After Randeep Hooda’s CAT, the demand for Punjabi shows has grown on Netflix. Now, a new Indian series, originating from Punjab, has started streaming on the platform.

Called Kohrra, it is a crime drama having a murder mystery at its core. The show was released on an unusual Saturday, a departure from Netflix’s Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule.

There are six episodes in Kohrra combining together for a little under five hours. Moreover, it is produced by Clean Slate Filmz, the same house that carried Paatal Lok (sounds exciting?).

What is the Story of Kohrra?

When an NRI is murdered and another goes missing, Sub-inspector Balbir and Garundi embark on a gritty hunt to nab the culprits. 

Image Credits: Netflix

However, the trail is convoluted and full of hurdles. Their quest to find the truth is filled with problems.

Directed by Randeep Jha, Kohrra stars Suvinder Vicky (Balbir), Barun Sobti (Garundi), Manish Chaudhari (Satwinder), Varun Badola (Maninder), Harleen Sethi (Nimrat), Rachel Shelly (Clara), and others. 

Kohhra: Positive Aspects

The show ably creates an authentic village landscape of Punjab, which never feels superficial or contrived.

From the police station to the murder scene, every aspect of the show contributes to its genuine atmosphere. 

If I may say, this gritty concept gives Kohraa a unique touch, making the viewer feel connected to the narrative.

Moreover, the storyline of Kohrra is a well-crafted web of intrigue, with each plot twist unfolding logically and seamlessly. 

From start to finish, the tale remains captivating, leaving the audience eager to uncover the truth behind the murder. 

Image Credits: Netflix

It is a testament to the minds behind the series that they have managed to maintain a consistently engaging murder mystery throughout the show’s six episodes. 

Unlike many others in the genre, Kohrra avoids unnecessary stretching and keeps its compact format intact, resulting in a tightly woven narrative.

The writing of Kohrra deserves applause for its raw and sarcastic dialogues that add an extra layer of flavor to the series. 

These sharp exchanges between the characters not only enhance the storytelling but also provide insight into the complex dynamics at play. 

Furthermore, the screenplay is a true standout, seamlessly blending the narrative elements and captivating the audience’s attention. 

As you delve deeper into the story, you become completely absorbed, eagerly trying to predict what will happen next. 

How are the Performances?

Suvinder Vicky delivers a standout act as Balbir Singh in Kohrra. 

He brings the character to life with impeccable dialogue delivery, expressive facial expressions, and pitch-perfect intonations. Vicky’s portrayal is a masterclass in embodying the essence of his role.

The true superstar of Punjabi cinema, I just hope Suvinder gets his due on the bigger and wider landscape of Netflix, considering he also appeared in CAT.

Barun Sobti, fresh from the success of Asur 2, impresses as Amarpal Garundi in Kohrra. He effortlessly captures the audience’s attention and wins hearts with his performance. 

Shedding his serious onscreen image, Sobti embraces an impromptu avatar, infusing his portrayal with a perfect balance of sarcasm and intensity.

Image Credits: Netflix

Manish Chaudhari, essaying the character of Satwinder, showcases his brilliance as an actor in Kohrra. 

His intense portrayal adds depth to the series, keeping viewers engrossed in each of his scenes. The legit anger Manish depicts adds weight to the character.

Varun Badola’s performance as Maninder is sharp and authoritative. He flawlessly captures the character’s calmness, bringing a sense of balance to the narrative. 

Badola’s nuanced acting prowess shines through in his depiction.

Harleen Sethi plays Nimrat and goes on to present an idea that needs much more importance in the rural landscapes. She is for the women living a clustered life amid patriarchy.

Rachel Shelly, known for her role as Elizabeth in Lagaan, shines in Kohrra. Her acting prowess is on full display as she delivers a superior performance as Clara. 

Shelly captivates the audience, leaving a lasting impact on the series.

Kohrra: The Downsides

You might find Kohrra a little slow-moving. In case that is the case, play it at 1.25x for the best experience.

Moreover, some technical aspects are not taken care of by the makers. What they showed initially was different than what actually happened when the final flashbacks were revealed. 

I would not mention the particular scene for it has the potential of being called a spoiler.

Should You Stream or Skip Kohrra?

Kohrra successfully delivers a gripping crime drama that uncovers a dark murder mystery. I would call it a must-watch on Netflix.

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