The Green Glove Gang Review Netflix: Crime and Comedy are Both Below Average

Criminal comedies can do wonders if done well. They can be lively and tempting at the same time. Moreover, such creations don’t have to bother about seriousness or characterization as they are mostly unhinged. A Private Affair is a recent example of how a great blend of fun and mystery can work out.

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The Green Glove Gang is a new Netflix series from Poland. It has eight episodes with an approximate duration of three and a half hours. Moreover, it is a Crime TV Show having wit and humor at its core.

Here’s my review of the series to help you make a wise streaming decision.

The Green Glove Gang Review Summary

Lacking essential elements of a crime-comedy, The Green Glove Gang is mostly a non-starter. There are not enough laughs and neither any thrills.

Keep reading my The Green Glove Gang review to find out what exactly is off about this Polish series.

The Green Glove Gang Synopsis

A gang of three women is on the loose. They rob in a team and leave a green glove as their trademark. When the police try to close in on them, the Green Glove Gang hatches a plan to hide in a shelter home for the elderly. Will they survive, or is it their time to fall?

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Directed by Tadeusz Sliwa, The Green Glove Gang stars Magdalena Kuta (Zuzanna), Malgorzata Potocka (Kinga), Anna Romantowska (Alicja), Beata Bandurska (Marzena), Miroslaw Zbrojewicz (Alfred), Karolina Rzepa (Gujska), and Andrzej Grabowski (Igor), among others.

What Works for The Green Glove Gang?

Promising Start

The show begins well and hooks you to a great extent. It throws interesting details about the characters and gives birth to an intriguing premise. Additionally, you’ll love the bonding between the leading ladies.

Culmination of the Storyline

If you remove the middle part from The Green Glove Gang, the series becomes much more lovable. It has the start in its favor, and how all the ingredients of the story work together to produce a decent product works well. Though, in totality, the storyline is average, if not poor.


Magdalena Kuta plays Zuzanna and excels with an intelligent demeanor in The Green Glove Gang. She aces heavy scenes and denounces the generalized forms of on-screen acts. Malgorzata Potocka as Kinga is bold and loud in The Green Glove Gang. The actress infuses strands of wit in her character to prevent things from getting dull.

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Anna Romantowska’s mystically charming display as Alicja adds flavor to The Green Glove Gang. Her presence is unassuming but impactful. Furthermore, Beata Bandurska shines in a negative role as Marzena. Some of the funny scenes involving her extract laughter.

Karolina Rzepa, as Gujska, balances the fierceness of a cop with a blanket of humor. Though her character needed more screen time, I feel that was not possible because the makers had to give the three ladies the upper hand.

Everybody else has done well in The Green Glove Gang.

What Doesn’t Work for The Green Glove Gang?


Unfortunately, the screenplay of The Green Glove Gang is confusing and dreary. Instead of intrigue, it creates unnecessary hype around mysteries. The way the series began instilled hope in me, but the sudden emphasis on suspense took it down south. I can understand the makers wanted to have interludes, but they didn’t have to be pretentious.


The absence of depth in the tale makes The Green Glove Gang insignificant. Also, it is not sure whether it wants to have more criminal antecedents, comic presentations, or a balance between the two.

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The lead characters make relationships with people at the old-age home, but you never feel a connection between them. A setup or some intimate conversations were needed to kickstart an affectionate association.

In general, you will never want to die for someone unless you share a bond. When this premise is to be presented on the screen, it is the viewer who must feel connected to the characters. The Green Glove Gang cannot arouse an emotional feeling of alliance between the audience and the characters, thereby failing to set things up.


The Green Glove Gang is a mixture of comedy and crime, an exciting combo. However, both ideas are mostly banal in the series. Yes, the show has its moments, but for a series that is not too long in length, you would expect more allure. If anything, I had never thought The Green Glove Gang would be dull and bland; but I was wrong.

Final Word

The promises are many, but the deliverables are very few in The Green Glove Gang. Therefore, I will not suggest you watch it. The only thing that would make me say otherwise is its duration.

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