Many of you might be aware that Belgium’s Antwerp city is a popular hub for the diamond trade. 

But do you know that the Antwerp World Diamond Center was once witness to a heist?

Not just a heist but ‘the heist of the century?’

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

And now, based on the same, a new series, Everybody Loves Diamonds,has premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

Comprising eight episodes, the series boasts a runtime of nearly seven hours. 

While it draws inspiration from a real-life incident, the creators have made several adjustments to enhance its cinematic appeal. 

Does the show live up to its promise? Join me in this review to uncover the answer.

Everybody Loves Diamonds Synopsis

A group of ‘talented’ thieves plan to rob the World Diamond Center, led by Leonardo Notarbartolo. Their perfect plan stuns the entire world but soon the euphoria fades when the mastermind is nabbed by the cops.

Will the lot survive? And what about the diamonds worth billions? Was all of it too organized to be true?

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, Everybody Loves Diamonds features Kim Rossi Stuart (Leonardo), Carlotta Antonelli (Sandra), Leonardo Lidi (Alberto), Gianmarco Tognazzi (Ghigo), Anna Foglietta (Anna), Johan Heldenbergh (Mertens), and Synnove Macode Lund (Judith), among others.

What Works for Everybody Loves Diamonds?

To put it mildly, the show’s storyline can be described as ‘decent.’ 

It possesses a glimmer of charm that manages to hold your interest, even in the face of its numerous flaws.

When the characters are at their peak, Everybody Loves Diamonds transforms into an entirely different entity, although such moments are indeed a rare spectacle.

The element of mystery is more profound than that of suspense, and rightfully so, given its theme.

Moreover, Everybody Loves Diamonds maintains a light and breezy tone throughout. I am not sure if it will sit well with all the viewers, still, many will resonate.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Another positive aspect of the series is the twists and turns within the narrative, guaranteeing surprises on numerous occasions.

It continues at a brisk pace that you would find easy to cope with.

Unfortunately, that’s all the positives from my side.

How are the Performances?

Kim Rossi Stuart plays the infamous Leonardo Notarbartolo. He does make a character out of a personality, using his supreme facial integrity.

His artful constraints add a layer of authenticity to his portrayal, and Rossi’s authoritative yet fading presence infuses Everybody Loves Diamonds with enduring vitality.

Leonardo Lidi imparts a calm and soothing essence to his character, Alberto. He exudes the appearance of a capable nerd who can tackle any challenge with graceful ease.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Gianmarco Tognazzi’s portrayal of Ghigo is notably humorous, as he effortlessly transitions between various personas, demanding your unwavering attention.

Anna Foglietta plays a determined Anna in Everybody Loves Diamonds. She is gritty to the extent that her character’s wily nature doesn’t overpower her affable demeanor.

Johan Heldenbergh depicts Mertens, a tenacious cop who adeptly sustains the intrigue.

However, his sudden departure from the narrative leaves a noticeable void, longing for more development.

Synnove Macode Lund shines as a bold and independent Judith. She trumps everyone with her authoritative screen presence.

Her sly expressions, fluid movements, and tempting pauses bring forth Macode’s sublime acting abilities.

What Doesn’t Work for Everybody Loves Diamonds?

It isn’t delectable as a heist show. Personally, I found the narrative initially off-putting, as it frequently shifted between events before and after the robbery. 

While it did start to improve over time, it felt more like a reluctant compromise to see the series through to the end.

The screenplay is equally uncertain, lacking the expected adrenaline rush. 

The typically exhilarating depiction of a heist and the work-in-progress for such an operation are rather clumsily presented in Everybody Loves Diamonds.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Furthermore, certain aspects of the series don’t align with the seriousness of the crime at its core.

Imagine, the grandest heist of the century, and all the cops seem to do is engage in mud-slinging. It doesn’t make sense.

There are many other features that I cannot mention here for the sake of avoiding spoilers.

Additionally, a huge lack of stimulation further deteriorates the experience you want to receive as a viewer.

The characters often attempt forced humor, but their contrived quirkiness falls flat in delivering genuine laughter. 

It’s evident that the creators relied on sarcasm and situational comedy to propel the storyline, but unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Lastly, the introduction of fictional facets in the tale that has a real-life footing might not sit well on several counts.

Everybody Loves Diamonds could have done better with a more realistic undertone.

Should You Stream or Skip Watching Everybody Loves Diamonds?

Overall, only a few things turn out well for Everybody Loves Diamonds, stopping it from rising above mediocrity.

You can watch it if you have the time and patience. 

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