National holidays usually tend to change the Friday release tradition, at least in India. Owing to the same, Bholaa has released on Thursday in cinema halls.

It will enjoy an extended weekend, which would give the movie a boost in collections. A remake of the Tamil film Kaithi, Bholaa is the first directorial venture of Ajay Devgn

The Hindi Film is almost two and a half hours long and touted to be among the biggest action films in India.

Further, it is shot in 3D, another alluring factor. So, I managed to catch the 11 AM show of Bholaa, and before I delve into my Bholaa review, here are some trivial details about the film.

What is the story of Bholaa?

Led by an IPS rank cop, Diana, the police seize a truckload of drugs. It triggers a fierce reaction from the gang involved in drug trafficking.

While the goons try their best to get the drugs back, Diana finds an unfamiliar partner in Bholaa, who has just been released from prison.

Will the duo be able to get past the army of criminals?

Bholaa is directed by Ajay Devgan who also plays the titular character in the film. Apart from him, the movie stars Tabu, Deepak Dobriyal, Sanjay Misra, and Gajraj Rao in lead roles.

Positive Aspects of Bholaa

The film is powered by some unimaginable chase sequences. Interestingly, this time it is not about cars but bikes.

You see two-wheelers flying around back and forth and skidding along the ground with the burning fire adding to the ambiance.

Bholaa’s action sequences are also breathtaking on most occasions. Ajay Devgn does master his plus point to the spirit.

The use of VFX for wounds works like a charm during fights.

Furthermore, since all the action, in fact, the entire film, occurs at night time, the dark setup ameliorates the soul of Bholaa.

How are the Performances?

Ajay Devgn is fiery in Bholaa. His character is neither a saint nor a sinner. It falls in the gray area, which is utilized by the actor to the full extent.

He gives the chills with his unparalleled onscreen intensity, leaves you stunned by the action, and hooks you to the screen using his expressions.

If there is one flaw I had to point out in his performance, it would be his emotional composure. Devgn cannot sustain himself in restrained, and light scenes.

Tabu plays Diana in the film. She is sharp and dedicated, though also restricted. Her scorching dialogue delivery sets the tempo for Bholaa.

Deepak Dobriyal surprises as an eccentric gang lord. He blends cruelty with comedy and, just like we have seen him do over the years, adds his acting touch to nourish Bholaa.

In another sober role, Sanjay Mishra brings totality to the table. His innate ability to own the screen remains distinct from the rest of the cast.

Gajraj Rao is the real bombshell in Bholaa. His accent leaves you awestruck. It doesn’t matter which side he is on. All you have to do is enjoy his dialect.

The Downsides of Bholaa

There is no storyline in Bholaa. It just runs on the looming action sequences. The makers try a lot to stitch the threads to infuse meaning into the story but it doesn’t work.

Bholaa’s screenplay is filled with loud action, and that’s about it. When the creators try to justify every next scene with a pile of emotions, the story comes out as outdated.

Moreover, the plot is too banal to survive, especially in the second half. After a while, you already know the outcome.

I had never imagined that a film like Bholaa would be dreary. Unfortunately, it is.

The film irks you with a strange background score at times, specifically moments before the interval. I still don’t understand what kind of a buildup they were trying to create with an emotional tempo.

That was bizarre.

Somewhere down the line, almost all of us knew the concept of Bholaa was run-of-the-mill. Still, it could have been salvaged, given the emotional stimulation was not forceful.

From the tempo to the buildups, the creators simply forget to nurture Bholaa as a Hindi film. Everything is skinned out of the original movie.

The Hindi audience is not made for this. They want newness, or at least, a better presentation. I don’t think Bholaa would fail because it is a remake.

It would fail because the makers couldn’t put forth a palatable dish.

Thanks to the slippery narration, Bholaa never goes deep inside you. It always remains on the surface. Once an intriguing scene is gone, that’s the end. You have to wait for the hook to come again.

I also wish the flashback was plotted in parts. Gone are the days when the protagonist’s entire backstory could be shown in one go.

You have to break it down.

Maybe, a little bit of subtlety was required in the dialogues. Bholaa is about being loud and impactful when it should have been subtle and impressive.

Should you Watch Bholaa?

Sadly, Bholaa is only for Ajay Devgn fans. Considering the exorbitant ticket prices for the 3D version, which the film doesn’t justify, others can skip it.


Where will Bholaa stream online?

Bholaa will stream on Prime Video.

Is there Abhishek Bachchan in Bholaa?

He has a tiny appearance in the end dropping a cue for Bholaa part 2.

Will there be Bholaa part 2?

According to the ending of Bholaa, there will be another part. However, going by the film’s reception, I doubt so.

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