Make Me Believe (2023) Movie Review: Delivers Charm Amidst High Predictability and Drowning Emotions

Romantic films can just be the fuel you need to get started for the weekend. A new Turkish film, Make Me Believe, on Netflix, aims to do just that.

It delves into the classic theme of enemies turning into lovers, promising a heartwarming and entertaining experience for viewers.

With a runtime of approximately a hundred minutes, it aspires to secure a spot on your Sunday watchlist. Let’s delve into the review to determine if it deserves that coveted place.

What is the Story of Make Me Believe?

Make Me Believe revolves around Sahra and Deniz, childhood friends who are unexpectedly brought back together when their grandmothers summon them for assistance.

However, it soon becomes apparent that this was a deliberate plan to reunite the duo. The catch lies in the fact that Sahra and Deniz never had a harmonious relationship in the past.

Image Credits: Netflix

As the story unfolds, helmed by directors Murat Saracoglu and Evren Karabiyik Gunaydin, we follow the journey of Sahra (played by Ayca Aysin Turan) and Deniz (played by Ekin Koc), along with the talented Naz Kagla Irmak, Zerrin Sumer, and Yildiz Kultur in significant roles.

What Works for Make Me Believe?

Make Me Believe does not have an extraordinary plot. Still, it possesses enough charm to keep you engaged until the end.

The movie successfully navigates the familiar territories of romance, presenting a story that may not be groundbreaking but is still enjoyable and somewhat satisfying.

I would have liked it to go deeper and explore further the lives of the lead pair. Sadly, it didn’t happen.

Moreover, the film’s standout aspect is its visually stunning portrayal of Turkish landscapes. The beautiful scenery serves as a captivating backdrop to the unfolding romance, creating a visually pleasing experience for the audience.

Image Credits: Netflix

The inclusion of seaside shots adds an extra layer of aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall viewing pleasure.

Furthermore, the love-hate relationship between Sahra and Deniz is a key element that works effectively in Make Me Believe.

While not every moment of their journey together may resonate equally, there are certainly standout moments where their chemistry shines through.

Witnessing the evolution of their relationship from animosity to affection provides the film with heartfelt and memorable scenes.

How are the Performances?

Ayca Aysin Turan’s portrayal of Sahra in Make Me Believe is simply delightful. She brings an adorable quality to her character, captivating viewers with her infectious charm.

Turan effortlessly embodies Sahra’s innocence and vulnerability, allowing the audience to root for her throughout the film.

Her nuanced performance adds depth to the character, making Sahra relatable and endearing.

Image Credits: Netflix

Turan’s on-screen presence exudes warmth, making it easy for viewers to connect with Sahra’s journey of self-discovery and newfound love.

On the other hand, Ekin Coz shines as Deniz, infusing the character with restrained intensity. Coz’s portrayal is marked by a subtle yet powerful presence that demands attention.

He skillfully brings a layered performance to the fore. Ekin’s ability to balance Deniz’s guarded nature with moments of vulnerability adds complexity to the character.

His on-screen chemistry with Ayca Aysin Turan is palpable, creating an engaging dynamic between their characters.

What Doesn’t Work for Make Me Believe?

Firstly, the film falls victim to an overused and typical concept.

The theme of enemies turning into lovers has been explored in countless romantic comedies, and Make Me Believe does not bring anything particularly fresh or innovative to the table.

As a result, the storyline may feel somewhat formulaic and lacking in originality.

Additionally, the movie’s plot tends to follow a mostly predictable trajectory. From the moment the grandmothers’ plan to bring Sahra and Deniz together is revealed, the audience can often anticipate the major beats and turning points of the story.

While predictability is not necessarily a dealbreaker for romantic comedies, it can diminish the element of surprise and hinder the film’s ability to hold the viewers on a deeper level.

Another downside of Make Me Believe is that it occasionally suffers from being emotionally flat.

Undoubtedly, the makers try to strike a balance between light-hearted comedy and heartfelt romance. But there are instances where the emotional impact falls short.

Some poignant moments that could have evoked stronger feelings from the audience come across as slightly underdeveloped or lacking in depth.

Should you Stream or Skip Make Me Believe?

You may not want to make time specifically for this Turkish Romantic Comedy. However, if you are free on the weekend, Make Me Believe might end up calmly surprising you.

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