Witty, quirky, and inspiring are the three adjectives used by Netflix to describe a new Peruvian film called, How to Deal with a Heartbreak.

As a comedy-drama, the movie aims to tickle your funny bones while trying to instill hope and wisdom in an entertaining manner.

Apparently, as I now realize, it is the second installment to the 2018 film, How to Get Over a Breakup

Continue reading to discover whether your precious time would be better spent elsewhere or if the movie genuinely manages to inspire and uplift.

How to Deal with a Heartbreak Synopsis

After the success of her first book, Maria Fe is stuck. She must complete a new novel or else life will get further stressful.

All this while dealing with a massive personal setback.

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Joanna Lombardi, How to Deal with a Heartbreak stars Gisela Ponce De Leon (Maria Fe), Jely Reategui (Carolina), Karina Jordan (Natalia), Salvador Del Solar (Fernando), Norma Martinez (Elena), and others.

What Works for How to Deal with a Heartbreak?

The premise of the film is fundamentally sound. Dealing with heartbreak is a universal human experience, and it’s imperative to explore how we navigate through it.

While everyone has their unique coping mechanisms, the film maintains a grounded and relatable approach without resorting to excessive melodrama.

Certain scenes exude authenticity, showcasing that healing is a gradual process. 

The emotions depicted in the film can genuinely resonate with viewers, even though the plot falls short.

Image Credits: Netflix

However, it’s worth noting that the impact of the film is somewhat sporadic rather than consistently engaging. 

Emotional moments are present, but they are occasionally overshadowed by a lackluster plot.

Ultimately, a successful film should offer a compelling overall package, which, unfortunately, How to Deal with a Heartbreak doesn’t quite achieve. 

How are the Performances?

Gisela Ponce De Leon reprises her role as Maria Fe from How to Get Over a Breakup, showcasing once again her exceptional acting prowess. 

Her talent is well-established, and she doesn’t disappoint.

What truly stands out is her innate ability to effortlessly maintain the essence of Maria. 

Ponce skillfully embodies the authentic emotions of her character, delivering a convincing portrayal on screen.

The rest of the cast also deserves credit for their commendable performances, as they approach their roles with sincerity and dedication.

What Doesn’t Work for How to Deal with a Heartbreak?

The film, despite its promising concept, stumbles on an insubstantial storyline that lacks depth and substance. 

It struggles to find its footing and fails to effectively deliver its pivotal moments.

While realism is important, it’s equally crucial to craft a compelling narrative that captures the audience’s attention. 

Image Credits: Netflix

The Peruvian movie could have benefitted from injecting more opportunities for entertainment and drama to engage viewers.

It’s unclear whether How to Deal with a Heartbreak is adapted from a novel, but it often feels more like a narrative outline suited for the pages of a book rather than the cinematic screen.

Remarkably, as a comedy, the film falls short of delivering genuinely funny moments, opting for a predominantly somber tone. 

The sluggish plot further exacerbates the issue, leaving viewers feeling uninterested and drowsy.

Despite initial enthusiasm, the film fails to maintain engagement due to a lack of effort from the creators to keep the audience invested.

While avoiding pretentiousness is commendable, relying solely on a good idea proves insufficient. Additionally, the film lacks the uplifting moments that could have left a lasting impact on the audience.

Stream or Skip?

Although, How to Deal with a Heartbreak is a niche film, it is highly doubtful it would be able to cater to its target audience.

I would say you skip it.

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