Upma Recipe: South Indian Delicacy

Walk inside any Indian household in the morning, and you’d most probably find them having Upma in breakfast. The delicacy’s roots lie in the southern parts of India. But, over time, it has traveled the entire country. There’s hardly a corner in India where Upma is not known.

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Earlier, it used to be enjoyed with tea as a complementary snack. However, Upma has grown to have an identity of its own. The dish’s popularity has grown immensely in North India too. 

Here is an easy recipe to make Upma at home. As you know, food doesn’t care about borders. Hence, it doesn’t matter which country you are in. Just grab the ingredients, turn on the stove, and wear the chef’s hat.

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INGREDIENTS for Upma Recipe

Note: I have provided links to the ingredients from brands I prefer; however, you may go for a different brand according to your preferences.

1. Semolina (Sooji): 2 cups (Regular Tea cup has been used for measurement)

2. Mustard seeds: Half tsp

3. Curry leaves (Please avoid if not available): 7-8 small leaves

4. Soaked Split Chickpeas Lentil (Chana Dal): 2 tsp 

5. Garlic: 3 pieces (finely chopped)

6. Ginger: Finely chopped 1 tsp

7. Onion: 1 medium size (finely chopped)

8. Green Chilies: As per taste

9. Green Peas (Please avoid if not available): Half cup

10. Salt: As per taste

11. Plain Water: 3-4 cups

12. Mustard Oil: 4-5 tbsp

METHOD for Upma Recipe

1. First, you must roast the Semolina (Sooji) if you are using a non-roasted one.

2. Take a pan and keep it on medium flame. Add 2 cups of semolina and keep stirring until it becomes light brown in color.

Roast the Semolina (Sooji)

3. Now, again take a clean and dry pan. Keep it on the gas stove on medium flame. Add some mustard oil and heat it.

4. Once you see the smoke coming out, that means it’s heated. Now put some mustard seeds into the pan.

5. Once the seeds start spluttering, add finely chopped ginger & garlic. Stir till they become light brown in color.

6. Now add curry leaves, finely chopped onion, split chickpeas & green peas. Keep stirring it in between till the onions turn golden brown in color.

7. You can now add some water (Half cup) and give it a boil on high flame. Then slow down the flame. It will help green peas soften fast and take around 5 mins. Make sure that the onion doesn’t get burnt.

8. Now add the roasted semolina & salt and give it a nice mix. Start adding water slowly while mixing it. Don’t add all the water in one go. 

9. Cover the pan and let it cook on low flame for 5 mins.

Now you can serve your hot and tasty Upma in morning or evening breakfast.

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Tips & tricks for beginners:

  1. Always keep yourself distant after adding mustard seeds because they splutter and may fall on you.
  2. This dish does not need lots of water, so the process of adding water should be slow. It will help you to see if it needs more or not. If you add more water, it will become sticky and won’t taste good.
  3. While cooking peas, you can add some more spoons of water if required. If you want to make it quick, you can use boiled green peas or avoid using them altogether.
  4. Keep the split chickpeas (Chana daal) in water for around 4-5 hours (to make them soft) before using them.

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