I’m a Virgo Series Review Prime Video: Lackluster Storyline and Weird Screenplay Hamper This Out-of-the-box Idea

Fantasy fiction is mostly restricted to anime shows in the contemporary world. I can only recount a few otherwise, including Wednesday, Tooth Pari, and maybe, Troll.

Amazon Prime Video has come up with a new series, I’m a Virgo, which is a fantasy drama having strands of comedy.

It has seven episodes with an overall duration of three and a half hours.

And whenever there is a unique creation, it is essential to evaluate it against its pros and cons. Here’s my I’m a Virgo review.

What is the Story of I’m a Virgo?

Cootie is a 13-foot-tall young Black man living in Oakland, CA. Having spent his entire life confined to the shadows of his parent’s house, Cootie finally embarks on a journey to explore the real world.

Along the way, he makes friends, experiences the joys of life, and even has a chance encounter with his idol.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

However, the flip side of his extraordinary appearance brings about its own set of challenges. The question remains: Can he survive and thrive in a world that often struggles to accept those who are different?

Directed by Boots Riley, I’m a Virgo stars Jharrel Jerome (Cootie), Olivia Washington (Flora), Allius Barnes (Scat), Brett Gray (Felix), Kara Young (Jones), Walton Goggins (The Hero), Mike Epps (Martisse), Carmen Ejogo (Lafrancine), and others.

What Works for I’m a Virgo?

The series has a challenging and ambitious concept. With quirky characters like a 13-foot-tall guy, a woman who can move faster than electricity, and a real-life superhero who possesses a kind of immortality, I’m a Virgo weaves a fantastical idea into the real world.

What sets it apart is that it doesn’t rely on a post-apocalyptic setting to unfold its narrative. Instead, the series successfully blends this fantasy element into the contemporary world.

Dialogue plays a crucial role in any series, and I’m a Virgo shines in this aspect. The show features crushing dialogues that captivate the audience’s attention and add depth to the characters and their interactions.

The well-crafted conversations enhance the overall viewing experience, making the series more engaging and memorable.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

One cannot overlook the impact of a strong opening and a satisfying conclusion in any storytelling medium, and I’m a Virgo delivers on both fronts.

The series starts off with a captivating introduction, immediately drawing viewers into its intriguing world and setting the stage for the events that unfold.

Likewise, the ending of the series leaves a lasting impression, providing closure to the narrative while leaving room for interpretation and reflection.

These bookends of the story anchor the series and contribute to its overall appeal. It is the middle phase that plays spoilsport.

How are the Performances?

While I’m a Virgo boasts a talented ensemble cast, it is important to note that the performances in the series are decent but not necessarily extraordinary.

The actors deliver competent portrayals of their respective characters, but none of them truly have enough space to startle or captivate the audience.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Jharrel Jerome, known for his remarkable performance in Moonlight, portrays the lead character, Cootie, with sincerity and brings a certain vulnerability to the role.

His depiction of a 13-foot-tall young man navigating the complexities of the real world is commendable, but it does not offer any standout moments that leave a lasting impact.

Similarly, Olivia Washington, Allius Barnes, Brett Gray, Kara Young, Walton Goggins, Mike Epps, Carmen Ejogo, and the rest of the cast deliver adequate performances.

They effectively embody their characters and contribute to the overall narrative, but none of them have sufficient material or screen time to truly shine or leave a lasting impression on the audience.

What Doesn’t Work for I’m a Virgo?

One of the glaring issues in I’m a Virgo lies in its visual effects. The portrayal of Cootie’s towering height compared to other characters is not seamlessly executed.

The flaws in the VFX are noticeable to the naked eye, which can be distracting and keep you away from immersing in the story.

Also, the show suffers from a flawed storyline. The narrative fails to establish a strong connection with the audience, leaving them feeling disconnected from the events unfolding on screen.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Moreover, the show attempts to tackle too many goals and concepts within a limited duration, resulting in a scattered and unsustainable plot.

It becomes evident that the series would have benefitted from more time for proper implementation and development.

While fantasy fiction often embraces quirkiness and goofiness, I’m a Virgo sometimes ventures into the realm of being too unreal.

The show presents events that happen seemingly out of nowhere, lacking proper justification or explanation.

Additionally, the lead character, Cootie, does not receive the necessary depth and exploration that his physical structure and uniqueness deserve, leaving his potential largely untapped.

The series has a disjointed and erratic screenplay. Scenes are often cut abruptly, resulting in poor transitions and a lack of fluidity in the storytelling.

Despite its attempts, I’m a Virgo fails to truly engage and arouse the audience, missing the mark in creating a compelling viewing experience.

Another significant flaw lies in the emotional presentation of the series. Due to the disconnect with the story and underdeveloped characters, pivotal moments, including the death of a crucial character, fail to evoke the intended emotional response.

This missed opportunity results in a lackluster and ineffective portrayal of intense and impactful moments.

Should You Stream or Skip I’m a Virgo?

Undoubtedly, I’m a Virgo possesses noteworthy aspects, such as its unique concept and certain well-written dialogues.

However, the flaws in the visual effects, poor storyline execution, unrealistic elements, weird screenplay, and the inability to deliver a powerful emotional impact diminish the overall quality and potential impact of the show.

I will not recommend it, though the final decision stands with you.

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