Burning Body (2023) Series Review: The Murder that Shook Spain Will Now Shake the World Through this Riveting Rendition

Some real-life crimes are so chilling that they demand an onscreen adaptation.

One such case is the 2017 murder of Spanish Police officer Pedro Rodriguez, whose lifeless body was discovered in a charred car.

As the investigation unfolded, his girlfriend, Rosa Peral, and her lover, emerged as the primary suspects, turning this case into a media sensation and a topic of widespread discussion.

Image Credits: Netflix

Burning Body is a new Netflix series that brings to light a fictional representation of the murder and its aftermath.

Interestingly, Netflix has also released a documentary called ‘Rosa Perla’s Tapes,’ which features Rosa’s first-hand interviews.

With eight episodes, Burning Body aims to be a mysterious and dark watch.

Here is my review.

As a matter of transparency, I won’t talk about the storyline and concept, for the show is based on a true story.

Burning Body Synopsis

While Rosa Peral is dealing with the legal battle of her daughter’s custody, she receives news about her boyfriend’s body being found in his gutted car.

The case takes several turns as the investigators uncover the life of the protagonist.

Based on a true story, Burning Body is directed by Jorge Torregrossa and Laura Mana. It stars Ursula Corbero (Rosa), Quim Gutierrez (Albert), Jose Manuel Poga (Pedro), Isak Ferriz (Javi), and Eva Llorach (Ester), among others.

Quite understandably, they have made several changes to suit the fictional narrative. For example, in real life, Rosa has two daughters, while in Burning Body, she has only one.

What Works for Burning Body?

A compelling crime story demands an equally captivating onscreen rendition; otherwise, it risks losing its audience.

Fortunately, Burning Body excels in this aspect, keeping viewers engrossed from start to finish. Its unwavering focus on substance ensures that it never strays from the core narrative.

Image Credits: Netflix

While Rosa Peral’s conviction was preceded by a sensationalized media trial, Burning Body wisely chooses to only hint at it, prioritizing the more crucial aspects of the story.

This decision is commendable as it emphasizes the importance of staying true to the actual events.

Furthermore, the show’s screenplay is almost enthralling. Skillfully crafted transitions, thought-provoking flashbacks, and tension-building sequences contribute to the overall thrill factor.

There’s no room for dull moments in Burning Body, making it a consistently engaging watch.

Unlike some real-life crime adaptations that tend to move at a sluggish pace, Burning Body maintains a brisk tempo throughout its eight episodes.

It skillfully balances pacing with suspense, ensuring that viewers remain riveted.

Image Credits: Netflix

Moreover, Burning Body stays faithful to the investigation reports.

It refrains from inserting subjective perspectives, allowing the facts surrounding Rosa Peral’s actions, alibi, and relationships to speak for themselves.

The show’s background score deserves special mention, as it serves as the connective thread that binds all elements together.

It evokes a range of emotions, from anger to empathy, adding depth to the viewing experience.

I would end up the positives on the note that the makers haven’t stuffed Burning Body with technicalities and maintained a satiable outline throughout.

How are the Performances?

Ursula Corbero plays the twisted character of Rosa. She is a carnage on the screen, in frank terms. Her perfect embodiment infuses life into Burning Body.

The actress dazzles in all kinds of situations. Emotional, infuriating, skeptical, etc., her versatility as a performer is devastatingly on the positive side.

Image Credits: Netflix

Isak Ferriz, in the role of Javi, and Eva Llorach, as Ester, offer sincere and authentic performances that align seamlessly with their respective characters’ roles within the storyline.

Ferriz brings out the nuances of a troubled emotional state, while Eva’s portrayal remains composed and resolute, in harmony with her character’s nature.

Notably, Pablo Derqui’s cameo appearance is another noteworthy aspect of the Spanish series, adding to its positive attributes.

What Doesn’t Quite Click in Burning Body?

The show does take some time to find its footing. For instance, certain parts of the first episode may feel a bit disjointed.

However, once viewers become acquainted with the characters and the unfolding narrative, there’s no turning back.

Should You Stream or Pass on Burning Body?

From my perspective, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Burning Body a watch.

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