Barracuda Queens Series Review Netflix: Novice Thieves Gang-up for an Exciting Voyage

Sweden has furnished a new series to Netflix, called Barracuda Queens. It has six episodes with each running for around half an hour.

The crime show promises adventurous entertainment, keeping in line with its summarized storyline.

Are you a fan of shows like The Green Glove Gang, Paper Girls, or others where girls gang up for a twisted ride?

If yes, Barracuda Queens can be your weekend binge-watch. Here’s my review of the series.

Barracuda Queens Synopsis

A group of affluent women takes to robbery when a huge debt mounts on their heads. Inspired by real-life events, Barracuda Queens is set in 1995 and shows why thieves don’t have a specific economic background.

It is created by Camilla Ahlgren and stars Alva Bratt (Lollo), Tindra Monsen (Klara), Sandra Zubovic (Frida), Sarah Gustafsson (Amina), and Tea Stjarne (Mia) in lead roles.

What Works for Barracuda Queens?

Its storyline is a decent concoction of desperation and audacity. Inspired by real-life events, Barracuda Queens introduces us to a group of rich women who find themselves drowning in a sea of debt.

That itself is an alluring factor to binge-watch the series. In fact, I went ahead with the show only after reading the synopsis.

Coming back to the tale, when the ladies are faced with limited options, they embark on a daring journey of robberies. Afterward, Barracuda Queens goes on to explore the depths of human resilience, and the complexities of morality.

I won’t say the makers have seriously ruffled these points deeply. Still, they have done quite well when it comes to the same.

What they have done best is make the show entertaining. The bold premise has been infused with excitement at several points.

Though laughter is less, the sarcastic engine runs in full swing.

Added emotions work wonders for Barracuda Queens. Specifically, when it comes to matters of the heart.

Furthermore, the dialogue writing is really good. The scribblers of the series have skillfully crafted lines that propel the narrative forward, with each conversation laden with tension and subtext.

Barracuda Queens excels at capturing the gritty realism of its setting, deftly maneuvering between dark alleyways and hidden hideouts.

While it doesn’t focus on showcasing the scenic landscapes of Sweden, the series does immerse us in a vividly atmospheric urban environment.

The dimly lit streets, the pulsating music, and the palpable tension in the air create an immersive experience that draws you into the heart of the story.

By far, what sustains the show, in the long run, are its quirky characters. All five leading ladies give you fresh perspectives.

They are not traditional, or conventional. There is always an eccentric shade walking them into your mind.

And even apart from the major characters, the background setting is also a tad unorthodox, despite the origination being in 1995.

How are the Performances?

The performances by the lead actresses are nothing short of exceptional. Alva Bratt, Tindra Monsen, Sandra Zubovic, Sarah Gustafsson, and Tea Stjarne breathe life into their respective characters, making them both relatable and enigmatic.

The chemistry between them is palpable, heightening the emotional stakes and adding layers of complexity to their relationships.

Each individual brings a unique energy to the screen, making us root for them even as they delve deeper into the world of crime.

The naiveness they have portrayed is on the money.

Be it Tea Stjarne’s emotional complications or Alva Bratt’s outwardly bold demeanor, everything is wonderfully brought to the screen.

What is off About Barracuda Queens?

The screenplay is not entirely arousing. It fails at times while trying to divide the screen time among the lead actors.

I would have liked it to be crisper and more flowy.

Another point of contention here is the friendship chatter. Five friends joining together for robberies should have been a joy to watch, which didn’t happen according to expectations.

A bit more warmth was needed to create bonhomie or rather transport it to the audience.

Additionally, the ending of Barracuda Queens is dicey. I mean if the story is inspired by real-life events, how can the conclusion be like that?

Or maybe, at best, they will bring the curtains in the second season.

Should you Stream or Skip Barracuda Queens?

Pluses and minuses kept aside, Barracuda Queens is fairly short in length. Combining it with the actual performance, I’d suggest you give it a watch.

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