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It has been a rough past week for reasons mentioned in my previous blog. But I am now looking at it as a blessing in disguise. The non-indexing issues in Google Search Console have helped me introspect and analyze.

After looking at it from various perspectives, I have decided to bring Fictional eBooks to the Word Street Journal. What, How, and When? I will answer most of the queries in this blog.

Until now, we mainly published blogs and articles in the entertainment category. Specifically, movie and web series reviews. It is going to change.

What has Changed at the Word Street?

Nothing changes for you. The previous content will remain as it is. However, I am adding a new category on the website, “eBooks (Fiction).” 

Moreover, as you must have noticed, we used to publish a lot of movie and web series reviews. They will still be published, but the quantity and frequency of reviews will reduce. Previously, we wrote about almost every new film or show. Now, we will only review some of them.

Why this change?

I am bringing fictional stories to the website in the form of eBooks. Therefore, my focus will get diverted. Other types of blogs falling into categories like Lifestyle, Finance, Food, etc., will remain the same frequency. ONLY REVIEWS ARE BEING CURTAILED.

Who Will Write the eBooks?

Yours truly. For the record, I have been writing fictional stories, so I am not as amateur as it might seem. The genres will range from various subjects, and I hope to meet your expectations. Please do leave feedback and reviews.

How can I Buy eBooks at the Word Street Journal?

On Desktop:

Step 1: Click on the eBooks (Fiction) Page from the Menu Section.


It will open up the catalog of eBooks currently available for purchase on the website.

Choose the one you wish to purchase or read.

Here’s how the page presently looks like (before scrolling):


Step 2: Click on the Book of your Choice. It will open the landing page with details about the eBook.

In this example, I have chosen “The Late Night Ride.”

Step 3: Click on Purchase.


Upon doing this, the eBook will be added to your cart:

Step 4: Click on Checkout.

Step 5: Check the details and add a Discount Code if you have one.

Step 6: Pay via PayPal

After you have completed the payment, you will be taken to the Confirmation page. By this time, you would have received an email from our end containing the purchase receipt and download link for the eBook.

Alternatively, you can follow Step 7 to download the files directly from our website.

Step 7: Click on “View Details and Downloads”

It will open the Receipt page. Under the products section, there will be a clickable link in the name of the eBook. Once you click on it, your eBook will be downloaded.

On Mobile:

Step 1: Click on the three parallel lines on the top right corner of the website’s homepage.

Step 2: Click on “eBooks (Fiction)”

Now, follow all the steps (Steps 2 to 7) from the Desktop section to complete your purchase.

What are the eBook Formats We Offer?

It took me a great deal of time to set things up. Initially, I could only manage PDFs, but now I have also found a way to offer the ePub format.

Therefore, the Word Street Journal offers two formats:

PDF: These are static in look and feel like the standard PDFs. You can just read them like a general document, which pulled me back. A static PDF cannot maintain the touch of reading a book. Especially when you are reading fiction.

However, other formats are not all-pervasive, and not many people know how to use them. So, I decided to keep PDF as a download option on the Word Street Journal.

ePub: It is more interactive. The ePub format is made explicitly for eBook reading. Many significant platforms, like Google Books, Smashwords, Kobo, etc., use ePub.

However, all of them have their own reading application or reader, in other words. When you download an ePub file, the general document readers cannot open it. For example, your phone’s PDF reader might not be able to read an ePub file.

Consequently, you must download an ePub reader application from the play store (obviously, free of cost) to open an ePub file. I use and recommend the Lithium: EPUB reader app.

When you download an eBook from the Word Street Journal, you will get the book in PDF and ePub formats. While the former will open easily, to access the latter, you will need an ePub reader application that you can download for free from your phone’s play store.

It goes without saying that the ePub format is superior and I highly recommend you use it to read my eBooks.

In case of any queries, you can contact us.

Can I seek a Refund?

Unfortunately, you cannot. It is because eBooks are non-returnable. We might refund your money, but there’s no way to return an eBook because they are already downloaded. I hope you understand.

However, if you mistakenly purchase the same book twice, rest assured that we will compensate you the corresponding amount within hours of contacting us.

Any Coupon Codes to get a Discount?

Yes, there will be many coupon codes that you can avail of. I will accompany each eBook or story with a pre-release blog, where I will mention the coupon codes you can use to avail the best discounts on the Word Street Journal.

Moreover, I plan to create a specific page for coupon codes to help you further.

How Many eBooks Will Release Per Month?

That’s something no writer can assure you. Giving a number can cause potential burnout and diminish the content’s quality. And for both of us, quality precedes quantity.

Even if I invest all my hours into writing fiction, completing more than two in a month would take a lot of work.

Are the eBooks Exclusive?

Here comes the best and the exciting part. Yes, my eBooks will be exclusive for a week. It means that for the first seven days, a newly released eBook will only be available to purchase on the Word Street Journal.

Other platforms, like Kindle, Google Books, Kobo, etc., will have the copy after the first week.

What Will Be the Price of the eBooks?

This is another interesting point. The eBooks will be cheaper on the Word Street Journal than on other platforms. How? Because I have to pay a commission to them for every purchase made through their website or app, which won’t be the case with the Word Street Journal. 

It will give me the room to adjust prices accordingly. Moreover, the list price might be higher or the same, but you can use the exclusive discount coupons to get the eBooks at a lower price. A win-win situation for both of us.

Hoping to bring you the best of fiction.

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