More and more companies are choosing to hire the services of an expert in business innovation consulting to be more competitive, but what is business innovation consulting and why should you hire the services of a consulting firm? We tell you about it in this post.

What is business innovation consulting?

Business innovation consulting is a service where personalized advice is given and tools are provided to those companies that seek to be able to generate and develop innovative ideas or solutions to face the challenges they face.

Throughout the execution of the project, expert innovation consultants along with representatives of the company’s stakeholders work together to achieve an objective.

Why do consultants and stakeholders work collaboratively?

Stakeholders have great knowledge about the context of the company or industry of which they are part. By working together, they can share this knowledge to, together, better understand what opportunities the company has and the challenges it faces.

In this way, the consultants, after having a deeper knowledge of the company’s organizational culture, and with their mastery of innovation methodologies, provide high-value information and complement what is provided by the interest groups, thus promoting mutual learning.

In short, when we carry out an innovation consulting project, it is essential to lay the foundations for collaborative work and co-creation. This seeks a bidirectional transmission of knowledge, perspectives, and experience, which will allow optimal results to be achieved.

In what types of companies are innovation consulting projects developed?

Although there is an erroneous belief that only large companies are committed to innovation, more and more small and medium-sized companies are committed to differentiating themselves by offering quality and unique products or services resulting from an innovation consulting project.

Innovating offers benefits and opportunities that can boost the success and competitiveness of any organization, regardless of the size or sector to which it belongs.

6 benefits for those who choose to hire the services of an expert in business innovation consulting

Some of the benefits of investing in innovation consulting are:

  • Obtaining an external vision and promoting mutual learning.
  • Identification of growth opportunities. Through a market analysis based on trends, emerging technologies, and market niches we can identify the best growth strategies.
  • Innovating has become the strategy on which all companies seek to be at the forefront while continuing to grow sustainably.
  • Innovative approach. With the implementation of agile methodologies and the promotion of creativity like using eSignature Apps instead of the traditional way of paper-based signing, the focus on the way of working changes while reducing the launch times of new products or services. In addition, with data-based decision-making, greater operational efficiency is achieved and possible expenses that may be incurred are reduced.
  • Promotion of innovative culture. Incorporating new ways of working such as co-creation, agile leadership, or continuous improvement, fosters greater awareness about the culture of innovation and the importance of incorporating it into the company’s DNA.
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt. Being innovative not only makes organizations more flexible, but, especially in a context where Digital Transformation is the norm, allows for faster and more precise adaptation to change.

Methodologies used in business innovation consulting

Can we apply the same methodology and work tools in all companies? The answer is clear, no.

In this sense, at Orion Integration Group, with wide recognition in the field of business management, we work with a wide variety of innovation methodologies.

The methodologies to be used in a project are carefully chosen based on the nature of the company and the needs and objectives demanded by each project. Only in this way can the challenges of our clients be effectively addressed.

If you decide to bet on business innovation, but are not sure how to incorporate it into your organization, at Orion Integration Group we can help you take the first step. We are experts in innovation consulting. Talk later?

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