2024 is an exciting time for weed in Canada, with the scene growing bigger and better than ever. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been enjoying cannabis for years, there’s a huge variety of strains waiting for you, each with its special vibe and benefits. 

This guide is here to walk you through Canada’s best cannabis strains. We’re keeping it simple and fun, aiming to show you what’s hot in the Canadian weed world right now. If you’re hunting for top-notch weed, Save On Greens is a great spot to check out, offering all sorts of high-quality options for everyone.

Why Canada’s Online Weed Shops Are Awesome

  1. Super Convenient: Buying weed in Canada is a breeze. You can find all kinds of strains, from hard-to-get indicas to popular sativas and everything in between, all without leaving your house. Just click, buy, and wait for your cheap weed to arrive at your door.
  2. Lots of Choices: The legal weed market in Canada is all about variety, giving you plenty of options to find exactly what you’re looking for. 2024 has brought us some cool new strains with more potent effects, interesting smells, and specific vibes for chilling out, getting creative, or boosting your energy. No matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s a strain that’s just right.
  3. Private and Easy to Get: Online shops are great for keeping things down low, with discreet packaging and privacy-focused service. This means incredible weed is just a click away for everyone across Canada, no matter where you live or what local shops have in stock.
  4. Great Deals: With so many online dispensaries competing, you will find good prices, discounts, and loyalty perks. You can take your time to browse, compare, and find the best bang for your buck on high-quality weed.
  5. Know What You’re Getting: Nowadays, buyers are super informed thanks to detailed product info, test results, and reviews online. This means you can get to know the strains you’re interested in, from where they come from to how they’ll make you feel.

What’s Trending in Canadian Weed

Looking at what people are buying and enjoying, it’s clear that Canadians love strains that not only get you high but also smell great and offer both fun and therapeutic benefits. Easing stress, managing pain, and helping with sleep are big pluses.

Feedback and repeat buys show that people are really happy with the quality and reliability of the strains available. This shows a growing trust in Canada’s weed scene, thanks to the hard work of growers and sellers who ensure they’re offering the best stuff.

The weed game in Canada isn’t just about smoking anymore. Edibles, concentrates, and creams are all part of the mix, giving you tons of ways to enjoy cannabis in line with what you like.

Top Strains to Try in 2024

  • Blue Dream: A big favourite for its balanced buzz, Blue Dream is a Sativa-leaning hybrid known for its sweet berry taste and uplifting effects. It’s great for daytime, boosting creativity and mood without knocking you out.
  • Banana OG: A classic Indica, Banana OG is all about relaxation and comfort, kicking in fast with an earthy, pine taste. It’s perfect for unwinding in the evening and getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Sour Diesel: If you need a pick-me-up, Sour Diesel’s got you covered with a lively head high and a unique diesel smell. It’s fantastic for staying sharp and creative during the day.
  • CBD Strains: With more people seeing the benefits of CBD, strains like Cannatonic and Charlotte’s Web are getting popular for their therapeutic effects without the intense high, which is great for those looking for relief.


The weed scene in Canada in 2024 is all about innovation, excellent quality, and many choices. As laws and attitudes towards cannabis keep getting better, so does the variety and quality of strains available. With online shopping making it easier to get informed and find precisely what you want, Canadians are in a great spot to enjoy the best of what cannabis has to offer.

We can expect even more exciting developments in strains and user experiences. Exploring Canada’s weed offerings is a journey of discovery and enjoyment, with each strain opening up new possibilities in taste, effect, and quality. Whether you’re a seasoned weed fan or just curious, the top strains of 2024 are here to show you the best of what Canadian growers and breeders have to offer.

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