Germany is home to some incredible shows and no grudges that the first series I ever watched on Netflix originated from there.

Sleeping Dog is a new German creation, now streaming on Netflix. It is a crime thriller, aimed at being suspenseful and mysterious.

The show has six episodes with a considerable duration of almost six hours. How well does it perform? Read my Sleeping Dog review to find out.

Sleeping Dog Synopsis

An ex-police officer must fight his faint and intermittent memories to uncover the truth behind a high-profile murder he was in charge of months ago.

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Created by Noah Stollman and Oded Davidoff, Sleeping Dog stars Max Riemelt (Mike Atlas), Luise Von Finckh (Jule), Carlo Ljubek (Zari), Melika Foroutan, Peri Baumeister, Melodie Wakivuamina, Antonio Wannek, and others.

Sleeping Dog is based on the original series The Exchange Principle which was released in 2016.

What Works for Sleeping Dog?

While Sleeping Dog may not deliver an entirely satisfying premise, its storyline manages to be intricately plotted.

Seasoned viewers, however, might find the trail a little too easy-peasy at times. Nonetheless, the element of mystery and suspense remains one of the series’ strong suits.

The constant anticipation of uncovering the truth keeps the audience engaged and intrigued.

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One aspect that deserves praise is the progressive tempo of Sleeping Dog. Although the slow pace is a hindrance, the rising tempo gradually builds tension and heightens Sleeping Dog’s overall impact.

Don’t take me wrong, the pace is fine if you love slow-burning stories. It allows for the development of atmosphere and character, enhancing the viewing experience as the plot unfolds.

How are the Performances?

Max Riemelt’s portrayal of the main protagonist, Mike Atlas, is commendable. With a rough countenance and a commanding screen presence, Riemelt effortlessly captures the essence of his character.

Mike Atlas is a disturbed individual and Max beautifully brings him alive in Sleeping Dog.

Luise Von Finckh shines in her role as Jule, the rightful female lead in Sleeping Dog. She embodies a character who is both sharp and fragile, showcasing a range of emotions throughout the series.

Image Credits: Netflix

Her portrayal is convincing and draws the audience into Jule’s world, making her a memorable presence in the show.

Carlo Ljubek as Zari is subtly intense. You won’t see many expressions on his face. Still, the actor ensures nothing is left behind.

He is understated yet impactful, staying with you in the gray zone. Ljubek’s ability to convey emotions through restrained acting adds depth to Zari’s character and enhances the overall intrigue of the series.

What Doesn’t Work for Sleeping Dog?

The show is slow-moving. You might want to give up in the middle due to the dwindling pace of narration.

As I mentioned earlier, the tempo is progressive. So, the eventual outcome depends on whether you stick with Sleeping Dog till the end.

Moreover, the German series doesn’t entirely unravel the mysteries. Once the secrets are revealed towards the end, a flashback of all the crimes would have worked better.

How did it all happen? Who all were in connivance and to what degree? Answers to a few more questions would have given the show a much-needed closure.

It brings me to another worth mentioning point, the unintriguing climax of Sleeping Dog.

After investing time and attention in the series, you anticipate a climactic moment that will tie all loose ends together and deliver a satisfying resolution.

It happens, but not in a wholesome manner.

Should You Stream or Skip Sleeping Dog?

Well, it is dicey. The show has only six episodes but they are lengthy when seen together with the pace.

There is mystery and suspense, but the thrill is missing in Sleeping Dog.

Ultimately, Sleeping Dog remains a decent German crime drama, but it could have benefited from a more balanced pacing, and a more satisfying climax to fulfill its true potential.

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