Netflix is continually raising the bar with new shows from various regions, and The Chosen One is another fresh series from Mexico in pursuit of that goal.

This fantasy drama aims to take viewers on an intriguing journey, as suggested by its title. However, judging a book by its cover alone can prevent us from seeing the full picture.

The series is touted as gritty, provocative, and intimate, spanning six episodes with an approximate duration of over four hours.

The Chosen One Synopsis

Jodie is born with special powers that can alter the course of time, though he remains unaware of them.

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However, his miraculous escape from a deadly road accident thrusts Jodie into the spotlight, causing the entire town to treat him as the messenger of Jesus.

Based on the graphic novel American Jesus by Mark Millar and Peter Gross, The Chosen One stars Bobby Luhnow (Jodie), Dianna Agron (Sarah), Lilith Curiel (Magda), Juanito Anguamea (Tuka), Jorge Javier Arballo (Hipolito), and Alberto Perez-Jacome (Wagner), among others in lead roles.

The Chosen One: Positives

The concept of The Chosen One feels fresh, even though such stories are highly popular in Asian countries.

We often encounter tales of ordinary people becoming saints through their extraordinary powers. However, The Chosen One manages to craft a unique outline for this familiar theme.

The push to save the world is not brought in hastily. First, the background sets in, then the buildup arrives, after which you have a gradual upending of the narration.

El Elegido S1. Bobby Luhnow in El Elegido. Cr. Carla Danieli/Netflix © 2023

Surely, the last part is contentious on several grounds, but again, as I said, the attempted execution should be appreciated.

Furthermore, the dark ambiance of The Chosen One emerges at precisely the right time, aligning perfectly with the storytelling approach in the final two episodes.

At a certain point in the show, the prominence of this gloomy setting becomes so intense that its mental effects feel truly catastrophic.

How are the Performances?

The entire cast, predominantly led by teenage children, delivers stupendous performances.

Bobby Luhnow, who portrays the titular character Jodie in The Chosen One, brings an amiable screen presence that enhances the series.

His restrained demeanor significantly contributes to the show’s impact.

Dianna Agron, as Sarah, initially anchors the show before her presence diminishes.

Nevertheless, Agron skillfully establishes her character in a story centered around a single individual.

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Lilith Curiel, in her role as Magda, displays sharp emotional awareness and an intuitive acting skillset.

Juanito Anguamea (Tuka), Jorge Javier Arballo (Hipolito), and Alberto Perez-Jacome (Wagner) also showcase their brilliant art work.

Together, they form a formidable ensemble, adding a poignant touch to the various emotional twists in The Chosen One.

The Chosen One: Downsides

One of the show’s significant drawbacks, in my opinion, is its storyline. Don’t get me wrong; it starts off brilliantly.

The initial idea is intriguing, but because the title hints at potential story elements, audience expectations are raised.

However, when the outcome doesn’t live up to those high expectations, the overall experience takes a downward turn.

There are moments in the story where I felt things could have been elevated further, especially after key revelations.

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Unfortunately, The Chosen One seems uncertain about its direction from that point onwards, relying on unhelpful flashbacks that fail to add value to the narrative.

Additionally, the series hits a dull patch in its middle phase, becoming unexciting. Even at normal playback speed, it might give you more reasons to stop watching than to continue streaming.

The slow pace doesn’t align well with the series’ relatively short length of only six episodes. It’s more about how long the story feels than its actual duration.

What could have been done with half an hour less has been stretched unnecessarily, probably to shape the ambiance.

Stream or Skip?

After a long time, here is a series I wouldn’t recommend for you to watch. However, I encourage you to consider the positives and decide for yourself.

If the aspects mentioned here resonate with you, then by all means, give it a try.

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