Scoop (2023) Series Review Netflix: Another Heart-Numbing Show from the Master Craftsman, Hansal Mehta

The last few years have seen several great shows from India. And one name that still resonates with the viewers is Hansal Mehta, the director behind Scam 1992 among other popular stories.

He is one of the few creators whose name can sell itself.

Scoop is a new series from his slate, now streaming on Netflix. It has six episodes and runs for almost six hours.

The show promises to be provocative and suspenseful. Here is my Scoop series review.

Scoop (2023) Synopsis

Following the conspiracies surrounding underworld kingpins, Chhota Rajan and Dawood Ibrahim, a journalist is shot dead in the wee hours of Maharashtra.

Another journalist is then arrested for his murder. However, the detention comes on the back of administrative connivance and sly political motives.

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Hansal Mehta, Scoop stars Karishma Tanna (Jagruti), Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub (Imran), Harman Baweja (Shroff), and Deven Bhojani in lead roles. The show features a cameo by Prosenjit Chatterjee.

Scoop is inspired by the real-life story of Jigna Vora, who was jailed for the murder of fellow journalist, Jyotirmoy Dey.

The credits call it a fictional telling based on the book Behind Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison authored by Jigna Vora.

What Works for Scoop?

Scoop tells a real-life story in the most captivating manner, garnished by a scintillating screenplay. The show effectively incorporates an investigative angle, keeping the viewers engaged and intrigued throughout. 

Hansal Mehta touches on the underbelly of the crime world and the police’s involvement in the same. It is understandable why he didn’t go deeper into the wormhole to uncover bigger issues.

Mehta’s direction elevates the series. His presentation of drama hits you at the right place. In fact, it reminded me of Scam 1992.

Image Credits: Netflix

Furthermore, the background score enhances the viewing experience, effectively building tension and adding to the overall atmosphere of the show.

Scoop has a well-maintained pace, ensuring that the story unfolds at a steady and gripping speed. 

It keeps the audience invested in the narrative, especially post the second episode. I began streaming Scoop around midnight and couldn’t stop at the halfway stage.

The emotional setup of the series is another commendable aspect. The end credits, in particular, are emotionally disturbing, as they highlight the plight of journalists in India. 

With over 100 journalists reportedly killed, arrested, or missing since 2000, the series brings attention to a pressing issue that is often overlooked in mainstream media.

One of the significant strengths of Scoop is its connection to real-life events. The fact that the series draws inspiration from the book “Behind Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison” authored by Jigna Vora adds authenticity and depth to the story.

On many occasions, you feel connected to the plot. The main protagonist makes a place in your heart without ever forcing herself in.

Also, the show allows viewers to gain insight into the challenges faced by journalists, the dangers they encounter, and the often-ignored sacrifices they make in their pursuit of truth.

What pinches me more is the fact that none of these events are ever a part of the discussion in today’s mainstream media.

How are the Performances?

Karishma Tanna plays the lead role of Jagruti Pathak in Scoop. Her calm and composed demeanor pull the audience together.

She effectively portrays the fearlessness and maturity of an undiluted journalist. Tanna’s performance showcases her ability to convey emotions convincingly, capturing the complexities of Jagruti’s journey.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, known for his versatile acting skills, impresses once again with his depiction of Imran. 

Ayyub’s rough countenance and upright character sketch bring depth and authenticity to the role. His presence on screen adds weight to the narrative, while his acting prowess takes Scoop a notch higher.

Image Credits: Netflix

Harman Baweja, who makes a comeback to the screen after a long time, delivers a noteworthy outing as Shroff. 

Despite the hiatus, Baweja does not disappoint and effectively portrays a cop. He adds value to the overall ensemble cast, contributing to the series’ engaging storytelling.

Deven Bhojani’s brilliance is another positive takeaway from this Netflix series. I just wish he had a meatier role to play. 

Additionally, Hansal Mehta himself makes a minor appearance in Scoop, keeping in line with all his directorial ventures.

What Doesn’t Work for Scoop?

I couldn’t find many wrongs in the series. However, some people may see the overbearing side of Scoop’s emotional aspect.

Though I loved Karishma Tanna in the show, there were certain places where I thought she could have been more realistic, specifically the scenes from inside the prison.

Is Scoop a Must-Watch Series?

Definitely, Hansal Mehta’s Scoop is one of the best real-life-based shows to have come out of India in recent times.


Is Scoop based on real life?

Yes, it is largely based on Jigna Vora’s life. She was a journalist who got arrested for the murder of Jyotirmoy Dey in 2011.

Jigna spent eight months in jail and was finally acquitted and pronounced not guilty in 2018. Who was at fault for sending her to jail is still an unresolved mystery.

Will there be a second season of Scoop (2023)?

Probably not. There is not much left to be explored in the story of Jigna Vora. Taking a fictional side and carrying forward the characters is possible though.

The makers can explore finding the truth behind Jigna’s arrest.

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