Netflix has been quite eventful this week, not only serving up a fresh lineup of movies and shows but also unveiling its plan to increase subscription rates.

Among their latest additions is Old Dads, a new American film now available for streaming on the platform. 

True to its title, the movie explores the generation gap in a way that resonates with a wide audience.

The independent comedy-drama promises a provocative and raunchy ride. Interestingly, the man directing the film also stars in the lead role. 

I bet you are already aware of who he is. 

The movie is about a hundred minutes long in duration. Keep reading for my review.

Old Dads Synopsis

It revolves around three friends struggling to keep up with the changing cultural climate with the new generation at the helm.

Image Credits: Netflix

Jack cannot control his mouth and temper. Connor fears his wife beyond limits. And Mike cannot commit himself to a formal, long-term relationship.

Bill Burr has directed the movie, which features him as Jack, Bobby Cannavale (Connor), Bokeem Woodbine (Mike), Katie Aselton (Leah), and Reign Edwards (Britney) in lead roles.

What Works for Old Dads?

Old Dads fearlessly throws a no-holds-barred concept onto the screen.

Its raunchy vibe comes embedded in the concept itself and the film doesn’t mince words, which is the best way to inflict transformational ideas.

Unless you completely believe that the characters are inherently wrong, you won’t want them to change.

It is this non-preachy attitude of Old Dads that propels the film forward.

Adding to its charm, the film weaves sarcasm into the narrative, and humor is ever-present, largely thanks to the well-written dialogues delivered by a stellar cast. 

Image Credits: Netflix

While situational comedy isn’t a dominant feature, the movie isn’t shy of employing some cheeky puns.

Contradictory features of the story are essentially the only likable aspects. They offer a likable complexity amid an otherwise straightforward storyline.

On the emotional front, the bonhomie and camaraderie of three friends come alive on the screen.

Their bond touches your heart on several occasions.

Additionally, be it Cara’s parenting methods or Aspen’s leadership tactics, Old Dads tries to reflect modern society’s hypocrisy in some or the other manner.

Lastly, the length of Old Dads gives you one more reason to consider giving it a watch.

How are the Performances?

In Old Dads, Bill Burr takes center stage as Jack and his performance is tightly knit into the fabric of the film. 

His facial expressions, ever-adapting to the changing narrative, are remarkably detailed. 

Burr’s adept handling of high-pressure situations is commendable, and his ad-libs bring an added layer of authenticity to the movie.

Image Credits: Netflix

Bobby Cannavale plays Connor and he wins you over in a funny yet held-back outing. His screen presence is so fulfilling that even a single punchline can make a huge impact.

His portrayal of a husband haunted by his wife’s wrath is convincing and refreshingly understated. 

In my view, Bobby’s effortless act stands out as the highlight among the cast.

Bokeem Woodbine steps into the role of Mike in Old Dads, and although his screen time is limited, he maximizes the impact of his character. 

This conciseness in his presence seems fitting, considering the nature of his character.

Katie Aselton and Reign Edwards do their jobs pretty well. The roles assigned to them are honestly put to play by the two delightful actresses.

What Doesn’t Work for Old Dads?

Old Dads stays true to its core narrative. If that’s the only criteria you deploy to judge the movie, it wouldn’t attract many flaws.

However, on the flipside, I felt the comedy was not as sturdy as it should have been. And this is regardless of the cringey ways the makers choose to evoke fun.

Also, the characters have been reduced to nothing but their age. Old Dads ignores the other sides like intellect, presence of mind, perspective balance, etc.

Stream or Skip?

You can certainly give it a watch unless you’re anticipating a comedy that will have you rolling with laughter.

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