Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: Mohit Suri Does All that He Avoided Doing in the First Part

I can’t even begin to tell how much I loved Ek Villain eight years ago. From Riteish Deshmukh’s fierce portrayal to Siddharth Malhotra’s balanced outing, the film was well-layered. Further, it introduced me to Shraddha Kapoor’s on-screen innocence and strengthened my belief in Mohit Suri’s storytelling abilities.

Skip to 2022, and we have its successor in Ek Villain Returns. If not for its predecessor, the film would have no buzz among cine-lovers. Moreover, people had mixed reactions to its trailer, adding fuel to the fire.

But that’s not how outcomes are decided. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Ek Villain Returns is finally in theaters, and I have watched the first show of the day, as usual.

Does it deliver on thrill, mystery, and suspense? Let’s find out.

Ek Villain Returns Review Summary

To be precise, Ek Villain Returns does all that Ek Villain avoided doing. It is laced with poetic dialogues, poorly placed scenes, only decent performances, loud intrusions, etc. A mediocre story meets a scintillating climax in this film with a banal concept.

Ek Villain Returns Synopsis

A serial killer is on the loose, and he uses the renowned ‘Smiley Mask’ to reign terror among the masses. While the police struggle to catch him, they zero in on Gaurav (Arjun Kapoor), a rich brat who can die but losing to someone is unacceptable to him.

On the other hand, a cab driver, Bhairav (John Abraham), falls prey to one-sided love and decides to help people like him.

Both men stand against each other on the back of their love interests, Aarvi (Tara Sutaria) and Rasika (Disha Patani).

Ek Villain Returns is directed by Mohit Suri and stars John Abraham (Bhairav), Arjun Kapoor (Gaurav), Disha Patani (Rasika), and Tara Sutaria (Aarvi) in lead roles.

What Works for Ek Villain Returns?

The Climax

Can a film rest entirely on its climax’s shoulders? I am sure it cannot. Ek Villain Returns has a scintillating climax to satiate your movie-watching thirst. But that cannot wash away the sins of the rest of the plot.

It fails to keep you hooked till the climax. What is the point of only making a startling zenith point when most people have already walked off the theater, thanks to the mediocre plot, till the climax?

Background Music

The background score of Ek Villain Returns is exciting and enthralling. Had the script been decent, we were in for a thrilling experience. Nevertheless, the background music stops you from taking a nap in the cinema hall.

Decent Performances

There’s no one in Ek Villain Returns you appreciate for their zealous performance. All actors deliver on a general level and fail to leave a remarkable impact.

Arjun Kapoor plays Gaurav in the film and ensures zero visible loopholes. However, the dialogues assigned to him are way too superficial. The moment you start indulging in his act, Arjun would throw a petty one-liner to keep you away. While it was a golden opportunity for him to showcase his fierce side, tacky writing eats Kapoor’s chance.

John Abraham as Bhairav is a mismatch. His well-toned body and muscular appearance work against the essence of Ek Villain Returns. People liked Riteish in the first part because he didn’t look as brutal as his deeds were. His mien was relatable to the general public.

In Abraham’s case, the stacks are precisely the opposite. His appearance takes away the factor of relatability from the equation.

Tara Sutaria and her average acting skills are just enough to maintain the character of an emerging singer. She was probably cast to enhance glamour in the film. And the presence of Disha Patani makes no difference either. Off late, Disha has started prioritizing her on-screen appearance more than her acting prowess.

I remember her from MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, the only film where she acted vigorously. To conclude this part, the presence of two actresses makes only a meager difference to the fate of Ek Villain Returns.

What Doesn’t Work for Ek Villain Returns?

Banal Concept

Putting old wine in a new bottle helps none. We have had several films and series based on the premise of serial killings. Ek Villain Returns cannot produce anything new from the concept. The misery of the old idea is further aggravated by a lousy narration.

Even Crime Patrol (an Indian TV show) has a better narration than what this John Abraham starrer offers.

Mediocre Story

Two lovers separated by the misdeeds of a criminal. How many times have we seen a plot like this unfurl in a film? There’s no count. Furthermore, we are consistently reminded that heroes and villains are two coins of the same coin, distinguished by the viewer’s perspectives. But why? Don’t we already know that?

Ek Villain Returns has a poor storyline that would have worked if the film had been released in 2010-11. For the globalized and aware audience of 2022, you need to introduce new elements and link them properly to get a pat on the back.


Why did Mohit Suri’s Ek Villain succeed eight years ago? Because it had a story, facilitated by intriguing features, cooked to perfection. Back then, the makers didn’t exaggerate action sequences, make the protagonist jump off a train, include forced intimate scenes in the plot, etc.; still, the movie worked.

Ek Villain Returns is extra boiled, and it feels like the creators forgot to turn off the gas stove which could have saved their dish.


The first part of Ek Villain didn’t have a character portraying an emerging singer. Still, the film’s music was mesmerizing and ballistic. It made waves in every corner of the country and contributed to huge box office numbers.

Ek Villain Returns has no melodies to run with the script. Maybe, a few chartbusters could have given the audience something to cheer about.

Poor Writing

The movie suffers from a disastrous writing spell. I wonder what the makers were thinking while approving crappy dialogues. You have to change with the times and bring a new approach to the table. The same mistake was made in Marjavaan, starring Riteish Deshmukh.

We are not in the 90s but the third decade of the 21st century. Even if you cannot adapt, at least try to present the story in a better way.

Final Word

Barring the climax, nothing really stands in favor of Ek Villain Returns. It is simply a poorly made dining table standing on one leg.



Is there Badshah in Ek Villain Returns?

Yes, the rapper Badshah makes an appearance in Ek Villain Returns.

Is there Riteish Deshmukh in Ek Villain Returns?

Yes, Riteish Deshmukh makes a cameo appearance in Ek Villain Returns.

Will there be Ek Villain 3?

Going by the plot’s ending, it seems likely that the makers will come back with another part of the franchise. However, it might be another futile attempt because of character repetitions.

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