Did the heist succeed? How did it pan out in the end? What happened to Ansari?

These could be the questions grilling you from inside after finishing Choona, a new Hindi language Netflix series.

The show sees several versatile actors coming together to put up an offbeat drama.

In this blog, I will explain the ending of Choona.

But before that, let’s take a deep dive into a comprehensive recap of Episode 8.

Public announcement: SPOILERS AHEAD.

In the seventh episode, JP and Jhumpa are taken into custody by random cops from outside Shukla’s party office, marking yet another unexpected obstacle in the path of their grand plan.

Choona Season 1 Episode 8 Detailed Recap

When Bishnu finds out that Jhumpa and JP have been caught by the police, he decides to play his master card.

Bishnu takes their bike and chases the police vehicle. His arrival irks the cops and they advance towards him angrily.

Jhumpa and JP watch the happenings through the van’s window. in a surprise move, Bishnu, who is mute, starts talking to the police officers.

Image Credits: Netflix

The revelation of a closely guarded secret, shared only by him and Panditji, is now out in the open.

With an air of authority, Bishnu sternly rebukes the cops for apprehending Shukla’s men just outside his party office.

He doesn’t shy away from physically confronting them, even going so far as to slap one of the officers.

The knowledge that Shukla wields political power casts a looming shadow over the police, leaving them no choice but to comply.

Bishnu takes control, instructing the officers to release JP and Jhumpa at the exact spot they had been picked up.

Furthermore, he commands them to leave the police vehicle behind.

While the rescued crew members hastily set up their equipment inside the van, Bishnu undertakes the risky task of subduing the guard dogs.

Unfortunately, things take an unexpected turn when the sedative meant for the dogs ends up affecting Bishnu himself.

Image Credits: Netflix

Meanwhile, Madan Singh awakens from his slumber and rushes to the party office in his jeep. Simultaneously, the rituals at Shukla’s house are in full swing, presided over by Triloki.

As Bishnu’s absence becomes a cause for concern, JP, growing suspicious, decides to check on him.

Upon discovering Bishnu’s incapacitated state, he delegates the responsibility of inserting the flash drive in the CCTV room to Jhumpa.

Now, Jhumpa finds herself thrust into a high-stakes situation. Over fifty armed men occupy the party office, and she must insert the flash drive without drawing attention.

Armed only with an unloaded gun, her situation is fraught with danger.

The only solace is the men are watching the VR movie created by Jhumpa only.

With nerves of steel, she ventures inside and successfully places the pen drive in the designated location.

The CCTV system is now hacked, displaying a looped video instead of real-time footage.

This ingenious move means that Shukla, who monitors the situation on a screen amid the ritual, is also being fed false information.

Matters are complicated when Jhumpa discovers Shukla’s new laser security system guarding the room where the money is stored.

Even Bishnu was unaware of this unprecedented feature. She quickly rushes to JP carrying the vital information.

The scene cuts to the heroic entry of Ansari and traces of flashbacks tell us that him joining Shukla was part of the plan and only JP and Bishnu were aware of the same.

Image Credits: Netflix

They knew the best way to rob Shukla was to already have someone inside the office.

And since JP was the one who had rebuilt the washroom, he knew the architectural technicalities of the same.

He had meticulously taught Ansari how to navigate through the labyrinthine network of pipelines and concealed spaces

Ansari’s mission begins with a bang – literally. He detonates the wall behind the toilet seat inside Shukla’s newly renovated bathroom, creating a covert entry point into the room housing the coveted stash of cash.

Jhumpa plays her part by alerting Ansari to the presence of laser security systems through a phone call.

In a tense exchange, she instructs him to ignite an incense stick, producing smoke that would reveal the lasers’ invisible beams.

Now, the question is how to get rid of the lasers?

Jhumpa advises him to locate the laser’s control box, and check its frequency.

Then she asks him to match it with his walkie-talkie’s frequency and point the walkie to the laser projector and Bingo! He is able to switch off the lasers.

Simultaneously, a clever ruse unfolds during the ritual at Shukla’s residence.

Image Credits: Netflix

A new face, Shanti, arrives disguised with her visage hidden beneath her garment’s hem.

She informs Shukla that she is filling in for the regular maid, Parvati, who is supposedly unwell.

When she offers to serve tea, Shukla’s sharp mind triggers alarm bells.

He cross-verifies her identity with Parvati via a phone call. Once confirmed, he instructs her to prepare tea.

Triloki tells her to serve him tea in a steel container, as opposed to general cups.

In reality, Shanti is Bela, who puts a sedative in the tea to make everyone unconscious.

Because Triloki’s cup of tea is distinct, he knows exactly which one to pick and be safe.

Their plan works and Shukla, along with his associates, falls into deep sleep.

Ansari packs the bags filled with cash and moves to the safe but the passwords suggested by Bishnu do not work.

Since time is running out, he skips the safe and moves on to the next stage of transporting the bags to the van via the ropeway wire.

A rude awakening shakes Shukla from his slumber, and he returns to the scene, bewildered and disoriented.

He retreats into his house, where he stumbles upon the real Shanti, tightly bound and concealed in one of the compartments.

Image Credits: Netflix

As the heist team contends with the final bag of cash suspended in the middle of the ropeway wire, Madan Singh’s unexpected arrival ignites chaos.

Just as he’s about to spot the stranded bag, Bishnu springs into action, finding a solution to the predicament.

