Vishal Bhardwaj’s latest offering, featuring Tabu, Ali Fazal, and Wamiqa Gabbi in lead roles, is now streaming on Netflix.

You can read my review of the spy-thriller movie here.

Now, if you are wondering how exactly Krishna convinced David to help her, among other things, then allow me to unravel the ending of Khufiya for you.

First, let’s brush up on the story.

Khufiya Movie Summary

An unofficial Indian agent named Heena meets her untimely demise in Dhaka at the hands of Mirza, a notorious terrorist wanted by the Indian authorities.

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However, Heena’s murder conceals a sinister truth—it was orchestrated by a mole within the Indian intelligence community, none other than Ravi Mohan, portrayed by Ali Fazal.

Krishna Mehra (Tabu), the brilliant intelligence officer at the helm, is determined to unearth the mole and expose his handler.

She embarks on a relentless pursuit, bugging Ravi’s residence and initiating round-the-clock surveillance.

They discover that Ravi’s mother is equally involved in the act of treason while his wife (Wamiqa Gabbi as Charu) is innocent.

Krishna’s investigation reveals a shocking twist—Ravi is working as an informant for the American authorities, leaking critical information to further their mission of eliminating Osama bin Laden.

The stakes are raised, and a decision is made to catch Ravi in the act.

However, Ravi stumbles upon the concealed surveillance equipment in his home, prompting a desperate escape plan with his family, facilitated by the American Embassy in India.

When Charu finds out about his misdeeds, she declines to join him. Ravi’s mother shoots Charu and they run away leaving her behind.

They also take Kunal, Charu and Ravi’s son.

Charu’s mental and emotional state has deteriorated significantly as she remains haunted by the memory of her lost son.

Desperate and alone, she reaches out to Krishna for help, begging for information about Ravi’s whereabouts.

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Initially, Krishna declines her plea, but they secretly hatch a daring plan.

Krishna tells Charu that Ravi is in America and prepares her on her request to travel to the US.

They go through hours of training to avoid hiccups.

To make her arrival look natural, she sends her through a modern-day monk who is avidly followed by Ravi’s mother.

Finally, mother and son are reunited on foreign soil, where she is grilled by the American authorities but she succeeds in fooling them.

After months of waiting and living in a cage on a foreign land, D-day arrives.

Mirza comes to America and he wants to meet Ravi Mohan who previously saved his life by revealing Heena’s identity.

The rest of the story is explained below since it forms the ending of Khufiya.

Khufiya Ending Explained

Through the hidden camera installed in Kunal’s coat’s button, Krishna finds out about Mirza’s planned arrival at Ravi’s house.

She immediately informs Jeev of the development. But, to her dismay, he is more interested in sticking to the original plan of bringing Ravi back to India.

Haunted by Heena’s tragic demise, Krishna decides to chart her own path towards vengeance.

She arrives at Ravi’s residence and boldly reveals her true identity.

Initially, Ravi vehemently denies any association with Mirza, until Krishna presents the damning footage discreetly recorded by her.

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Still hesitant, Ravi’s resolve crumbles when his mother intervenes, inquiring about Krishna’s intentions.

She extends an offer—an honorable return to India in exchange for Mirza.

Krishna further initiates a conversation about his child, evoking an affirmative reaction from Ravi.

Following this emotional exchange, she hands him a vial of a lethal sedative, meant to be surreptitiously mixed into the dinner.

The doctor, accompanied by his wife and Mirza, arrives at Ravi’s residence for the fateful dinner.

As part of the plan, one of Krishna’s operatives deliberately disrupts the electricity supply to the doctor’s home, prompting a panic call from her daughter.

In the ensuing chaos, the doctor rushes back to tend to his child, leaving Michelle behind at the dinner party.

When the food is about to be served, Charu convinces Michelle to not eat without her husband since it is Karva Chauth, and doing so might bring bad luck to their relationship.

This is because Charu had poisoned the entire Lamb curry. Whoever ate it would die.

Amidst their last-minute bickering, Mirza is on the verge of consuming the tainted food.

