Squared Love Everlasting (2023) Review Netflix: The Light-hearted Storyline Never Lets Boredom Set In

In the span of just a few days, I stumbled upon two movie franchises.

The first was 10 Days of a Bad Man, and the most recent one is Squared Love Everlasting, a part of the Squared Love franchise.

This Polish creation embarked on its journey in 2021 and has continued with two releases in 2023, forming a 3-film collection as of August 2023.

Squared Love Everlasting is a romantic comedy, intimate and emotional, with a runtime of approximately one hundred minutes. Here’s my review of the movie.

Squared Love Everlasting Synopsis

Monika and Enzo’s perfect love story seems to be heading towards a fairytale ending, but a bombshell revelation puts the brakes on their romance.

Image Credits: Netflix

Squared Love Everlasting is the third installment in the Squared Love franchise and carries forward the same characters from the previous films.

However, if you’re entering this world for the first time, you can still watch Squared Love Everlasting and enjoy the show.

Directed by Filip Zylber, Squared Love Everlasting stars Adrianna Chlebicka (Monika), Mateusz Banasiuk (Enzo), Miroslaw Baka (Ojciec), Helena Mazur (Ania), Krzysztof Czeczot (Jacek), and Ina Sobala (Ewa), among others.

What Works for Squared Love Everlasting?

The Polish film, being a romantic comedy, aces the conceptual foundation with a heartwarming idea. Mostly, what I have observed, the chronology in films falling in this genre is 90% the same.

There are two lovebirds, who face issues, and then eventually sort them out to lead a happy life.

Squared Love Everlasting is also crafted on similar lines. What’s different is its execution. The film is not ostentatious.

Despite you waiting for the same idea to hit again, it manages to add enjoyable flavors. Squared Love Everlasting never lets boredom set in.

Image Credits: Netflix

It envelops you in romance, love, jittery situations, and more. Furthermore, the light-hearted storyline propels the movie forward in the simplest of ways.

It flows freely, and the fact that it has its roots in previous installments only enhances the film’s appeal.

I hadn’t seen the first two movies of the franchise before, yet I didn’t feel like I was missing out on the plot.

When I later watched them to acquaint myself with the characters, my connection with the story only deepened.

Moreover, as Squared Love Everlasting is also a comedy, you might wonder if it has moments that tickle your funny bone. Let me address that.

This Polish movie offers engaging comedy that may not have you rolling on the floor with laughter but will ensure you’re smiling throughout the runtime.

It incorporates jokes and witty dialogues that induce genuine fun.

Another aspect I appreciated about Squared Love Everlasting is its focus on endearing moments of affection.

The film doesn’t rely on hatred or loathing to drive its narrative. Instead, it relies on genuine and relatable emotions to tell its story.

Thankfully, Squared Love Everlasting maintains a crisp duration, preventing any sense of dullness. Even an additional 10-15 minutes could have injected a dose of blandness.

How are the Performances?

Adrianna Chlebicka portrays Monika in Squared Love Everlasting.

She skillfully leverages her charming personality to enhance her acting prowess.

There’s never a void in her character portrayal. She exudes vibrancy, diligence, and precision in her on-screen craft.

Image Credits: Netflix

Mateusz Banasiuk’s rendition of Enzo is outstanding. The actor ensures that his quest for perfection provides Enzo with the platform to command the screen.

He is dynamic and astute in conveying the essence of the story to the audience. After watching Mateusz for a mere fifteen minutes, you’ll already have a grasp of his remarkable abilities.

What Doesn’t Work for Squared Love Everlasting?

For a short watch, Squared Love Everlasting does not carry significant drawbacks. It is consistent in dealing with the primary tale instead of meandering into different lanes.

Stream or Skip?

If you are looking for a rom-com to light up your day, Squared Love Everlasting should work for you.

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