He activates a pre-recorded message warning of the dire consequences of the eclipse.

Dazed and confused by the aftereffects of the sedative, Madan Singh’s perception falters, and he mistakenly interprets the bag hanging in the air as an eclipse blocking the sun.

Instinctively, he shields his eyes and hurries back into the office, leaving the heist team to resume their operation, albeit with a healthy dose of anxiety and tension.

Outside the house, Baankeylal promptly relays the news of Shukla’s departure to his team.

Bishnu helps Ansari with some other password combinations to the safe. Eventually, they crack the code, which marks the final nail in the coffin.

By the time Shukla reaches his destination, the damage is already done. The heist is complete and the daring thieves are on their way with the cash and other articles.

Choona Ending Explained

In a moment of disbelief, Shukla finds the cash missing, the safe stripped bare, and his tormentors a mystery.

Stressed, he enters the washroom only to realize seconds later that it has been digitally locked.

His gaze falls upon the conspicuous hole in the wall where the toilet seat once stood, and his confusion deepens.

Image Credits: Netflix

The sound of Ansari’s voice emanating from a nearby laptop, strategically placed for a video call, adds another layer of shock.

One by one, the architects of the heist appear on screen, confronting Shukla with his past misdeeds and atrocities.

Despite his best efforts to remain composed, Shukla’s composure crumbles as Panditji and Bishnu join the virtual gathering.

The former’s life and the latter’s voice leave him speechless.

Rastogi and Asthana arrive at the party office, but their efforts to assist Shukla are in vain.

The bathroom door, made of unbreakable glass, leaves Shukla with only one way out: to utter the phrase, “Long Live Faulaad Singh,” in Hindi.

Just a quick reminder: Faulaad Singh was Ansari’s uncle who was encountered at Shukla’s behest.

Finally, after denials, hesitations, and several half-hearted attempts, Shukla utters the phrase and the door unlocks.

He gets out, but the loss he has suffered weighs heavily on his conscience.

The victorious heist crew gathers at Jhumpa’s parlor to celebrate their audacious triumph. Yet, the ending is not as joyful for Ansari, as Bela refuses his marriage proposal.

She doesn’t want his child to be around someone who might go on to become the next Shukla.

To repay Shenoy’s 500 crores, Shukla is forced to part with all his material possessions, from his car and bungalow to his illicit businesses.

Image Credits: Netflix

Still, he falls short by Rs. 10 Crore. Shenoy aligns with the CM, offering no clemency for the once-influential politician.

The police arrest Shukla and he serves some jail time before Asthana arranges for his bail.

After coming out of the prison, Shukla only has Asthana and Madan Singh by his side.

Based on his horoscope, Shukla decides to start the second innings of his political career from his birthplace.

Hence, he goes back to his village for a fresh beginning.

That’s when Choona season 1 ends.

Now, if you remember the show began with a dream. On his way to the village, Shukla tells Asthana that he dreamt about some new plans in the morning.

According to popular belief (at least in India), early-morning dreams come true.

The question thus arises…

Will There Be a Choona Season 2?

Towards the end of season 1, Arshad Warsi, the narrator, says, “with every dream, starts a new story.”

And he says this after Shukla shares his early morning dream with Asthana.

It means they have something in mind for Choona season 2 although whether Netflix approves of it or not remains to be seen.

What Might Happen in Choona Season 2?

I think the second season of Choona will be different than what people might expect. Shukla wants revenge but he is a smart player.

He wouldn’t hurry into anything and take each step after due diligence.

Though the heist planners have succeeded, it is highly possible that they would become overconfident, which might land them in the hands of Shukla.

Ansari will most probably further his political career and who knows he might end up toppling the government.

Triloki will marry Jhumpa. Interestingly, I have a feeling that he will also use the money to fight the next elections.

Image Credits: Netflix

Do remember that he was a student leader during his college days.

JP Yadav will start a new business.

Baankeylal might end up using his share of the money to skip a few ranks in the Police Department.

Another theory is that none of them will be able to use the money because somehow the CM and Shenoy will get to know about the heist.

Coming back to the Choona season 2’s expected plot, we might see Shukla kickstarting his second innings by contesting the Panchayat elections.

Thereafter, he will use his connections to rise once again.

He may have done bad things but there must be people he would have benefitted. Shukla can ask for favors from them.

Surely, money will not be a problem for him. And, in politics, coalitions can be formed with your worst enemies.

Furthermore, the makers will have to put bigger characters in Shukla’s team if he has to beat Ansari and Co.

Image Credits: Netflix

Since Choona is an offbeat show, anything is possible.

Who knows Shukla might hatch a heist to get his money back? It would be entertainingly bizarre though.

Their robbery plan worked because you could feel righteousness in their approach. They were wronged in some or the other manner.

If, by chance, Choona has to show them in a bad light, the story will need new characters with high moral values.

Or making Shukla more lethal can also work. It is all about tilting the feelings.

Why Shukla Didn’t Go After Ansari and Co. to Get His Money Back?

The cash was illegally obtained and its purpose was to buy MLAs. Moreover, if the news of him having so much cash had traveled, the Income Tax department would have launched several cases against him.

So, this was it about Choona, its ending, and a potential second season. I can be all wrong with my predictions, but what’s stopping you from dropping your theories?

I hope what I wrote fulfilled your purpose of visiting the Word Street Journal.

Let me know in the comments section which movie or show should I write about in my next blog.

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