Sweden’s flourishing creative fiction scene has brought forth yet another gem to Netflix. 

Not too long ago, The Conference graced our screens, and now, following in its footsteps, Tore emerges as the latest addition to the Scandinavian series repertoire vying for your attention.

Tore is a heartfelt and unconventional drama that delves into the profound struggle of a young individual grappling with a significant loss. 

With a concise six-episode run spanning a total of three hours, it offers an opportunity for introspection and contemplation.

Here is my review that will give you some food for thought before sitting for a binge-watching session.

Tore Series Synopsis

27 and yet to explore the outside world, Tore suffers a major loss in his father’s demise. But he doesn’t cry or give a damn and goes on with life as usual.

Image Credits: Netflix

Created by William Spetz, Tore has been directed by Erika Calmeyer. 

It stars William Spetz (Tore), Sanna Sundqvist (Linn), Hannes Fohlin (Erik), Lotta Tejle (Ulla), Per Svensson (Per), Peter Haber (Bosse), and others.

What Works for Tore?

The reflection of reality is the backbone of the show. It understands the emotional depth of Tore, a 27-year-old, who has a lot going on.

Losing his father, he avoids accepting the grief. Instead, goes on to fight it.

As a result, Tore finds himself at odds with everyone around him.

However, none of it actually becomes part of his outward communication, which stays almost friendly to everyone (except her only friend, of course).

The sorrow grows inside him and reaches its peak, eventually resulting in mammoth physical and mental pain.

Image Credits: Netflix

Now, while the fiasco is ongoing, the creators aptly describe the protagonist’s actions.

They depict the protagonist’s actions without adding artificial realizations or a sudden surge of maturity. 

Tore’s character retains its genuine naiveté, mirroring the complexities of real life. 

There’s no overnight transformation or a profound learning curve through tragedy to become a better person.

His flaws are boldly on display, inviting viewers to question and even become frustrated with his predicaments. 

This unapologetic display of imperfections adds a distinctive and authentic touch to the narrative, making it offbeat and more satisfying.

Initially, it might come as a strange beat to appreciate. But the minute you start accepting, things fall into place. 

Image Credits: Netflix

Tore’s storyline has a proper balance of emotions and joyful adventures.

But it is the unspoken emptiness you will connect with the most.

Without a group of friends or a plethora of attempts at loudness, it is astounding to see Tore bring an equally impactful experience for viewers.

Moreover, the pace of the series is brisk, in consonance with sort of a colorful ambiance amidst a tragic backdrop.

Tore gets its heartfelt vibes from music and camaraderie, both of which don’t feel stuffed, thanks to a very concise runtime.

Some soothing melodies play in the background, especially towards the end.

Remember to Remember Me finds a place in the soundtrack. Also, When I think of Home settles well with the environment.

How are the Performances?

The creator of the series, William Spetz, also plays the titular character, Tore. Since the show is all about him, everything he does becomes important.

From utterances to screen maneuvering, Spetz turns into gold whatever he touches. His vulnerable diction accentuates the character’s significance.

Additionally, even in the absence of ostentatious emotional breakdowns, Spetz springs you into sentiments whenever needed.

Image Credits: Netflix

Sanna Sundqvist as Linn impresses with her stealthy presence on the screen. As a supportive friend, Linn tries to be there for Tore, an act of strength we all can relate to.

She is bold, unabridged, and relies more on pictorial integrity. It makes her appear intricately amusing. 

Hannes Fohlin as Erik is nonchalant most of the time. His expressions are charming while Fohlin’s dialogue delivery soothes your soul.

What Doesn’t Work for Tore?

We never get to witness the childhood conditioning of Tore. His past life would have added a lot more depth to the already amazing character.

Maybe, a look at his father’s past would have been a good idea too. 

Apart from this, Tore delivers what it promises initially.

Should You Watch Tore?

Yes, it is a crisply written tale that deserves your attention.

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