Time travel has always been a captivating concept in the realm of fiction, and last year, Netflix introduced us to Back to 15, a Brazilian coming-of-age series that delved into this intriguing theme.

Centered around Anita, a 30-year-old woman who discovers a peculiar way to travel back in time through her online photoblog, the show quickly gained popularity and garnered a dedicated fan base, leading to its renewal for a second season.

Now, with six episodes and a total duration of approximately four hours, Back to 15 Season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix, promising more adventures and discoveries.

Here’s my review.

Back to 15 Season 2 Synopsis

Realizing that she has tinkered with the bright future of her sister, Anita is desperate to go back in time and make things better.

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But Joel is on his way to a rip-roaring journey already. Can Anita crack the code to go back into the past, again?

Directed by multiple individuals, Back to 15 Season 2 stars Maisa Silva (Young Anita), Camila Queiroz (Adult Anita), Caio Cabral (Young Henrique), Breno Ferreira (Adult Henrique), Klara Castanho (Young Clara), Amanda Azevedo (Young Luiza), Mariana Rios (Adult Luiza), Joao Guilherme (Fabricio), Bruno Montaleone (Adult Fabricio), Antonio Carrara (Young Joel), Gabriel Stauffer (Adult Joel), Pedro Vinicius (Cesar), and others.

Back to 15 is based on the Novel by Bruna Vieira.

What Works for Back to 15 Season 2?

The second season of Back to 15 continues the heartfelt storyline that resonated with viewers in the first season.

It beautifully captures the essence of adolescence, with heartwarming moments, relatable insecurities, and the complexities of teenage relationships.

The show maintains its friendly and inviting atmosphere, making it easy for audiences to immerse themselves in the characters’ lives.

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A notable improvement in Season 2 is the way it delves deeper into the core of the plot. It goes beyond mere mysteries and takes the time to unravel the secrets that lie within.

This added layer of intrigue keeps viewers engaged, eagerly anticipating each revelation. The plot becomes more than just a series of enigmas; it becomes a journey of self-discovery and personal growth for the characters.

The vibrant screenplay of Back to 15 Season 2 contributes to its overall charm. The show skillfully captures the spirit of teenage life, portraying school scenes and the bonds of friendship in a lighthearted and joyful manner.

By bringing Sao Paulo into the spotlight, the series introduces a liveliness that is hard to resist. The parties, the atmosphere, and the genuine sense of camaraderie create an infectious energy that permeates every episode.

Music plays a pivotal role in Back to 15 Season 2, with mesmerizing songs ranging from rock to sentimental tunes.

The carefully curated soundtrack adds depth to the storytelling and enhances the overall viewing experience.

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It effectively transports viewers into the characters’ world, creating a musical backdrop that resonates with the emotions and situations portrayed on screen.

Another aspect that works well for Back to 15 Season 2 is its ability to capture the essence of conversational bonhomie.

The show excels at displaying the little conversations, the bonds of friendship, and the lighthearted conflicts that make everyday life so relatable.

These moments of connection and companionship make the series a delight to watch, as it draws the ups and downs of adolescence with authenticity and warmth.

Furthermore, the crisp length of the show ensures it never feels repetitive and lame.

How are the Performances?

Maisa Silva dazzles as the young Anita, leading the series with brilliance. Her youthful energy and talent are evident, making her portrayal charming, intelligent, and full of playfulness.

Silva captures the essence of Anita’s character, captivating viewers with her performance.

Camila Queiroz impresses as the adult Anita, allowing us to savor both phases of the character equally.

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Once again, Queiroz does complete justice to the role, delivering a compelling performance that resonates with authenticity and depth.

Caio Cabral delivers a restrained and nuanced depiction as the young Henrique. With a sweet demeanor, Cabral’s performance lingers in the minds of the audience long after the series concludes.

He brings a memorable presence to the character, showcasing his talent with remarkable finesse.

Klara Castanho packs a punch as the young Clara right from the start. Her performance is captivating, exuding confidence and capturing the attention of viewers.

Castanho’s portrayal leaves a lasting impression, drawing audiences into Clara’s journey with her dynamic acting skills.

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Amanda Azevedo brings charm and infectious energy to the character of young Luiza. Her act justifies Luiza’s adventurous spirit, drawing viewers into her escapades with authenticity and charisma.

Antonio Carrara surprises viewers with his portrayal of the young Joel. Although he had limited screen time in the first season, Carrara seizes the opportunity in Season 2 to deliver his best performance.

He impresses with his acting prowess, capturing the essence of Joel’s character and leaving a lasting impact.

Pedro Vinicius embodies the role of Cesar in the series, showcasing the character’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Through his expressions, Vinicius provides a glimpse into Cesar’s inner struggles, making viewers ponder the challenges their character faces within the show’s environment.

What Doesn’t Work for Back to 15 Season 2?

One notable issue lies in the conceptual fallacies surrounding the time-travel element. Although the integration of time travel with the theme of teenage life is well-executed, there are certain intricacies that are left unaddressed.

For instance, the ease with which someone else can reset Anita’s password raises questions about the plausibility of the concept.

It feels like a convenient plot device rather than a well-thought-out explanation. This aspect could have been handled better, offering a more logical and immersive experience for the viewers.

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Furthermore, there are other missed opportunities that the makers should have approached with greater attention.

One such aspect is the lack of exploration into the origin of the time travel theory. While it is possible that the show adhered to the source material by Bruna Vieira, the absence of a clear explanation for Anita’s photoblog behaving oddly leaves a sense of incompleteness.

Revealing the origins and providing a deeper understanding of the logic behind the peculiarities would have added depth to the story, making it more than just a superficial fantasy.

As viewers progress through two seasons of the show, there is an expectation for a more substantial explanation of the underlying mechanics.

Without delving into the origins and providing a logical foundation, the time-travel element can feel somewhat hollow, preventing the show from reaching its full potential.

Should You Stream or Skip Back to 15 Season 2?

Back to 15 Season 2 continues to deliver an engaging and heartfelt storyline, building upon the success of its first season.

However, addressing some issues with more attention to detail could have enhanced the overall experience and made the story more cohesive and compelling.

Overall, it is recommended from my end.

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