A new steamy film, Burning Betrayal, recently found its way to Netflix.

Though I didn’t like it in totality, and called it only a treat for the eyes of the targeted audience, explaining Burning Betrayal’s ending seems appropriate.

My comprehensive retelling of the last few minutes of the movie begins after the point when Marko has installed the wiretap in their office and is looking out for potential CCTV evidence regarding Barbara’s accident.

I have followed it with some questions that you may have about the plot.

Burning Betrayal Ending Explained

Barbara enquires Thiago in the office about Caio’s laptop. He comes up with a traditional response that it will take some more time to properly extract information from the device. 

She suggests that they should take the laptop directly to Judge Marco’s office. 

However, Thiago expresses his concerns since it might be a conflict of interest for Marco as he is the judge on the case.

Both of them weigh the pros and cons of the idea but eventually, Barabara’s determination prevails and they decide to visit Marco.

However, she must first pick up the copies of the data from her house. When Thiago learns about this, he is left startled.

Barbara leaves the officer after Thiago promises to pick her up later as he has some pending work to finish.

Upon her exit, he suspiciously gets off his chair and walks to a cabin, where he meets Caio. 

This is the first time that Thiago’s ill intentions are revealed in Burning Betrayal.

He was hand-in-glove with Caio right from the beginning. But how?

What Did Thiago and Caio Do? And Why Did Thiago Betray His Best Friend?

Barbara, Thiago, and Caio were partners at their accounting firm but the two men got greedy and involved themselves in a deal with a construction company.

They tinkered with its account books and helped the firm whitewash black money by laundering it.

When their illegal acts came under the scanner, Caio was called to the court to testify since the construction company was officially his client.

However, when Thiago meets him in the office, we are shown that it was he who had set the whole thing. 

He made the deals and worked as the main player. Caio was always the second fiddle to Thiago.

Now, after some goons beat Caio up, he wants to leave the illegal stuff but Thiago tells him that it is not an option.

The only way they can survive the plunge of their shady clients is by getting rid of Barbara, who has incriminating evidence against them in the form of Caio’s laptop data.

However, Marco hears their whole conversation through the wiretap he had asked his men to install in Thiago’s cabin.

Thiago picks up Barbara from her house and they leave for Judge Marco’s office. It takes some time for the woman to realize that they are going in the wrong direction.

Soon, Thiago locks the door and pulls out a gun from below the seat. Barbara is still unaware of what is going on.

She has no idea that her best friend is not who she thinks he is.

Marco consistently calls her phone but Thiago doesn’t allow Barbara to answer.

On his way to her house, the judge remembers that Paty has an application that can retrieve Barbara’s location.

He phones her and asks her to share her real-time location. Marco also informs the cops about the situation. 

Thiago takes Barbara to a desolate jungle, where Caio is waiting for them.

Barbara is still unable to fully comprehend the scene.

However, as Thiago puts the gun to her head, he reveals that he did all of it for money. 

Caio digs up a grave for Barbara, and they order her to jump in.

Thiago passes the gun to a reluctant Caio, asking him to shoot Barbara. When he cannot commit to shoot her, he forces him to do the same.

Caio moves forward towards the lady but eventually stops from firing the bullet.

The duo engages in a conversation. This gives Barbara an opportunity to use the shovel kept nearby.

She hits Caio and he falls down along with Thiago and his gun.

Seeing another chance, Barbara tries to grab the firearm. However, Thiago is quick to latch on to it. 

He first shoots Caio before moving towards the lady.

As he is about to pull the trigger, Marco arrives at the scene and saves Barbara.

They get into a physical brawl and Thiago beats the judge.

He again grabs the weapon and aims at Barbara when a policewoman puts a hole in his head from behind.

Both men die while the judge and Barbara survive with minor injuries.

The movie takes a leap of six months and we are shown glimpses of Barbara and Marco leading a happy life, awaiting the release of the latter’s daughter from the hospital.

I know you must be having certain questions regarding the ending of Burning Betrayal. Here we go:

Who sent Caio’s Pictures to Barbara and Why?

It was Thiago who leaked the photos to Barbara so that she breaks up with him and he finally shifts his focus to his illegal work.

Their romance was making huge losses for them. 

Was Marco a Good Guy?

Yes, Marco was an upright man whose wife had mental health and overdose issues, which led to their separation.

He also had a daughter who was suffering from Emanuel Syndrome, a rare condition that causes extremely weak muscles.

Did Barbara and Marco Marry each other?

Going by the last few scenes of Burning Betrayal, the couple didn’t seem to have gotten married. However, they did start taking their relationship more seriously.

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