The invention of the digital textile printer has brought a huge profit to the textile industry because of its capability to accelerate printing production. In 2021, the size of the printed textiles market reached USD 146.5 billion throughout the globe. Therefore, with the rise of digital textile printers, it is also important to know their usages and their types so that you can get a good idea of them. 

Further, before buying a digital textile printing machine, an idea about it helps you choose the best machine that would satisfy your needs. The textile printing machine manufacturer has plenty of machines to offer to you however, you have to decide what suits you. 

Types of Digital Textile Printing Machine

  • DTF Solution: If you need to print in all kinds of apparel, then you can go for this machine as it provides a heat-less press along with full-color graphics printing. 
  • Dye Sublimation Solution: Full with bulk orders? Go for this dye sublimation solution to fulfill the demands in a short period. 
  • UV DTF Solution: If you need printing in hard substrates, this machine is what you are looking for. This machine provides designed ultra-violet lights to cure the printed ink on the hard surface you need. 
  • Direct to Garments Solution: This machine is quite helpful for producing customized prints. You can very easily print any kind of colored T-shirt of your choice in this single machine. 

Usage of Digital Textile Printers

  • In the printing industry, consumers need customized designs. Using digital textile printers, you can fulfill the demands of your client by providing them with prints of their choice. 
  • Digital textile printers are very easy to use. You can easily direct the prints to the machine to produce the graphics. Moreover, with ease of use, you can enjoy the smooth performance of the machine. 
  • With the help of digital texting printing machines, the bulk production of the printing in different apparel is possible. 
  • You can lower your production cost through digital printing machines, along with reducing the maintenance cost. 
  • The machines come with guidance and easy installation procedures so that you would not get confused with the printing process. 
  • Digital printings are environment-friendly, so it is useful in preserving power as well as water. 

Essentials to check before buying a Digital Textile Printer

  • Parts: Always check the condition and availability of the printer parts before purchasing. 
  • Warranty: Do not forget to know the details of the warranty period and the exclusion and inclusion in the warranty when buying the machine. 
  • Powder: Make sure to keep the powder in a safe and dry place that is coming with the printer. 
  • Set of Ink: Check for the set of inks that are coming with the digital textile printing machine. 
  • Roll of Print Film: Keep the roll of print film safely that is coming with the machine. 


Digital textile printing is, therefore, seen to be very efficient in introducing new ways of printing in the industry. Moreover, its various types and ease of usage make the machine very smooth to handle and accelerate the printing process. Hence, before you purchase the machine, you must check its types and usage so that it can fulfil your needs.

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