Maestro In Blue Netflix Series Review

Maestro in Blue turns a simple idea into a fascinating plot with a conscious screenplay. It doesn’t stray from the prime idea of drama and romance.

Unfulfilled love brings a lot of nostalgia from within the storyline, triggering emotions on a large scale.

The crisp storyline never feels vague. The alternate maneuvers between enigma and romance allow Maestro in Blue to create its own unique path to the conclusion.

The screenplay is enjoyable. It rides on human emotions, hardships, and the fragilities we all endure in our tedious lives.

Maestro in Blue specifically uses music to introduce sentiments. And, as I said earlier, the nostalgic vibes are furthered by songs used in the series.

Christoforos Papakaliatis plays the titular role of Orestis. Interestingly, he is also the show’s director.