However, his keen intuition alerts him to something amiss, prompted by the family’s suspicious behavior.

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He excuses himself from the dining table, claiming the need to wash his hands before the meal.

While Mirza is in the washroom, the trio chatter at the dining table before Ravi’s mother goes inside to check on Mirza.

But it’s her scream that returns to the hall. Mirza holds her by the knife and threatens to kill her if Ravi doesn’t call David.

In a harrowing struggle, Ravi’s mother bites Mirza’s arm, inadvertently causing the knife to slit her neck.

She falls lifelessly to the floor, setting off a series of chaotic events.

Mirza, fueled by desperation, races toward the main door, forcefully pushing anyone who stands in his way.

In the chaos, Charu falls to the ground but valiantly attempts to restrain his escape, gripping Mirza’s legs.

Obviously, she is overpowered.

Steps away from the main door, Mirza is kicked to the ground by Krishna, who makes a heroic entry.

The man gets up and hits her back before holding her by the neck. This is when we see Ravi’s fierce side.

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He pulls Mirza out of the tussle with Krishna and slams his head on the wall. Mirza falls and becomes unconscious.

Ravi retreats in anger, walking towards the kitchen.

Having realized his mother will not survive, his mind is filled with vengeance as he picks the knife to kill him.

In a pivotal moment, Krishna intervenes, persuading Ravi to spare Mirza’s life, emphasizing the importance of preserving his own future and career in India.

Reluctantly, Ravi relents and the room falls into a tense silence.

In the midst of this silence, David returns to the house, anticipating the festive dinner party.

However, the scene that greets him is far from celebratory—Mirza lies unconscious on the floor, his head resting against the wall, while Krishna holds his wife at knifepoint.

Krishna outlines her demands to David, which include Ravi’s clandestine extradition to India and the cover-up of Mirza’s death as a mere accident.

David, however, remains uncooperative and threatens to inform the authorities.

In a strategic maneuver, Krishna reveals her leverage, hinting at America’s involvement in the assassination of India’s agent, thereby placing David in a precarious position.

Fumbling in his denial, David unwittingly confesses to America’s actions, all caught by the hidden cameras.

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Seeing there are no more options up his sleeves, the doctor suggests if they lay Mirza down on the ground, he would bleed faster.

That’s how the two parties come to an agreement.

The official narrative that emerges is one of a tragic accident—Mirza supposedly fell in his hotel room’s bathroom, sustaining fatal head injuries that led to his untimely demise.

Afterward, Ravi is welcomed back by Jeev, signaling a new beginning.

In a poignant and intimate conversation by the riverbank, Charu convinces Krishna to come out to her son (Viku) about her sexuality and the reasons behind her divorce from Shashank.

Krishna, moved by Charu’s perspective, makes the decision to dial Viku.

And thus, the film concludes, leaving viewers with a sense of closure and transformation.

Now, here are some…

Questions About Khufiya Movie Ending

What was the Original Plan to Eliminate Mirza?

Originally, the plan was for Mirza to consume the poisoned lamb and fall unconscious, making it easier for Ravi and his team.

David would then devise a strategy to make his death appear accidental.

How did Ravi Reach India?

Ravi’s journey back to India likely involved a combination of sea and air travel. Visual cues hint at a large ship at sea.

However, given the vast distance, air travel would have been necessary to complete the journey from America to India.

Did Krishna Come Out to Her Son?

Yes, she comes out to her son via a phone call after talking to Charu, who makes her realize the importance of her actions.

If she can share her secrets with an unknown person, why can’t she do the same with her son? It is better to tell him and stop being a stranger with her own blood.

Why Did Krishna and Shashank Divorce Each Other?

Shashank was unaware of his wife’s sexual preferences and their marriage was a mere formality, which was bound to end on a sad note.

Did Ravi Mohan Kill Heena in Khufiya?

While Ravi did not directly kill Heena, he played a pivotal role by leaking information about her to the Americans, who subsequently shared it with Mirza, indirectly leading to her tragic fate.

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