Two of India’s most talented superstars, one of them coming back to the big screen after almost three years, joining for an action-packed film is a rare sight. However, Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan have initiated the feast.

The trailer of Vikram Vedha promised action and a fierce face-off between Saif and Hrithik. However, the songs of the film could not generate the required hype for the initial take-off at the box office. But as they say, it is the word of mouth that matters eventually.

Remake of a Tamil film by the same name that released in 2017, Vikram Vedha has managed to be seen like a potential winner before its eventual showcasing. Moreover, the film’s pre-release screenings for major critics had garnered positive responses.

Here’s my Vikram Vedha review to provide you a clearer picture of how the Hindi film fares.

Vikram Vedha Review Summary

A scarce sight in Hindi Cinema, Vikram Vedha produces an engrossing blend of story and action. It is an actioner that won’t let you complain: “the script let it down.”

Keep reading my Vikram Vedha review to know more about the things that work and those that don’t for the film.

Vikram Vedha Synopsis

Vikram, an encounter specialist, is on the quest to catching Vedha, a dreaded criminal. Their paths cross but not in a way you would have imagined. Vikram Vedha explores a story outlining the slight difference between the good and the evil. The perspective you choose, defines you.

Written and directed by Pushkar and Gayatri, Vikram Vedha stars Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte (Priya), Rohit Saraf (Shatak), Satyadeep Mishra (Abbas), and Sharib Hashmi (Bablu), among others in lead roles.

What Works for Vikram Vedha?


Vikram Vedha has a story that’ll keep you hooked throughout your stay in the cinema hall. The backstory, the flashbacks, and, more importantly, the theme of a chase between an upright cop and a deadly gangster are ferociously put together.

From the outset, the story gives a massy vibe but I think it has the potential to be liked by one and all, given that you are ready to manage some of its drawbacks.

I felt that the script is the best part of Vikram Vedha. Yes, it is a remake, they still had to adapt it in the Hindi context. You will thoroughly enjoy the film’s story.


Here lies the strength of Vikram Vedha. It has been plotted compellingly, making the viewer stay on the outer half of the seat, if not the edge. Thanks to the placement of the story, intrigue becomes a primary part of Vikram Vedha.


There are some mysteries accompanying the theme of distinguishing between the good and the evil that allow Vikram Vedha to grow. The story throws open many puzzles and completes them in due time. As a viewer, when you are awaiting a particular thing to unfold on the big screen, you already have a vision or conclusion.

However, Vikram Vedha will surprise you, especially with its ending. For a movie buff, it might appear a tad predictable but that’s only a possibility.

Action Sequences

When you have Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, an action-packed product is guaranteed. Their one-to-one encounters are to die for and even when they are fighting others, they skillfully blend aggression with power.

The duo’s onscreen chemistry is phenomenal.

On the technical front, the action scenes of Vikram Vedha have been shot immaculately by the people behind the lens. The finesse in camera angles, movements, and video effects is visible on the screen.

Twists and Turns

There are ample twists and turn in Vikram Vedha. As a result, the movie never becomes dull or slow. Most of the meanders feel authentic. Only one or two twists were superficial, in my opinion. Additionally, the lack of fluffy songs makes things even better for Vikram Vedha.

Background Music

Vikram Vedha’s background score is exhilarating. It provokes you and glues you to the screen. Specifically, the theme music of the film is invigorating. It reminded me of Kabir Singh’s core tempo.


Hrithik Roshan is a superior actor who can spring surprises at any time. Interestingly, his last silver screen affair, War, was also high on action. In Vikram Vedha, Hrithik further explores his gray side and mixes it with a tinch of alluring sweetness. The charm he brings to the screen is beyond belief. Moreover, Roshan’s rough, intense, and massy avatar is more than enough to carry Vikram Vedha into the right direction.

Added to the pluses of the film is Hrithik’s hold over dialogues and vocal intonations, which he combines sumptuously with sharp expressions. From a charismatic mien to swift body movements, Roshan virtuously aces all the elements. His entry in Vikram Vedha feels like a climax; you don’t see such perfection regularly.

Saif Ali Khan has some sort of magnetic energy associated to him that you can sense during crunch moments. You start feeling his absence, get greedy for more of him, and wish him to continue being the fierce opponent. Saif is as rough and raw as it can get for a police officer in Vikram Vedha. Hrithik might attract the limelight but the fierce Saif Ali Khan stole the show.

Radhika Apte, as Priya, is quite layered in Vikram Vedha. In one scene she is calm and composed and in the next, she bursts into anger. I watched her on the big screen after a long time and Apte has only improved in every aspect of onscreen performance.

Sharib Hashmi in a negative role is rare but then we are already talking about uncommon things here. The Family Man actor brought a composure of steel in Vikram Vedha. He delivers on all fronts and offers you a savory outing as Bablu. Hashmi’s hold on the Bihari/UP accent is so natural that you will feel that it’s a regular thing for him.

Satyadeep Mishra plays Abbas in Vikram Vedha and comes across as a calm and reserved character. However, his significance remains high in the plot. The actor utilizes the opportunity of grabbing a big film and leaves a deep impact with his performance.

What Doesn’t Work for Vikram Vedha?

Plain and Blank Moments

There are a few ordinary moments in Vikram Vedha that hold you back and work against the run of play. Moreover, I also feel the initial setup will test the audience’s patience when looked alongside the film’s duration.

Final Word

Barring a few glitches, Vikram Vedha succeeds in delivering a fulfilling outing. You can spend your money on it; specifically, for the storyline. Furthermore, it is a bit on the massy side.



Is Vikram Vedha (Hindi) an original story?

No, it is remake of a Tamil film by the same name that released in 2017.

Where was Vikram Vedha shot?

A major part of Vikram Vedha is shot in Abu Dhabi.

Vikram Vedha 2022 Ending Explained.

As you must have seen, towards the end of Vikram Vedha, Vikram discovers the connivance of his own teammates in the murder of Abbas. He also finds out that they were working for Bablu for greed and wealth accumulation.

If you’re wondering how did Vikram find out the reason behind Abbas’ death, it happens with the help of Veda’s storytelling at the end of which he leaves a clue for Vikram.

Just when Vikram is about to capture the IG, Deepak, the new guy, comes into the scene and fires at him. However, Vedha arrives in due time and saves Vikram from getting injured. After the incident, a long fight sequence is shown where both Vikram and Vedha battle against the police officers as a team.

When everyone is dealt with in the end and Vikram kills the IG, Vedha cracks a few jokes to lighten the environment. However, soon after we see both of them holding a gun against each other.

So, who dies among Vikram and Vedha? No one does, at least according to what is shown in the final sequence of the film. Even the original film had a similar ending and the makers didn’t reveal if anyone fired the shot eventually.

Therefore, both Vikram and Vedha are alive, probably awaiting Vikram Vedha 2, which I don’t think will be made. Why? Because five years have passed since the Tamil film released and no news of Vikram Vedha 2 is there.

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