding bathrooms, consider light neutral tones to create a spa-like atmosphere and a clean, modern feel in the kitchen. 

Refinish or Install Hardwood Floors 

If you want durability and timeless appeal, go for hardwood floors. The amazing fact is that if you refinish existing hardwood floors or install new ones, you will increase the return on the investment from 70 to 80%. There are various stain colors to choose from to modernize the classic look of the floors. Regarding the work itself, depending on your skill level, you can finish the project as DIY or hire a professional and have them work out a high-quality finish. 

Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures and Features

Next in line is the bathroom. Bathrooms are high-traffic areas, and if updated, they can attract a lot of attention. A bathroom can significantly improve the appeal and functionality of the space. Here is how.

  • Replace the outdated faucets, shower heads, and light fixtures with modern water-efficient models. 
  • Add framed mirrors to upgrade the style and give the bathroom a more contemporary look 
  • Re-tile the floor or add accent tiles in the shower for a fresh, modern appearance. 

Improve curb appeal 

Like the interior of the home, the exterior is important, too. The exterior of your home is the first thing visitors will see, so you must make it count. Focus on the following. 

  • Improve the greenery in your garden: plant flowers, add shrubs, or install a small garden to make your home more inviting 
  • Add a fresh count of paint on your existing front door or replace it to make a solid first impression 
  • Upgrade the exterior lighting as good lightning improves security and highlights the homes are hitting texture 

Create functional Outdoor spaces

After the pandemic, outdoor living spaces became increasingly popular, so you need to improve your backyard or patio to make it even more welcoming. Create outdoor kitchen, or install a fire pit, making the backyard a family and social gathering hub. Moreover, add planters, walkways, and sitting areas to transform the outdoor space into a welcoming retreat 

Finish the Basement or Attic

The basement or attic are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be. Converting these two into livable areas can add significant value to the home. For example, you can transform it and get an additional bedroom or office. Or, you can make it into your recreational area and create a home theater gym or playroom. Finally, building shelves and storage units can make this area even more functional. 

Professional Property Management 

Property managers with extensive expertise and experience in making improvements will be invaluable when renovating your home. Here’s what they can offer. 


  • Expertise and assessment when evaluating the home and identifying the most beneficial improvements 
  • Budget management to help you stick to a budget and ensure you get the best value for investment 
  • Contractor coordination so you can secure competitive rates and oversee quality work projects oversight to ensure the timelines are met. 


If you approach the home renovation process with a strategic plan focusing on home improvement that offers a high ROI, you will significantly improve the value and joy of the process and get a lot of money back. Updating kitchens, painting interiors, and refinishing floors will make functional and aesthetic improvements and create a much more valuable home. Listening to the advice of property managers can further ensure your investments are wise and well-executed and will maximize your ROI.

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