Rocket Boys Season 2 Review

Rocket Boys season 2 demands your attention from the very first frame, much like the initial season. Often it happens that sequels don’t get it right, but Rocket Boys is different.

The show continues the glory it achieved in the first season. Online debates and opinions swarmed social media last year and I don’t think it would be any different this time around.

Unlike most of the shows, Rocket Boys doesn’t hold back from touching political elements. A reason for this could be that the current party in power in India would not have objections to the same.

Moreover, thrill and suspense once again hook you diligently to the screen. I honestly thought some characters had reached their saturation point in the first season.

The show’s execution is fascinating. How the makers have added fictional surprises into the plot ensures a captivating display throughout.

Maybe, the conspiracy theories using Raza and Mathur should not have been extended beyond a certain point.