Having delved into various genres such as period drama, action, and comedy with Song of the Bandits, Overhaul, and Fukrey 3, respectively, it’s now time to embrace the world of romantic comedy.

Titled Love is in the Air, we have an Australian film that promises fun and warmth to the viewers, now streaming on Netflix.

It is approximately ninety minutes long, exploring a familiar idea with an unfamiliar plot.

My last exceptional binge-watching Australian creation was Class of ’07.

Through my Love is in the Air review, let’s see if the movie adds to the list or not.

Love is in the Air Synopsis

Dana, a motivated and determined pilot falls in love with Jeff, a finance officer sent to shut the doors of her family airline forever.

How will this strange union end? Or will it be ripe enough to reach the end in the first place?

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Adrian Powers, the movie stars Delta Goodrem (Dana), Roy Billing (Jeff), Steph Tisdell (Nikki), and Joshua Sasse (William) in lead roles.

Love is in the Air: Positives

With an aircraft flying around above picturesque seas and oceans, the first thing that hits you while watching Love is in the Air is aesthetical tranquillity.

Your eyes are in for a treat while your heart is sure to get lost in the playful vibes of the movie. Its feel-good storyline that doesn’t reek of bullets and quarrels lights up your time.

Two people falling in love is mostly a cliché outline. However, when deployed with heartwarming conversations, their story becomes naturally attractive.

It is all about authenticity in dialogues, avoiding unnecessary traits or suggestions to further a forced rail of emotions.

Image Credits: Netflix

The brewing romance in Love is in the Air transforms into a charming love story without any ostentatious means.

This is probably the movie’s topmost merit. You are left with a feeling of affability towards everyone involved in making it what it is.

Furthermore, the fast-paced screenplay helps avoid jitters or roadblocks in the narrative. Love is in the Air is devoid of dull moments, an issue romcoms are popularly riddled with.

Also, special mention to the inclusion of Ashes and Cricket in the plot. This was the first time I saw Cricket being discussed in a non-Indian movie.

Mostly, it is about Football, Baseball, or Basketball.

And considering the rivalry between England and Australia, there couldn’t have been a better sport to discuss between countrymen from these two amazing nations.

It adds a unique dimension to the film’s cultural backdrop.

How are the Performances?

Delta Goodrem’s portrayal of Dana is an electrifying display of energy that sets her apart. Her unwavering commitment to depicting an independent woman is truly commendable.

She carries the role with ease and radiates charisma throughout the film, enhanced by her brilliant accent.

What’s particularly impressive is her ability to infuse casual conversations with improvisational touches, lending authenticity to her character.

Image Credits: Netflix

Joshua Sasse plays William in Love is in the Air. He ably lends a hand to Dana within the story. That’s what I love about this film.

It doesn’t compromise on the independence of the female lead to usher in the male protagonist. This execution is subtle and commendable.

Coming back to Joshua, he delights you as the perfect embodiment of a character transforming with every passing minute.

Roy Billing as Jeff and Steph Tisdell as Nikki have limited presence in the movie. Regardless, they find a way to amuse the viewers.

It could be a cheeky dialogue, an intense look, or even a simple smile and you are already in love with them.

Love is in the Air: Downsides

For what it promises, the movie delivers. Still, highlighting an insignificant drawback is important.

Image Credits: Netflix

Towards the end, it becomes foreseen that the makers will shuffle the cards to suit the usual narrative (please understand, I don’t want to spoil it for you).

They should have stuck to being real just like the rest of the movie.

Stream it or Skip it?

If you’re expecting an intense love story, steamy intimate scenes, or broad humor, Love is in the Air isn’t the film for you.

It doesn’t make these promises and doesn’t attempt to deliver them either. Instead, it excels in the areas it confidently claims to explore.

Considering its concise runtime of ninety minutes, I would recommend giving Love is in the Air a chance, especially if you’re seeking a refreshing and authentic take on romance.

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