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Does The Word Street Journal Accept Guest Posts?

Yes. You can pitch your blog and send it to [email protected]

We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Please note that we don’t offer any monetary benefits for guest posts.

How are our movie reviews different?

You must have seen us posting movie, and web series reviews more often when compared to the other genres.

Our reviews don’t tend to criticize a work of art just for the sake of criticism. If something is good, we won’t budge from showering praises.

On the contrary, if a show is not worthy, we won’t stop from criticizing it religiously.

We review for the love of art, and we understand the importance of appreciation and constructive criticism.

You can bank on The Word Street Journal for unbiased reviews.

Does the Word Street Journal Publish eBooks?

Yes, we have recently started publishing eBooks on our platform. Read this post to know everything about our eBooks: Introducing Fiction on the Word Street Journal: How to Access, Download, and Seek Refund?