Lawyers and their charm are inseparable. Especially when a client is too twisted to be trusted. A new Netflix series boasts of a firepower story surrounding justice and the Gods of Guilt, the jury.

It is mysterious, based on crime, witty, and suspenseful, at least, according to the info available on the streaming platform.

I understand being late for reviewing The Lincoln Lawyer, so without wasting any time, let’s go!

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The Lincoln Lawyer Review Summary

In all its glory, The Lincoln Lawyer perfectly exhibits the abilities of an astute attorney. The show creates an environment of suspense, drama, and emotions while indulging in a trail of exciting cases to keep you hooked.

Read on my Lincoln Lawyer review for a deeper insight into the Netflix series.

The Lincoln Lawyer Synopsis

Created by David E. Kelley and directed by different individuals, The Lincoln Lawyer is the story of a defense lawyer, Mickey Haller, based out of Los Angeles. The title of the show reflects his uncanny habit of working out of his ‘Lincoln’ car because being on the road helps him think.

Furthermore, the show is based on the novels by Michael Connelly.

Backdrop: When Mickey is recovering from personal and professional setbacks, he receives an unexpected opportunity to get back into practice.

The Lincoln Lawyer stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Mickey Haller), Neve Campbell (Maggie), Becky Newton (Lorna), Angus Sampson (Cisco), Jazz Raycole (Izzy), and many others who complete the series.

Total Number of Episodes: 10 (season 1) and 5 (season 2 part 1).
The Lincoln Lawyer Duration: ~8 Hours, 15 Minutes (Season 1).

What works for The Lincoln Lawyer?


Thanks to its well-built storyline, the Lincoln Lawyer is fascinating from the word go. I hardly ever found it sluggish or slow-moving. Since the primary theme surrounds a lawyer’s proficiency, most of the captivating scenes happen inside the courtroom.

However, that’s not it. The protagonist ensures you are kept in the loop of amazement even outside the court premises.

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You cannot develop a winning show without stellar performances, and leading the pack here in the titular role of The Lincoln Lawyer is Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. He has put so much into Mickey Haller that you cannot differentiate whether an actor is playing a lawyer or a lawyer is starring in his own biopic.

His personality is in exact accordance with the requirement of the character. Moments in The Lincoln Lawyer where he dons the casual lawyer’s hat are succulent and admirable. No abs, no superhero powers, not even a chiseled body; still, he impresses you like anything.

Furthermore, Garcia carries the silence of Mickey so well that when the moment of anger comes, he only has to burst out. There’s nothing extraneous required. He brings along a swag of his own, a charisma that steers this Netflix series to great heights.

Neve Campbell as Maggie does a great job holding one end of the bait. She portrays a character who is smart, intelligent, and aware of her surroundings. Her act is smooth as a cake and helps maintain the viewer’s interest.

Becky Newton was a surprise package. As Lorna, she initially looks like a sidekick, but her deft skills put her at the center stage along with Angus Sampson. Together, they create an independent space unaffected by the lead’s steps.

Moreover, Jazz Raycole as Izzy, utilizes the limelight whenever she gets the chance. Her conversations with Mickey smell of authenticity and purity. Jazz comes out as a versatile actress who can find glory in varying circumstances.

Everybody else does a fantabulous job in making The Lincoln Lawyer amongst the best recent shows on Netflix.


There’s a lot to like about The Lincoln Lawyer’s plot. Both you and I know that courtroom dramas are not new. In fact, we have several shows previously exploring an able lawyer’s journey into the wild world of crimes.

Therefore, it wasn’t exactly an easy ride for The Lincoln Lawyer. Despite it originating from books, the makers needed to ensure the plot didn’t feel repetitive and straggling. By infusing modern elements into the script, they present a familiar story but in a unique manner.

And as I always say, when it comes to movies and books, always appreciate the process, regardless of the story (it doesn’t mean a bad story would work). A good creator can explore multiple perspectives from the same story with ease.

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The more the characters, the more dynamic the screenplay, which stands true for The Lincoln Lawyer. There is no dearth of steady characters in the show. Following their lives helps the makers put up a zestful and well-paced screenplay.

Yes, it is Suspenseful

The Lincoln Lawyer is not just about winning cases and sugarcoating a lawyer’s abilities. It aptly uses the element of suspense to arouse the viewer’s curiosity. And that’s what stays with you.

While watching, there were times when I would pause and skip behind just to understand the relevance of the scene to the mysteries yet to unfold. Considering my experience, The Lincoln Lawyer draws your attention and leaves you in dripping anticipation.

However, suspense and surprise are two things, and watch out for the latter as you binge-watch The Lincoln Lawyer.


I will tell you why I am putting this point. Usually, courtroom dramas or attorney-centric shows focus on several cases, and hence, they lose the emotional attachment of the viewer. Therefore, the climax is, more or less, uninteresting.

For example, I recently watched Guilty Minds on Amazon Prime, which had each episode exploring a new case. Though the idea was well-executed, I never felt close to the story.

The Lincoln Lawyer, on the other hand, despite throwing varying cases at you, sticks to one’ big fish’ throughout the runtime. And that’s how it entails your emotional attention. Needless to say, the climax becomes a pivotal part after that.

What doesn’t work for The Lincoln Lawyer?

I never felt anything awry about the show. Plus, I highly recommend it.

Final Word

From twists and turns to suspense and mouth-watering moments, The Lincoln Lawyer delivers on every front. It has to be on your weekend playlist.

FAQs about The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer is based on which book?

The Netflix show, The Lincoln Lawyer, is based on multiple novels by Michael Connelly, a famous American writer.

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