If you work 9-5, the approach of summer is a harsh reminder that you’ll be stuck inside away from the bright sunshine. Or worse, you work in retail or hospitality and get customers telling you that it’s a beautiful day outside.  

Aside from quitting your job, a way to combat this lack of connection with the outdoors, you can bring nature into your home. Filling it with greenery and natural materials to revive your connection. This is particularly effective if you work from home, if not, then you’ll at least return home after work to a refreshing space! 


There’s a lot of science behind the benefits of walking barefoot in nature. It’s grounding and can help regulate your body. Think about walking on soil or grass and how comforting it can be in comparison to manufactured grounds like concrete. While you can’t exactly have grass in your home, you can try and mimic the effects by using natural materials for your floors such as bamboo, cork or wood flooring. 

You could take it a step further by incorporating parquet flooring into your home. Patterns like chevron and herringbone mimic patterns found in nature, which make it a suitable addition. Plus, the wood it’s made from is often cut-off pieces, aligning it with the eco-consciousness that often comes with nature-inspired designs.  

Colour Palette, Prints and Patterns 

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to incorporate nature into your home is through the use of colours, prints and patterns. You can use botanical prints to decorate your walls or floral patterns for your curtains. Don’t forget about cushions and blankets, which you can infuse with nature-inspired features. 

Spread an earthy palette throughout your home. Think about greens, browns and beiges; colours that create a calming and grounding mood. Then consider how you can infuse them into your home – artwork, textiles, furniture, etc.  


If you want to embrace the outdoors whilst your stuck inside, you need to keep your windows unobstructed and clear. Letting daylight shine through, brightening your space. Consider exchanging heavy curtains for sheer and light ones, which will flow gently with a slight breeze. Creating a picture-perfect aesthetic.  


Where possible, natural materials are a go-to for nature-inspired aesthetics. You want to surround yourself with wooden furniture and stone countertops like granite or marble as well as rattan and wicker materials. These create a relaxed and outdoorsy vibe throughout your home. The texture also adds a tactile appeal! 

With your furniture, you should try and keep an open-plan layout. This will create a visual flow as well as spaciousness. You’ll be able to move around easily and won’t feel cramped or trapped inside. Instead, the openness will remind you of the freedom nature has to offer.  


Décor offers many ways to incorporate nature into your home.  

You can quite literally decorate with greenery. From potted plants, hanging plants and succulents to living walls and small herb gardens in your kitchen. There are many ways to fill your space with life, which then helps to promote healthy and clean indoor air quality. 

Consider hanging nature-inspired artwork or photographs. Think about natural landscapes, flora and fauna. Include mementoes from trips into the wild; seashells, driftwood, stones and so on; bringing you a sense of nostalgia with every glimpse of the natural accents.  

Another way to bring nature inside would be through scents. Using candles and diffusers, you can infuse your home with fragrances like pine, cut grass or rain. Invoking a sense of being in nature. You could even choose something more floral, transporting you to meadows and fields full of flowers.  

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