Immense hype about the reduced ticket rates on National Cinema Day in India has given this week’s new releases a bumper chance to make an impact. Among all the fresh showings, Chup, directed by the infamous storyteller, R Balki, is the most hyped.

The film is a psychological thriller that promises chilling scenes and stimulations. Whether it delivers on these fronts is a different thing, though. Usually, it is about whether a movie is worth your pennies; however, in the case of Chup, when ticket prices are on the lower side, it is about whether the film deserves your time.

Therefore, in your quest to finalize your weekend plans, I can at least help you decide if Chup is fructuous enough to satiate your movie-watching thirst. Here’s my Chup review.

Chup Review Summary

Dulquer Salmaan’s performance is all that you would like in Chup. The movie tries too hard to captivate the viewer but falls flat in terms of execution. In no way does it feel like an R Balki film.

Keep reading my Chup review to know how it fares in various aspects.

Chup Synopsis

A gruesome serial killer is on the loose who is finishing movie critics one by one. As a trademark, he leaves star ratings on every victim’s forehead. Can the Mumbai Police catch him, or will he be able to escape?

Directed by R Balki, Chup stars Sunny Deol (Arvind), Dulquer Salmaan (Danny), and Shreya Dhanwanthary (Nila) in lead roles. Moreover, Pooja Bhatt (Zenobia) makes a cameo in the film.

What Works for Chup?


The idea behind Chup is fascinating, and that’s what pulled me to the theater in the first place. A serial killer who bashes movie critics unapologetically. R Balki succeeds in placing the concept ahead of everything.


Dulquer Salmaan, as Danny, excels in every frame of Chup. He is the only saving grace of this disappointing affair. Salmaan’s majestic charm, led by his dual personality, hits all the right chords. You would want to see him play Danny endlessly. His intonations, screen appearance, and dialogue delivery are some of the high points. He reminded me of Darr, starring SRK and Sunny Deol.

Sunny Deol is largely average in Chup. I only liked his intensity for a bit, but the veteran actor was provided with an agonizingly written character. He cannot manage to be unordinary. Simply put, Sunny’s aura is too much for Chup’s Arvind. It was not his role to play.

Shreya Dhanwanthary dazzles as Nila in this R Balki directorial. Whatever she is provided with in Chup, Shreya completes with adeptness. Her authentic expressions ensure things remain compact for Chup in her presence. Additionally, I think Shreya needed a more robust and impactful sketch.

Pooja Bhatt spins the tide in her favor despite only appearing in a cameo. She brings a unique flavor to Chup that was missing since the beginning. It would have been great if she had had a full-fletched outing in the movie.

What Doesn’t Work for Chup?

Poor Execution

Chup never feels like an R Balki film. He has simply put the script into action without infusing soul into the story. Balki is someone who can put life in a stone, but it saddens me to say he goes several steps backward in Chup.

Films like Ki & Ka, Padman, Paa, Cheeni Kum, etc., were way ahead of their time. They were laced with superlative storytelling, which is completely absent in Chup.

He never seems to be in control while executing an enthralling concept. I sincerely hope Balki makes a grand comeback with his next film.

Lacks the Punch

For the major part, Chup lacks the steam to keep you on the edge of your seat. It fails to extract the most from several scenes that contain mammoth possibilities. Basically, a psychological crime thriller should evoke curiosity in your mind, but the movie never arouses you even one cent.

Non-intriguing Storyline

If anything, a crime thriller needs to be interesting. People should be consistently thinking about how and why. Chup is so straightforward that there’s nothing to guess. Eventually, you are left with just one mission: to complete watching the movie because you have paid for it.

Messed up Plot

I will agree that Chup starts well and manages to hook the viewers for a while. But it is just a matter of time before it begins losing its grip. The makers deny you scintillation and serve mediocrity, thanks to a misplaced plot and below-average screenplay.

Several Missed Opportunities

Thrillers rely a lot on buildups. If filmmakers can ace proliferations, they can hook the audience like anything. Chup could have been better with some intense sequences, chases, and tic-toes. When it should have filled your tummy, Chup leaves you hungry and annoyed. Perhaps, the ending could have been much better.

Final Word

If you ask me, Chup is way below expectations even by the standards of Sunny Deol. However, what disappointed me more was R Balki’s presentation. The award-winning director is too distinguished for a movie like Chup.

The following section contains spoilers.


Chup Movie Ending Explained.

The ending of Chup: Revenge of the Artist might be confusing for some people because it is slightly rushed.

Danny (Dulquer) manages to capture Nila (Shreya), who gave one star to a recent release. He confines her in a nearby cinema hall and begins torturing Nila.

Danny makes her sit on a chair and hangs a heavily fatal material at a height just above Nila’s chair. With his hands, he holds the lever of the material. While talking to her, Danny reveals to Nila how his first film was bashed by critics unwaveringly. Also that he expected better from a cinema lover like her who gave one star to a decent movie.

Just when he is about to drop the lever, Nila asks him spontaneously if he himself had liked his first movie. This triggers Danny emotionally, and he goes into a state of deep musing. That is when Arvind (Sunny Deol) makes an entry and saves Nila by shooting Danny.

We are then shown a flashback in which Danny puts together moments from his sad and hopeless life and creates a film called CHUP. He shows how his Dad would beat him during childhood and disallow him from pursuing his passion.

Furthermore, Danny outlines how his father murdered his beloved dog. He details every sorrow he faced during his life in CHUP with fervor. However, when the film finally releases in cinema halls, critics heavily bash his creation.

It creates a dent in his heart and Danny believes that in a way the critics threw his life into garbage. Moreover, he thinks that his film CHUP deserved to be seen by more people but the critics stopped that from happening.

As a result, he suffers severe depression. After a while, Danny decides on killing every critic who disrespected any movie with shallow and biased reasons.

This was the ending of Chup: Revenge of the Artist.

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