Delete, the recently released Thai series, has taken viewers on a thrilling rollercoaster ride filled with twists, mysteries, and shocking revelations.

As the final episode unfolded on Netflix, we were left on the edge of our seats with an intense cliffhanger that left us yearning for more.

Will Lilly survive? What happens to the phone? Will Aim come back? What about those who came back?

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Ever since I finished watching Delete, these questions continued hovering around me.

As a result, I decided to come up with a blog, delving into the enigmatic ending of Delete and speculating on the future of Lilly’s fate.

**Spoilers ahead**

Unresolved Questions

The conclusion of Delete left us with a multitude of mysteries, particularly surrounding the character of Lilly.

After escaping from the clutches of Yuttachai and witnessing the dark secret hidden in Too’s basement, Lilly finds herself in a precarious situation.

The final episode ends without revealing whether she is discovered by Too or manages to remain hidden. This leaves us eagerly wondering about her fate and the consequences she may face.

The Complex Web of Secrets

Throughout the series, secrets have played a pivotal role in driving the narrative forward. From Lilly’s affair with Aim to Too’s involvement in the mysterious disappearances, Delete thrives on its intricate web of hidden truths.

Lilly’s discovery of the room filled with corpses in Too’s father’s basement adds another layer of complexity to the story.

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Will Lilly confront Too about what she witnessed? How will this revelation impact their relationship? Wait wait wait… all of this can happen only if Lilly survives at the hands of Too.

Remember that he has heard some noise coming from the crate before the first season of Delete ended.

These unresolved secrets set the stage for a tantalizing Delete season 2.

Exploring Lilly’s Resilience

Lilly’s character has evolved significantly throughout the series, transforming from a woman contemplating erasing her husband to a survivor fighting for her life.

Her resilience and determination are evident in her escape from Yuttachai’s clutches. As we discuss her future, we can’t help but wonder how she will navigate the treacherous path ahead.

Will she confront the dark family secret she uncovered? Will she seek justice for the girls whose bodies were hidden away? Lilly’s journey promises to be one filled with obstacles and personal growth.

The Potential Second Season

The open-ended nature of Delete’s finale leaves the door wide open for a second season.

With Lilly’s fate hanging in the balance, a continuation of the story would allow us to witness the aftermath of her discoveries and delve deeper into the consequences of the phone’s power.

But, as of now, there is no clarity whether the series has been renewed by Netflix.

What might happen to Lilly in Delete Season 2?

She dies

This is the worst-case scenario. If Lilly were to meet a tragic end, it would effectively mean the conclusion of the show.

With no one else aware of Too’s role in Aim’s disappearance, the absence of Lilly would eliminate the central conflict and narrative drive.

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Furthermore, introducing new characters for a potential second season would present constraints in terms of budget and storyline, making it unlikely for the series to continue without Lilly.

I have mentioned this at the top just so the other points could come out independently without considering this fact.

Lilly Exposes Too’s Family

One possible direction for Lilly’s character in the Delete season 2 could be her escape from the clutches of Too’s family and her subsequent mission to expose their dark secrets.

As a prominent family, the effects of her revelations would be devastating, unraveling their carefully constructed façade and creating intense conflict within the storyline.

Too Disappears

A captivating twist could occur if, by some stroke of luck, the phone slips from Too’s hands, causing him to unintentionally capture his own image.

If Too were to disappear, Aim would return, leading to a dramatic shift in dynamics and renewed hope for Lilly’s future.

This unexpected turn of events would inject fresh energy into the narrative, allowing for new storylines to unfold.

Aim Saves Lilly

A dramatic twist in the tale could involve Aim discovering a new dimension to the power of the Delete phone.

Perhaps there is a hidden capability that allows disappeared individuals to return when certain conditions are met.

If Aim were to find a way to save Lilly and bring her back from deletion, it would add layers of complexity to their relationship and challenge the boundaries of the show’s supernatural elements.

Lilly’s Secret Weapon

Throughout Delete, Lilly’s paintings hold a mysterious connection to the events unfolding around the phone’s power.

Image Credits: Netflix

It is unclear whether these paintings are mere coincidences or if they hold a deeper significance. In Delete season 2, exploring the origins of the phone and unveiling the true nature of Lilly’s artistic talent could provide a compelling storyline.

Her paintings may serve as a secret weapon, offering clues or even the means to counteract the phone’s effects.

The possibilities are endless, and the speculation fuels our anticipation for what lies ahead.

Final Word

As we ponder the potential future of Lilly in Delete Season 2, these diverse scenarios present exciting avenues for character development and storytelling.

The cliffhanger ending of Delete leaves us craving more, eager to discover the fate of Lilly and the resolution of the tangled web of secrets that have enveloped the characters.

A potential second season holds the promise of further exploration into the consequences of their actions and the unveiling of hidden truths.

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