Ever since Bloodhounds debuted on Netflix earlier this month, people are both excited and confused.

Excited because of the show’s supreme action scenes and confused due to the sudden shift in narration after a point.

But the biggest question on everybody’s minds is Why Bloodhounds Doesn’t Have a Romantic Subplot?

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In the 21st century, for an eight-hour-long series, it is unimaginable to not have a love story.

 I don’t remember when was the last time it happened. Please enlighten me in the comments section.

Nevertheless, coming back to the question about the lack of a romantic subplot in this South Korean show, I will give you a definite answer putting your doubts to rest.

Was There a Chance of a Love Story in Bloodhounds?

Of course, there was.

As we embarked on the gripping journey of Bloodhounds, we couldn’t help but notice the intriguing chemistry between the characters played by Kim Sae Ron and Woo Do-Hwan.

However, as the series progressed, their connection was abruptly cut short, leaving us wondering why the anticipated love story never came to fruition. So, let’s unravel the mystery together.

Kim Sae Ron’s Unfortunate Incident

To truly comprehend the absence of a romantic subplot in Bloodhounds, we need to shed light on an unfortunate incident involving actress Kim Sae Ron.

In May 2022, news broke that she had been involved in a car accident in Seoul’s Gangnam district, causing damage to various structures.

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Investigations revealed that Kim Sae Ron was driving under the influence at the time. The incident led to drunk driving charges and heightened public scrutiny of the actress.

Implications for Bloodhounds

At the time of the incident, Bloodhounds was already well into production. However, in the wake of the controversy surrounding Kim Sae Ron, the creators faced a challenging dilemma.

To mitigate potential discomfort among viewers, they made the difficult decision to minimize the actress’s presence in the series.

Consequently, her character in the show makes an abrupt exit, leaving behind an undeniable void.

The Director’s Perspective

During a recent press conference, the director of Bloodhounds shed light on the behind-the-scenes decision-making process.

In an effort to maintain the drama’s quality while minimizing Kim Sae Ron’s appearance, the director stated, “we tried our best to decrease the viewer’s discomfort and increase the overall quality of the drama.”

It was a delicate balancing act, aiming to deliver a compelling story without compromising the audience’s engagement.

A Lost Love Story

If you recall the moments leading up to Kim Sae Ron’s departure, it becomes evident that the groundwork was laid for a potential love story between her character and Woo Do-Hwan’s.

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Their on-screen chemistry teased a deep connection waiting to blossom. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances surrounding Kim Sae Ron, the opportunity to explore their relationship was abruptly cut short.

The makers never got the chance to bring them closer, as they had intended from the moment the two characters first crossed paths.

The Impact on Bloodhounds

The absence of a romantic subplot in Bloodhounds undoubtedly altered the dynamics of the series.

While some viewers might have anticipated a heartfelt love story to unfold, the narrative took an unexpected turn.

However, this diversion allowed the show to maintain its focus on the main storyline, showcasing the grit and determination of the characters as they faced formidable challenges.

It also presented an opportunity to delve deeper into themes of friendship, loyalty, and personal growth, enriching the overall viewing experience.

Blessing in Disguise, anyone?

A Refreshing Departure

Despite the absence of a romantic subplot, Bloodhounds managed to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling, breathtaking action sequences, and emotionally charged performances.

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By deviating from the typical formula of intertwining romance, the series offered a refreshing departure from the norm.

It dared to prioritize the core narrative, allowing viewers to become deeply invested in the characters’ individual journeys rather than their romantic entanglements.


The unfortunate incident involving Kim Sae Ron cast a shadow over the series, leading to her character’s untimely exit.

However, this unforeseen turn of events allowed the show to explore different themes and focus on other characters’ personal growth and resilience.

Ultimately, Bloodhounds proved that even without a traditional love story, it could captivate audiences with its intense action, genuine emotions, and a riveting narrative.

While the absence of a romantic subplot may have left us longing for more, it also served as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the creators.

As we bid adieu to the world of Bloodhounds, let’s cherish the unforgettable moments and eagerly await future Korean gems that are bound to leave us spellbound.

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